Great Demon King Chapter 780

Chapter 780: Trapped

GDK 780: Trapped

Han Shuo always has a few demon generals that patrol around him at all times. As soon as Han Shuo get that very uncomfortable sensation, his demon generals fluttered around him and probed everywhere.

Although his demon generals discovered nothing, the uncomfortable feeling had not left Han Shuo for a moment. This made Han Shuo even more alarmed. He had the seventeen flying swords on standby, ready to handle any sudden assault.

At present, Sanguis, Gilbert, and some Fifth Corps divine guards were listening to Bollands’ lecture on the techniques of assassination some distance away. The nearest divine guard to Han Shuo was three hundred meters away.

Everything looked perfectly fine but everything felt totally wrong. The inexplicable feeling of great danger continued to threaten him even as his demon generals found no abnormality in the surrounding. Han Shuo did not take it as a sign that he should relax, but rather to be more careful. His heart may be as turbulent as the sea in a thunderstorm but he nonetheless wore the same old calm and unruffled expression on his face. He sat silently on a boulder with his head hung as though he was pondering something.

All of a sudden, the space before Han Shuo seemed to have been torn as a dazzling light warped the region. The space-time started fluctuating violently.

In the next instance, Han Shuo found that the space seemed to have frozen. The wind, the grass, and everything instantly turned still as though time has been stopped.

Several humanoid figures made of light and shadow suddenly appeared out of the region with intense space-time fluctuation. They assembled a potent binding power in no time and sent it towards Han Shuo. The power came swiftly and suddenly. Before Han Shuo could react, he found that his body had been solidly restrained as though incorporeal chains had firmly tied his arms and legs.

The figures that emerged from bright light then charged towards Han Shuo. Every one of them wore a thin mask of pale-white shade. There were no openings on the mask save for two slender gaps that revealed their eyes. It made the attackers appear eerily terrifying.

The attackers were made up of five highgods. The one in the front cultivated in the edict of destruction. He was rather low in height. He wore a dark glove made using an unknown but precious material. It was pierced with bizarre speckles and carried an astonishing aura of destruction around it.

The four behind the short person were also highgods but they were slightly weaker in strength. They all wore the same clothing as the short person leading the charge but differed in height. They each wielded different weapons and it was obvious that the weapons were all very precious and outstanding.

The five had the same ice-cold eyes. The killing intent emanating from their bodies were swarming towards Han Shuo. It cannot be more obvious that they intend to take Han Shuo’s life right on the spot.

The energy binding Han Shuo’s body was tremendous. His arms and legs were securely locked in place by five different energies. Han Shuo immediately detected that the energies originated from the five attacking charging at him. In an instant, Han Shuo abruptly calmed his mind.

All five assassins possessed highgod strength. The short man leading the charge was at late-stage highgod realm. Just handling him alone would be as demanding as fighting Hofs which Han Shuo recently had the experience of. He knew that breaking free from the shackles channeled by the five highgods would be extremely difficult.

Seeing that the five will soon reach him, with one thought, the divine souls of Han Shuo’s avatars in his body turned perfectly synchronized with his consciousness. With his avatars still inside the Cauldron of Myriad Demon, his two domains of divinity fused. The hybrid domain of divinity was deployed around Han Shuo’s main body in an instant.

The element of death all around the environment suddenly gushed and wildly converged towards Han Shuo while the power of faith strings invisible to the naked eye rapidly revolved in destruction edict trajectories. The hybrid domain of divinity rapidly expanded from Han Shuo and aggressively purged every other element from around him.

The five assassins who tried to kill him were immediately enveloped by Han Shuo’s hybrid domain of divinity. The power of faith strings was as though countless tiny invisible hands grasping at the five. The five who had been charging at Han Shuo at high speed abruptly turned sluggish in movement. It was as though they have fallen into a pool of honey.

