Great Demon King Chapter 761

Chapter 761: Finish What You Started

GDK 761: Finish what you started

“Let’s go to the Divine Blessing Restaurant. I’ve heard that their food is pretty good,” said Han Shuo smilingly at the hesitant Bechymos.

Bechymos was rather surprised that Han Shuo would agree to her demand so readily. Divine Blessing was not called the expensive restaurant in Hushveil City for no reason. Every dish and bottle of wine would cost at least a hundred black crystal coins. It was beyond what some members of small family clans could afford.

After thinking for a moment, not knowing Han Shuo’s financial capability, Bechymos suggested, “Let’s just go to another restaurant. I don’t want you to sell your house just for a meal.”

“Don’t you worry about that, Bechymos. He can afford it!” said Charlotte smilingly. She knew just how prosperous Han Shuo’s Celestial Pearl had become in the City of Shadows and as a successful entrepreneur, spending at the restaurant would be mere trifles.

“Let’s go, My treat,” Han Shuo turned to Rose and beckoned at her.

Rose had been silent all along. She was like an outsider beside Han Shuo. She did not show any interest in Charlotte or Bechymos. She silently followed along with her eyes looking on the ground.

With Charlotte and Bechymos showing the way, the four arrived at Divine Blessing Restaurant of Hushveil City. Charlotte and Bechymos seemed to be a frequent patron of the restaurant. They got themselves a table located at an excellent spot where they could see an endless stream of people below them. Not far away were several energy towers glowing with colorful lights.

A waitress, wearing very tidy and professional clothing, approached them smilingly and said most politely, “Welcome to Divine Blessing. Can I have your orders?”

Having cultivated to this realm in demonic arts, Han Shuo doesn’t even need to eat. He pointed at Bechymos smilingly and said, “Ask her!”

“You really seem to be making some good money, huh?” Bechymos softly chuckled before she casually ordered a few dishes and a bottle of wine called ‘Blueberry Fantasy’. After the waitress left, Bechymos asked, “When did you arrive on Elysium? What have you been up to?”

“Around twenty years ago. Elysium is pretty great. I have found things worth fighting for in this world,” Han Shuo did not answer all of Bechymos' questions. He bunched his brows and asked, “Right, are you a member of the Bruckner Family?”

“Yes, I’m. What’s the matter?” Bechymos seemed puzzled when Han Shuo asked her about her family clan. She couldn’t understand why Han Shuo was asking her about it.

Suddenly, Charlotte stood up, bowed at Han Shuo, and solemnly apologized, “Mister Bryan, I’m really sorry about the incident last time. Please forgive me!”

Bechymos grew even more puzzled. She stared blankly at Charlotte for a moment and asked, “Charlotte, what are you doing?” She then turned to Han Shuo and gave him a puzzled look, “Since when are you called Bryan?”

Back then in the Abyss Realm where no one knew him, Han Shuo had introduced himself with his original name, Bechymos included. Therefore, Bechymos was puzzled when Charlotte called him Bryan.

“New material plane, new name. Here I’m called Bryan. But, of course, you can still call me Han Shuo. Both names work,” explained Han Shuo as he shrugged. He then turned to Charlotte and replied, “Alright. For Bechymos’ sake, I will forget about what happened the last time. If you are still interested in purchasing medicines from my Celestial Pearl, we can discuss the terms later.”

After hearing those words, Charlotte knew that Han Shuo had finally forgiven her for saving Portlem’s life in the City of Shadows. She was delighted. She thanked Han Shuo smilingly, got back to her seat before she informed Bechymos, “This is the Mister Bryan of the City of Shadows I told you about. He is the friend you met in the Abyss Realm!”

Bechymos’ pretty face was filled with overwhelming shock after hearing the explanation. She cried out in disbelief, “How is that possible?!”

