Great Demon King Chapter 760

Chapter 760

Approached by a beauty


GDK 760: Approached by a beauty

*** At Hushveil City, one of the seven major cities of the Darkness Dominion.

Han Shuo and Rose walked shoulder to shoulder across the streets of Hushveil City. The situation in Hushveil City wasn’t all too different from that of the City of Shadows. Every god there were focused on improving their strengths. Divine weapon shops, divine scroll shops, energy crystals shops, and gymnasiums lined most of the streets.

The Godswamp Pharmacy was popular in Hushveil City, almost as popular as Celestial Pearl Pharmacy was in the City of Shadows. They were the largest pharmacy chains in their cities. Han Shuo learned the location of Godswamp Pharmacy headquarters after asking some random god walking down the street for direction.

Hushveil City was just as enormous as the City of Shadows. The journey from the city gate to Godswamp Pharmacy Headquarters took Han Shuo three hours. Upon arrival, the view of an enormous campus filled with towering buildings entered his sight. It was only then that Han Shuo realized just how much more grandiose Godswamp Pharmacy was compared to his Celestial Pearl Pharmacy.

Pharmacists wearing distinctive clothing as white as snow could be seen walking in and out of pharmacy labs. There were also divine guards pushing trolleys filled with various glass containers to an area parked with airships. They would load the airships with bottles and bottles of medicines and ship them all across the Darkness Dominion.

Godswamp Pharmacy’s businesses were operating on a whole different scale than that of Celestial Pearl’s. Other than Hushveil City, they had branches in all major cities of the Darkness Dominion. They would produce the medicines in their headquarters and ship it out to those cities using airships.

Godswamp Pharmacy not only had good relationships with all major family clans of large cities, but they also cooperated with the godhunters in secrecy. Therefore, there rarely ever were any mishaps that happened to their long-range commerce. The Godswamp Pharmacy had been reaping large amounts of black crystal coins from various family clans in the Darkness Dominion.

However, due to the recent uprising of Celestial Pearl Pharmacy, most if not all family clans in the City of Shadows had stopped purchasing medicines from Godswamp Pharmacy. As Celestial Pearl’s reputation rises, the impact on Godswamp Pharmacy's bottom line became more and more noticeable.

As Godswamp Pharmacy had been established in the Darkness Dominion for many years, given their scale of operation, Celestial Pearl couldn't trump them within a short time. Celestial Pearl was operating on a far smaller scale.

Han Shuo, standing at the entrance of Godswamp Pharmacy, did not hurry in entering or to look for Hassling. Instead, he released his demon generals to travel all around Godswamp Pharmacy, allowing him to observe the entire Godswamp Pharmacy campus.

The Godswamp Pharmacy Headquarters was basically an enormous shop. As they must open their doors for business, the security wasn’t all that tight. Han Shuo’s demon generals did not meet many obstacles on the campus. They fed Han Shuo with every single activity happening in Godswamp Pharmacy.

“What are you here for?” Rose was puzzled to see Han Shuo stood still at the entrance, not leaving or entering.

Han Shuo smiled, turned to Rose, and replied, “To probe the situation. Right, standing right at the entrance is too eye-catching. Come, let’s go stroll around inside!”

Naturally, Rose wouldn’t raise any objection to Han Shuo’s command. Seeing that Han Shuo had stepped into Godswamp Pharmacy, she did not hesitate and followed Han Shuo into the shop.

As the master of Celestial Pearl Pharmacy, it was only natural that Han Shuo would be interested in the business model and operations of Godswamp Pharmacy. After entering the shop, he would continue to probe every corner of the campus using demon generals while strolling about the shop with Rose, pretending to be an ordinary customer.

Rose followed closely behind Han Shuo. She had been observing Han Shuo curiously and could sense the killing intent hidden under his tranquil and calm appearance. It didn’t take Rose long to realize that Han Shuo’s target was someone inside the pharmacy shop. She started being mindful of Han Shuo’s actions, fearing that he might suddenly attack someone in broad daylight and land them in danger.

“Eh? Isn’t this Mister Bryan?” a tender cry sounded and entered Han Shuo’s ears. Then, a graceful and poised figure in the distance started approaching him.

Han Shuo was stunned. His goal in coming to Godswamp Pharmacy was to assassinate Avery and Hassling. As not a soul in Hushveil City had ever seen Han Shuo’s face before, including Hassling, Han Shuo did not disguise his appearance.

