Great Demon King Chapter 767

Chapter 767: Killing A Way Ou

GDK 767: Killing a way out

Han Shuo and Rose did not know that the gods in Hushveil City were panicking because of them. They had placed all their focus on leaving Hushveil City and did not pay attention to anything else.

The two hastened on with their journey, heading towards the city gate that they used to enter the City.

As most of the Hushveil CIty divine guards had gone to Godswamp Pharmacy, Han Shuo and Rose did not meet much resistance in their journey after breaking themselves free from the encirclement. The few and scattered divine guards they met along the way dared not pose them obstruction and automatically moved aside for the duo. It was after Han Shuo and Rose disappeared from their view that they hastily transmitted messages to their Chiefs.

Therefore, the divine guards of Hushveil City had never completely lost track of Han Shuo and Rose even till now. The patriarchs of all major family clans and City Lord Hofs were informed of the two murderers’ heading. They were all rushing to the city gate.

Rose was following closely behind Han Shuo. Over the multiple bloody massacres she committed with Han Shuo, Rose gained new confidence in Han Shuo. Han Shuo’s having managed to free themselves from the layers of heavy encirclement and diffusing the dire situation so calmly had won Rose’s conviction. Her trust in Han Shuo was almost as blind and absolute as those possessed by Phoebe, Fanny, and the others.

Instead of feeling frightened and afraid, Rose felt a vague sense of excitement. She could not wait to continue killing and butchering, challenging the real experts of Hushveil City!

Han Shuo’s brows were deeply bunched as he knew that by now, all the experts of Hushveil City must have been activated. Some might already be waiting for them at the city gate. He knew that forcing a way out from the City will not be that easy. He was considering possible scenarios and what he could do as countermeasures.

Before he was close to the city gate, he noticed changes to the energy towers all around him. The energy towers and boundary towers in the City, powered by energy crystals, were bursting with gaudy radiances. The enormous boundary that enveloped the entire Hushveil City had suddenly increased in power and grown much more secure and tough.

Like the City of Shadows, the boundary around Hushveil City had no holes expect at the city gates. As it was impossible for Han Shuo to destroy the defensive boundary made using hundreds of thousands of energy towers, his only path of escape was through the city gates.

The city gates were heavily defended in usual times. And now, given the major incidents they did, it was to be expected that the city gates would be even more heavily guarded. Han Shuo knew it was very likely that there would be great dangers and bloodshed waiting for them at the city gate.

It was only by charging out from Hushveil City that his mission could be considered a complete success because his only other alternative was to deploy Demonic Blood Disassembly. In that scenario, not only that he would be greatly injured, he will have to leave Rose behind where she will likely be interrogated and die a painful death.

Han Shuo was quiet and wore a gloomy face after having considered every possibility. While rushing to the destination, he couldn’t help but turned around to take a look at Rose.

Unexpectedly, Rose who had been cold towards Han Shuo all along actually reacted to Han Shuo with a lovable smile. She even said energetically, “I know we can make it out the City!”

Han Shuo was astounded by her change in attitude and her unquestioning faith in him, vastly different from the cold treatment she would usually give.

Rose’s extraordinarily beautiful face appeared even more attractive when she put on a smile, so much so that it took away Han Shuo’s breath for a second. For some reason, even Han Shuo started to share Rose’s seemingly unfounded confidence that they will be just fine.

That charming smile of Rose’s had thawed the formless and invisible layer of ice between the two. Han Shuo, who might soon be encircled by every powerful expert in Hushveil City, even started to view the dangerous mission as interesting and fun.

The City Lord and all the large family clans in Hushveil City learned of Han Shuo and Rose travel path through various channels. From that, they projected that Han Shuo wanted to force his way out through a city gate. All the patriarchs rushed to the city gate with the most elite divine guards in their family clans.

The city gate in question was under the protection of the House of Simon, one of the four major family clans in Hushveil City. Their forces were also located conveniently close to the city gate. Their patriarch, Westin, was the first to arrive at the city gate with the finest men of his family clan.

There were one thousand three hundred divine guards stationed at the city gate, including Westin’s reinforcement of the five hundred finest divine guards that the House of Simon has. Every elite divine guard possessed late-stage midgod strengths.

All four highgod experts in the House of Simon, except for the Chief of Fourth Corps, were there. As soon as Westin arrived, in a solemn and steady voice, he commanded, “Don’t gather in one place. Disperse the forces on two sides of the city gate and allow a free path in the center. Once the two stepped into the path, we attack from both sides and surround them.”

Those who could become a patriarch of a major family clan would be no simpleton. Westin had heard how powerful Han Shuo and Rose were from the Chief of Fourth Corps. He understood that Han Shuo and Rose at this moment were two highgod beasts on the loose and they must not be taken lightly!

Following Westin’s command, the divine guards split into two groups and moved into position, clearing a big, free path that leads straight to the city gate. The divine guards were dispersed on both sides of the path, gazing ahead coldly, waiting for Han Shuo and Rose to walk right into the trap.