Charlotte had told Bechymos about the miraculousness of Han Shuo’s medicines as well as the incident in Celestial Pearl’s banquet hall. She had given great emphasis on how relentless Han Shuo was when he attempted to kill Portlem. However, back in the Abyss Realm where Bechymos first met Han Shuo, Bechymos only knew Han Shuo for his miraculousness, not his powerful strength. Therefore, Bechymos had not associated the powerful expert who beat up Portlem’s ass with that magical person she met.

It was in fact in Charlotte’s expectation that Bechymos would be greatly astonished to hear that because she herself was in disbelief when she realized that Han Shuo was the magical person Bechymos had met in the Abyss Realm.

Based on Bechymos’ words, when they met in the Abyss Realm, Han Shuo’s strength was weaker than her’s. But within just a couple decades, Han Shuo had enough strength to severely injure Portlem - which meant that Han Shuo managed to transcend from lowgod realm to highgod realm within the short span of a couple of decades. This rate of progress was simply unimaginable!

Under Bechymos’ doubtful gazes, Charlotte forced a smile and said, “You should know that I wouldn’t make this kind of joke with you. It is true. He is the master of Celestial Pearl Pharmacy of the City of Shadows.”

Bechymos grew even more astonished. She looked at Han Shuo with bewildered eyes and asked, “Have you started concealing your actual strength since arriving on the Abyss Realm?”

Han Shuo forced a smile. He did not know how to respond to Bechymos’ question. He had not concealed his actual strength back on the Abyss Realm. But if Han Shuo were to tell her the truth, she might not believe him. Therefore, after a moment of hesitation, Han Shuo reluctantly nodded.

“You scoundrel, always so on the guard against everyone!” Bechymos glared at Han Shuo angrily and remarked, “How foolish of me to worry that you might have trouble surviving on Elysium. I was even planning to give you a referral to join my family clan! So it turns out that I had been worrying about nothing!”

Upon finishing those words, Bechymos suddenly cried out for the waitress and instructed, “Cancel our order. Serve us the most expensive course instead!” Bechymos was angered. She was out to get Han Shuo’s blood!

“Yes, right away!” the waitress was delighted and she immediately answered Bechymos.

Soon enough, dishes after dishes that Han Shuo had never seen before were continuously served. Their table was crammed with food. Bechymos vigorously chewed the finely-cooked meat slices as she stared hatefully at Han Shuo. She seemed to be imagining herself chewing on Han Shuo’s flesh.

Charlotte was somewhat astonished at Bechymos’ behavior. She did not expect Bechymos would act so unmannerly in front of a male acquaintance.

Rose had been silent all along. But when the delicious food was served, she helped herself without anyone telling her. She would grab the beautiful dishes and engrossed herself in eating the food on the table. It was as though Rose and Bechymos were having an eating competition.

Han Shuo merely tasted a little bit of every dish on the table. He did not even drink much wine. Although he wasn’t a foodie, he felt that the food and alcohol were excellent. He had an ominous feeling that they will be pricey.

When it came time to pay, Han Shuo only took a slight shock when the waitress reported that the dishes cost nine thousand six hundred black crystal coins. Han Shuo had now become a filthy rich man and wouldn’t renege on his promise because the bill was a little high. Under Bechymos’ attentive gazes, Han Shuo straightforwardly tossed out a sack containing ten thousand black crystal coins.

Bechymos, Charlotte, and Rose had all drank some alcohol which gave their cheeks a tinge of alluring red. They appeared significantly more entrancing with rosy cheeks on their pretty faces, especially Bechymos and Rose who were incredibly attractive to begin with. Even Han Shuo felt as though his breath was taken away for a moment.

Bechymos observed Han Shuo as he settled the bill calmly. She softly remarked, “You really have struck a fortune! Didn’t even wince when paying ten thousand black crystal coins. You are even more extravagant than my dad!”

“Let’s go!” Han Shuo said and got up from his seat. As he left, his majestic figure visibly overshadowed many other gods in Divine Blessing. Given his ostentatiousness and the three charming beauties beside him, many in the establishment secretly peeked at him admiringly, thinking, Who is this blessed lad? Since when Hushveil City has a man with such luck around women?