He was shocked when someone cried out his name. Immediately, he turned to the source of the sound. He saw Charlotte’s bright gazes looking up and down at him. She seemed very surprised.

Charlotte originated from the Braque Family of the Destruction Dominion. When she was in the City of Shadows, she assisted Portlem in resisting Han Shuo’s attack. After the event, she apologized to Han Shuo through Carmelita, stating that she was not involved in Portlem’s crimes.

Han Shuo did not hold any prejudice towards Charlotte. It was because of Portlem that Han Shuo’s anger had spread to Charlotte. But as Carmelita had asked Han Shuo for forgiveness on Charlotte’s behalf, Han Shuo decided not to take revenge on her.

However, the ill-feeling towards Charlotte does not simply disappear from Han Shuo’s heart overnight. Although Han Shuo had no intention of taking revenge against her or her family clan, Han Shuo still held a bad impression towards Charlotte. He wasn’t going to sell the medicines he had personally refined to her or her family clan.

Charlotte approached Han Shuo smilingly and was very friendly in attitude. She began by apologizing, “I’m really sorry about the incident last time. I had no intention of offending you. I was just doing what I had to do given the situation. Please forgive me, Mister Bryan.”

Han Shuo did not expect to meet Charlotte at this place. He only nodded indifferently in response to her apology and showed no interest to interact with her.

Charlotte was a highgod and was excellent in sensing other’s actual strength. After she smiled at Han Shuo, she soon turned to look at Rose with astonishment. She detected the menacing power in Rose who was a level stronger than her. She was rather shocked and couldn’t understand why Han Shuo would always be seen accompanied by powerful gods.

Charlotte saw that the taciturn Han Shuo was leaving and so she stepped forward and smilingly invited, “Mister Bryan, it must be fate that has led to us meeting here. If you would, Mister Bryan, let’s go somewhere else and chat over a cup of tea. I must show you that I’m sincere in my apology!”

Previously, Charlotte wasn’t able to purchase Han Shuo’s miraculous medicines because she had stepped in to keep Portlem alive. Therefore, for the lack of a better option, she decided to purchase some common medicines from Godswamp Pharmacy instead.

Now that she ran into Han Shuo, with Portlem the degenerate not around her, Charlotte thought that this was the perfect opportunity for her to make peace with Han Shuo. Therefore, she was not going to let Han Shuo leave easily.

Han Shuo, however, was not at all interested in talking with Charlotte. He shook his head, raised one hand, and replied in an uninterested face, “There is no need for that. Carmelita has talked to me about it. I will not take offense at you for the matter.”

The coldness on Han Shuo’s face cannot be more obvious, a clear indication that he still held some ill feelings towards her. His response deviated from Charlotte's expectations. She seemed a little disappointed to hear those words.

As Han Shuo had shown his cold and detached attitude, if Charlotte was tackless and continue to nag him, she would risk irritating Han Shuo. Charlotte put on a bitter smile on her fair face and was ready to let Han Shuo leave.

“Elder sister Charlotte, have you chosen what you want?” a sweet and fine voice suddenly sounded from a distance. A lady with a delicate and pretty face wearing a simple but clean green dress came to Charlotte’s side. She was tall, had fair skin, and carried an air of glamour. She had long, shapely eyebrows and a pair of cold but appealing eyes.

“No, not yet. I came across an acquaintance,” Charlotte replied to the beauty smilingly and said, “Let’s continue shopping and negotiate a deal with Godswamp Pharmacy.”

Suddenly, the lovely-looking beauty stared at Han Shuo with a pair of astonished green eyes. She cried out in surprise, “It’s you! How come you’re here?!”

Han Shuo was stunned. He sized up the beauty, raised an eyebrow and asked puzzlingly, “Excuse me? Who are you? Have we met before?” Han Shuo thought that the lovely-looking lady felt somewhat familiar, especially her sweet-sounding and fine voice. He felt as though he had heard it before somewhere. However, no matter how hard Han Shuo racked his brain, he couldn’t find the beautiful, charming face in his memory.

The beauty seemed very pleasantly surprised. She walked past Charlotte and got beside Han Shuo, asking excitedly, “Since when are you here? Why didn’t you look for me?”