“Brother-in-law, our family clan could finally have two Chiefs of Divine Guards! I shall fill that vacant post left by Eugene!” said Anker, a cultivator of the energy of death. He had ascended to early-stage highgodhood less than a hundred years ago. He had returned to Hushveil City because he yearned for the vacant post left by Eugene.

Originally, Hofs had explicitly told Westin that there was no way his family clan will have more than one Chief of Divine Guards, which greatly disappointed Anker. But unexpectedly, an incident as significant as this happened in Hushveil City which pushed Hofs over the edge to offer such a lucrative bounty. Anker was excited by the offer and had some trouble containing his emotions.

Westin shot a glance at Anker and said in a deep voice, “That will only happen if we kill the two. Don’t you assume that this is in the bag. Who knows if something unexpected happens!”

Anker chuckled and disagreed, “What could possibly go wrong? Even if the two of them possessed the strength of the City Lord, there is no way that they could escape from the encirclement of more than a thousand men. Besides, the most elite troops of our House of Simon are all here!”

Westin felt that there was truth to Anker’s justification. He was confident in the elite troops of his family clan and thought that with more than a thousand men blocking the city gate, there was no way the two could escape.

“I’m not worried that they might break the encirclement,” Westin put on a faint smile and said, “I’m worried that the two might immediately turn around when they see our army. If that happens, another family clan will have the bounty.”

Anker stared blankly for a moment before he nodded and said, “You are right. We have more than a thousand men over here. As long as they are no fools, they will surely turn around before they step into the trap. Brother-in-law, perhaps we should give them some hope. Otherwise, our bounty might run to other family clans!”

Westin agreed. After thinking for a moment, he instructed, “Team Four, Six, and Seven, go further away. Look for suitable structures to hide yourselves. Team One and Two will stay in the City Gate. Do not scare them away!”

Following Westin’s command, the elite troops of the House of Simon grew even more dispersed. They would also try to hide themselves as much as possible as Westin commanded.

Soon enough, the forces of the House of Westin grew far apart from each other. Many divine guards disappeared in the dark.

After having done that, Westin became somewhat relieved. He beckoned, “Come, we will hide at the energy towers. They must not know that we are waiting for them at the city gate lest they retreat without giving a fight!”

Anker and another highgod named Chandler nodded and agreed to Westin’s words. They went to the energy towers that were all around them to hide themselves, lest their presences alarm Han Shuo and Rose.

While those from the House of Westin were moving into position, Han Shuo and Rose arrived at the city gate.

Han Shuo was smirking in his mind as the demon generals he placed at the city gate long ago had clearly heard every word of the conversation between Westin and Anker. Han Shuo knew just what these scheming foxes were up to.

But little did Westin know, his reducing the forces placed at the city gate was what Han Shuo wished for. If all the divine guards of the House of Simon was blocking at the city gate, then it would be nearly impossible for Han Shuo and Rose to get through. Westin dispersing his forces far apart increased Han Shuo’s chances of success.

And to tilt the odds further to his side, Han Shuo decided to use a ruse that had been proved effective.

Han Shuo transmitted a command to Cauldron Spirit with his thought. Two demon generals transformed into his and Rose’s appearances. The false Han Shuo and Rose rushed towards the city gate but as soon as they arrived at the region, they suddenly stopped. They looked towards the places where the House of Simon divine guards were hiding with alarmed eyes.

Han Shuo’s and Rose’s faces jolted. They exchanged glances and without a word, simultaneously turned around and left. Every emotion and expression on their faces were lifelike and indistinguishable from real, even from up close.

They truly are powerful experts! They managed to discover the concealed divine guards as soon as they arrive. This is bad! thought Westin and Anker and their hearts jolted when they saw Han Shuo and Rose turned on their heels and ran!

“Fucking hell, chase them down!” before Westin could react, Anker, who could not wait to take Eugene’s post, rushed out from the energy tower he was hiding. Some of the divine guards followed Anker’s lead and chased after the two demon generals.

Rose was elated. She softly exclaimed, “They took the bait!”

Han Shuo, however, remained as calm as ever. Using the two most powerful demon generals of his, he saw that Westin remained in his energy tower and did not pursue the false Han Shuo and Rose. It was clear that this patriarch of the House of Simon was not a rash person. For whatever reason, not only that Westin did not follow Anker, he even instructed from his energy tower, “Team One, Two, and Five, stay here. This gate is their only path. They will not give up so easily!”

If Han Shuo and Rose don’t leave that night, the city gates around Hushveil City will only become even more fortified and the City will be even tighter in security. Westin felt that Han Shuo and Rose definitely will try to escape that very night. Therefore, he did not go after the false images with Anker.

The two demon generals were far from where Westin was hiding. There was no way he could know that they were false images. He decided to stay based on his gut feeling.

Westin had been through countless hardships and trials to be where he was. The experiences he accumulated from the numberless battles fought were perhaps more valuable than the wealth he gained. In some situations, having such rich experiences could be more useful than having extraordinary strength.

Although Westin’s judgment was correct, it doesn’t necessarily mean the outcome would favor him!