Most of those who could afford spending in Divine Blessing was rather influential in Hushveil City. The circle was small and they knew each other well. As Han Shuo was not a familiar face around here, they started wondering who he could be.

The three ladies also stood up from their seats and followed behind Han Shuo, heading outside. When they were about to exit Divine Blessing, Bechymos softly cussed at a youngster sitting near the entrance, “What a disgusting piece of shit!”

From start to finish, the youngster had been leering at the three ladies with unconcealed depravity in his eyes. Bechymos’ cuss was fair and just.

However, as everyone in Divine Blessing was watching and admiring Han Shuo, the restaurant was very quiet. Bechymos’ soft cuss was loud and clear to everyone. All those dining in the restaurant turned to the youngster who seemed to be rather influential with amused eyes as though the youngster had made a joke of himself.

The youngster stared blankly for a moment before he discovered that the gazes of his acquaintances had gathered on him. Not wanting to lose face, he looked at Bechymos sinisterly and sneered, “Hey bitch, who are you talking about?”

Bechymos’ face turned dark. She seemed even more disgusted and replied, “About a revolting and uncultured piece of shit!” Thereafter, not wanting to waste any more words, Bechymos hastened Han Shuo, “Let’s go!” and leave hurriedly as though trying to stay clear of a stinking pile of shit.

“Three drunken women following behind a man. One wonders what they could possibly be up to. How sluttish!” the youngster said in a lewd smirk. Upon hearing those words, those dining in Divine Blessing put on faces implying sexual innuendo. Their gazes towards Han Shuo were filled with admiration.

Han Shuo stared blankly for a moment. The scene of him eating Charlotte, Bechymos, and Rose for dessert all at once involuntarily floated into his mind. A strange smile appeared on his face. Han Shuo shook his head and thought, I’m indeed not a virtuous man to fantasize something so lewd in this situation.

Slap! A loud slap resounded through Divine Blessing. Charlotte stared at the youngster coldly and said, “I don’t care which family clan you’re from, you better mind your language!”

“Slut, how dare you strike me!” shrieked the youngster. The few divine guards dining with him put on chilling faces, stood up from their seats and surrounded the four in an instant. It appeared that the matter won’t be easily resolved.

As that youngster only had midgod strength, he couldn’t avoid Charlotte’s slap. When Han Shuo finally came to his senses, the youngster’s divine guards had surrounded them.

Han Shuo wasn’t afraid of troubles. However, his objective in Hushveil City was to assassinate Hassling and Avery. If his identity was exposed before that happens, it will severely jeopardize his mission. Seeing that the situation had escalated to this stage, Han Shuo started weighing in his mind on how to rapidly resolve the matter.

The youngster only had midgod strength. Those divine guards that came with him had similar strengths. None in his party was a highgod. Most of those dining in Divine Blessing possessed midgod strengths. Other than Bechymos who had recently made a breakthrough to midgod realm, all those in Han Shuo’s party had highgod strengths and could finish off the youngster and his divine guards effortlessly.

However, they were in an esteemed establishment. Doing so will surely attract certain forces’ attention and they would have trouble getting away. If the matter escalates, it would likely expose Han Shuo’s identity. If Avery and Hassling were to know that he was in Hushveil City, they would surely try to hunt and kill him.

This might get messy, thought Han Shuo as he bunched his brows.

“This is Hushveil City. You outsiders are digging your own grave by instigating troubles here!” shouted the youngster. He then instructed, “Arrest them. Bring them back to the Sixth Corps for interrogation!”

Like the City of Shadows, Hushveil City had Divine Guards Corps. But unlike the City of Shadows, Hushveil City only had six Divine Guards Corps. It appeared that the youngster was indeed rather powerful in Hushveil City. Those divine guards following him had grave and stern air. It was obvious that they were experienced and well-trained.

“Ladies, Gentlemen, please take any disputes you may have outside!” It was at this time that a plump old man with grizzled hair approached them in a professional smile. It was as though he was used to seeing situations like this.