Han Shuo was confused. He stared blankly at the lovely-looking beauty who seemed somewhat excited and said, “Sorry, you must have mistaken me for someone else.”

The beauty pulled an amused smile and carefully looked at Han Shuo. A moment later, she said, “I’m not mistaken. It is indeed you! Humph, so it turns out that you have forgotten about me!”

The sense of familiarity grew stronger and stronger in Han Shuo’s heart as they talked. However, Han Shuo was certain that he had never seen that sweet, charming face before. Otherwise, given his astonishing power in remembering beauties, there was absolutely no way Han Shuo would forget someone as attractive as her.

However, he could feel an indescribable sense of familiarity about this beauty. This made Han Shuo more and more puzzled. He put on a bitter smile and asked, “Sorry, but I really can’t remember who you are. Erm, can you give me a hint?”

“No!” the beauty shook her head, shot a glare at Han Shuo, and grumbled, “So you really have forgotten about me. How outrageous!”

After listening to them for half a day, Charlotte finally couldn’t help it but asked puzzlingly, “Bechymos, you know Bryan?”

When the name ‘Bechymos’ was uttered, Han Shuo was immediately lifted from the confusion. His memories in the Abyss Realm rushed back into his mind like water gushing from a burst dam. He gradually came to associate Bechymos, previously the most powerful Demon King in the Abyss Realm, with this sweet and beautiful lady standing before him.

Back then in the Abyss Realm, Bechymos had always worn a fierce-looking mask and faked her voice. It was only when she became too emotional that she would forget to speak in the rasping, male-like voice and use her original, sweet and melodious voice.

Right before Bechymos left the Abyss Realm, she had answered Han Shuo’s question with her original voice and revealed that she was indeed a female. However, Han Shuo had never seen her face. That was the reason Han Shuo felt a sense of familiarity towards her but couldn’t remember where they had met.

The forbidding air and taciturn behavior she displayed in the Abyss Realm was nowhere to be seen now that she was on Elysium. After removing her ferocious-looking mask, Bechymos was revealed to be a sweet and beautiful lady. She even seemed very approachable.

“Bechymos! How unexpected!” Han Shuo too was pleasantly surprised after learning her identity. He laughed heartily and said, “I really did not expect to bump into you here! Haha, how are you doing?”

“Didn’t I told you how to locate me before I left? Why didn’t you look for me after arriving in Elysium?” Bechymos was looking at Han Shuo smilingly but she talked to Han Shuo in a berating tone.

Han Shuo recalled that she had indeed given him the methods of locating and contacting her. However, after returning to Profound Continent, he encountered a series of events, meeting Donna, Carmelita, establishing the Celestial Pearl, and et cetera. Han Shuo was too busy to have time to think about Bechymos or to look for her.

“Erm… Sorry, I have forgotten about it,” said Han Shuo in a somewhat embarrassed manner.

“Judging by your clothing, you seem to be doing pretty alright on Elysium!” Bechymos sized up Han Shuo judgmentally before she grumpily declared, “Then as punishment, you must treat me a meal at the most expensive restaurant in Hushveil City. Otherwise, I’m not going to forgive you! Let me warn you that I’m very good at remembering grudges!”

Charlotte was very surprised that Bechymos and Han Shuo knew each other. After listening to their conversation, Charlotte gradually realized where the two had met. Bechymos had told Charlotte about her experience in the Abyss Realm in detail. She knew that Bechymos had met a magical person in the Abyss Realm and his miraculous deeds.

Charlotte was laughing in her mind when she heard Bechymos said that Han Shuo was ‘doing pretty alright’.

Han Shuo’s House of Han had recently been founded in the City of Shadows, his Celestial Pearl Pharmacy had established presences all over the City of Shadows, while he himself had recently become a Chief of Divine Guards. Even Charlotte’s House of Bruckner was begging to get their hands on Han Shuo’s miraculous medicines.

Han Shuo only took several dozens years to accomplish all that. If that was called ‘pretty alright’, then all those who came from low-level material planes would be beggars!

“No problem!” Han Shuo agreed to the demand straightforwardly. “Let’s go! Everything's on me!”

Charlotte was rejoiced to see that Han Shuo was so friendly towards Bechymos. She immediately gave up her plan of purchasing medicines from Godswamp Pharmacy and went with them smilingly. She was determined to improve her current relationship with Han Shuo.
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