Following Westin’s orders, a portion of the House of Simon’s forces remained behind.

Chandler, another highgod under the House of Simon, also stayed behind. He was obedient to Westin. He continued to hide in his energy tower and observe.

“Some of them have not taken the bait!” Rose could see the danger waiting for them at the city gate. She continued softly, “I sense that there are more divine guards that we could see. This is not good!”

“There are two highgods each hiding in those energy towers,” said Han Shuo as he pointed at two energy towers. He continued softly, “We do not have time for a battle of patience with them. Experts from other major family clans in the City must be converging here. We need to break out from the City before Anker returns. Be careful of the two highgods in the energy towers, they might launch a sneak attack. Make sure you do not get caught by surprise.”

“We are going to strike soon?” said Rose excitedly. She seemed a little restless.

Han Shuo nodded unfeelingly. The invisible demon generals that were one with darkness floated to the House of Simon divine guards. They carefully avoided Westin and Chandler. No divine guard had noticed them.

“Move!” shouted Han Shuo softly. In an ice-cold face, he whooshed out from his hiding place and charged towards the city gate at the fastest speed.

They indeed have come! Westin’s irises constricted. He placed his full attention on Han Shuo and Rose who had appeared without warning. He was prepared to make a surprise attack.

Those divine guards hiding in the dark become excited. They grew even more admiring of their patriarch’s sharp judgment. Facing Han Shuo and Rose who were charging at them murderously, these divine guards from the House of Simon showed no fear. It was as though with the leadership of Westin, Han Shuo’s and Rose’s deaths were certain.

Following Westin’s command, the path to the city gate was deliberately left empty, waiting for Han Shuo and Rose to step inside.

Although Han Shuo knew of Westin’s plan, he had no choice but to cross the path Westin prepared for him as it was the only path to the city gate!

The terrifying whistling noises of the seventeen flying swords pierced through the air. Han Shuo and Rose flew across the space with the seventeen flying swords.

Han Shuo knew that many divine guards were hiding around the path, waiting to make an ambush. The seventeen flying swords started flying around and slaughter the divine guards who thought they had concealed themselves very well.

Simultaneously, the demon generals that had been lying in wait transformed to material state and pounced on the divine guards. Caught off guard, many of the divine guards lost their lives to the grayish shadows almost instantly.

And yet again, the scene of miserable shrieks and wails reappeared. Although the divine guards knew the weaknesses of the demon generals, the ambush was just too sudden, causing the divine guards to fail to react in time. Also, as demon generals strike in large swarms, the divine guards would lose their lives very quickly. They were given no opportunity to make counter-attacks.

Han Shuo’s attacks struck on those elite divine guards concealed in the dark as though everything between them was transparent. The demon generals that appeared out of nowhere were even better concealed than they were. The divine guards shrieked in pain as they were struck.

Westin, who was observing from the energy tower high above, wore an appalled face. He did not expect Han Shuo to be so miraculous as though he could foresee the future. Seeing that his ambushing divine guards were ambushed, Westin immediately commanded his men, “Stop hiding and come out to the open! They are determined to charge out from this gate. Stop them!”

Han Shuo and Rose moved forward at extreme speed as they defended themselves from the ranged attacks of the divine guards around them. Suddenly Han Shuo deployed the Cyano Demonblaze, Toxic Dragon Net, Banner of Hallucination, and Green Hypergolic Dust. They flew towards the divine guards all around them.

Cyano Demonblaze whooshed around. The Toxic Dragon Net covered down, emitting mists as corrosive as the seventeen flying swords. The Green Hypergolic Dust burned everything it touched. The Banner of Hallucination produced countless duplicates of Han Shuo and Rose. No one could tell which were the real Han Shuo and Rose.

Many of the divine guards were killed or neutralized by the vicious demonic weapons Han Shuo refined. The divine guards were thrown into havoc and confusion. Many were set on fire, some were penetrated by Cyano Demonblaze, while some were turned into skeletons after being trapped by the Toxic Dragon Net.

As the Banner of Hallucination had produced countless false images, the divine guards could not distinguish which of the attacks coming from every direction were real. The pressure on Han Shuo and Rose reduced significantly. They continued charging forward.

Under the support of the numerous demonic weapons, the two crossed the path and arrived at the city gate in no time. There were even more divine guards waiting for them at the city gate. The gate itself was locked from the outside. It was the final barrier standing between Han Shuo and his freedom.

Han Shuo took out a handful of the Pearls of Annihilation and hurled it at the city gate without looking. Ever since using the Pearls of Annihilation, Han Shuo’s interest in high-power explosive demonic weapons increased dramatically. He had obtained a new formula from Cauldron Spirit that increased the power of the Pearls of Annihilation by several orders of magnitude.

When the handful of Pearls of Annihilation detonated, a series of world-shaking explosions sounded from the city gate. It was as though the entire Hushveil City was going to collapse. Many of the divine guards were turned into pieces. Their incomplete body parts flew in every direction. It was a scene of utter devastation.

After the dust subsides, the city gate was revealed to be destroyed!
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