As one of the most upscale establishments in Hushveil City, Divine Blessing was more than just a restaurant. The youngster knew the forces backing the seemingly innocent Divine Blessing. He nodded at the plump old man, beckoned at his divine guards, and said, “We will wait outside!” The youngster gave Han Shuo and the three ladies a cold look before leaving Divine Blessing.

Those dining in Divine Blessing showed great interest in the quarrel. Some would ask for the bill and go outside to watch while some would look down from the windows.

“He is from the House of Granro, the weakest of the four major Hushveil City family clans,” Charlotte said to Bechymos in a faint smile. She then turned to Han Shuo and said, “It’s no biggie.”

Han Shuo felt rather surprised by those words of Charlotte. But after thinking about it carefully, it made sense to him. The House of Bruckner had around the same strength as the House of Sainte. They were both ancient family clans. Clearly, a family clan that ranked near the bottom in Hushveil City wasn’t enough to pose them any threat.

Han Shuo was relieved to hear those words. He nodded smilingly and said, “I don’t want people to know that I’m in Hushveil City.”

Charlotte looked blankly for a moment, wondering why Han Shuo would say so. She nodded and replied, “Alright. Leave it to me.”

Rose had been silent all these while but she seemed irritated. Clearly, she too was angered by the youngster’s offensive words.

“Sister Charlotte, give that asshole a round of beating!” said Bechymos in a chilling voice.

“Forget about it, we are in Hushveil City and we better avoid unnecessary trouble. In any case, I have already slapped him. If he knew our identities, I doubt he will continue to pressure us with his Sixth Corps,” consoled Charlotte. She also seemed disinclined to escalate the matter.

“Sister Charlotte, how can we just let him off like that?!” grumbled Bechymos.

As they spoke, the four had exited Divine Blessing. Charlotte gazed at the youngster with cold eyes and was about to state her identity.

But before she could speak, the youngster rushed to sneer at Han Shuo, “Hey man, going down on three at once must be wonderful, isn’t it? Hehe, later at the Sixth Corps, I will give you an even more wonderful experience!”

The youngster seemed greatly interested in Rose. He looked up and down Rose’s body with lascivious eyes and said, “Damn, white-haired lady, you are totally my type. I’m so going to interrogate you with my baton!” Of the three ladies, Rose had been silent and did not speak up against him. Thinking that Rose was meek, the youngster assailed her with obscenities.

But little did he know, quiet and introverted people like Rose were usually the most murderous. The youngster had committed a grave mistake in offending Rose. He could not have offended Rose more by calling her a white-haired lady.

Han Shuo saw the chilling radiance in Rose’s eyes and knew that shit will soon hit the fan. Before he could say a thing, several strands of her silver hair violently shot out. The distance between the youngster and Rose was very short. This youngster couldn’t even dodge Charlotte’s slap. Against Rose who was even more powerful than Charlotte, the youngster was even more powerless.

Several strands of hair shot out like beams of lights and pierced across the youngster’s chest in an instant. Rose flung with her long hair and tossed the youngster whose chest was squirting blood far into the distance. He was already dead by the time he landed.

Han Shuo’s face jolted. Seeing that Rose had attacked, he knew it was no longer possible to resolve the matter peacefully. Before Charlotte and Bechymos had come to their senses, Han Shuo instructed, “Don’t do things halfway, finish what you started!”

Rose’s long hair started to flutter wildly and she coldly sent her long hair at those frightened divine guards. Their torsos were pierced and all of them died on the spot.

“What are you waiting for? Fly!” shouted Han Shuo at Bechymos and Charlotte. He then grabbed Bechymos’ little hand and flew towards a rather desolate part of the City.

Those bystanders and observers all shrieked in fear and panic!

They did not expect that Han Shuo and his party would actually kill in open daylight, and so ruthlessly at that! Perhaps because Rose was too brutal, all of the bystanders merely watched as Han Shuo and the ladies escape after committing murder. They did not think about obstructing them because no one had the guts to be up against them!
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