The eyes underneath the masks revealed the emotion of shock. The five exchanged glances before immediately deploying their own domain of divinity. Three divinity domain of darkness energy, one of death energy, and one of destruction energy quickly spread out from the attackers.

The little space was suddenly crammed with six domains of divinity. Five domains of divinity were rapidly expanding within Han Shuo’s Domain, exerting a crushing and overbearing amount of pressure on Han Shuo.

Unlike Han Shuo, the five assassins had full control over their own domains of divinity. Not only that they could make their Domains not conflict with each other, but they could also make their Domains work with each other and focus the pressure on Han Shuo. Han Shuo immediately felt the enormous pressure on his hybrid domain of divinity through his body. He felt as though he was being squeezed by five enormous, inflating balloons. It was tormenting!

Although his hybrid domain of divinity was aggressive, his Domain could only retreat in defeat when pressured by five highgod divinity domains at once. After all, this hybrid domain of divinity was created by two midgods and Han Shuo had yet to fully master all the miraculousness of his hybrid Domain.

As Han Shuo’s hybrid divinity domain gradually shrunk, the five attackers moved closer and closer to Han Shuo. They were laughing cruelly with their eyes as though they were certain that Han Shuo will be slaughtered in just a moment.

Han Shuo’s hands and legs were fettered by the five. Not only that he couldn’t use divine weapons to defend himself, but he also had no way of evading their attacks. Even his domain of divinity was being pushed back. From their point of view, Han Shuo had lost every possible way of defending himself and was as vulnerable as a chained sheep. That was why they were looking at Han Shuo like he was already a dead man!

But very wrong they were. Even if Han Shuo couldn’t move any of his limbs or make a sound, it doesn’t make him a sitting duck!

Han Shuo’s formless and incorporeal consciousness remained unaffected by the binding energy projected by the five. He was able to stay calm and think of a solution to free himself from the danger even as the five attackers stared fixedly at him with their chilling and merciless eyes.

Suddenly, an arm crawled out from Han Shuo’s back. It was an arm of one of his avatars. It was holding a handful of the Pearls of Annihilation!

The binding energy channeled by the five were aimed only at Han Shuo’s main body. It did not affect Han Shuo’s two avatars. Han Shuo’s two avatars currently possessed just midgod strength and the two would be slaughtered in no time if they were to rashly appear before the highgod assassins. Han Shuo dared not fully reveal his avatars to the highgod attackers and so he exposed just one arm of his avatar from his back, out of the assassins’ sight.

The avatar threw hard and sent the Pearls of Annihilation flying from Han Shuo’s back. Simultaneously, the seventeen flying swords burst out from his body and made Han Shuo look like a giant hedgehog. The piercing flying swords started chopping the incorporeal energy links that connected him to the five attackers.

Han Shuo possessed miraculous connections with his demonic weapons. Even with his main body completely restrained, as long as Han Shuo could still think and his consciousness functions, he could use and control his demon weapons as usual.

The Pearls of Annihilation flew outward. Han Shuo calmly maneuvered the Pearls with his consciousness. When the Pearls arrived behind the five attackers, Han Shuo ignited each and every drop of blood essences contained in those Pearls.

Each of the Pearl of Annihilation was injected with one drop of Han Shuo’s blood essence when they were produced. It was the key that enabled Han Shuo to remotely control and maneuver the Pearls. The blood essences boiled and splattered while the Pearls of Annihilation that flew undetected to the back of the assassins detonated.

The Pearls of Annihilation made using an improved formula erupted with an astonishing amount of explosive force. With the five assassins located near to each other, the force of the explosions managed to impact every one of their domains of divinity. The Soulpiercers inside the Pearls were sent shooting towards the five attackers in densely packed swarms. The five were pricked from head to toe.

Simultaneously, under the control of Han Shuo’s consciousness, the seventeen flying swords severed off the formless chains that bound him to the five. Once the energy channels were broken, using Omen Invincible Body, Han Shuo instantly overcame the remaining binding energy around his body. He was finally free.

Rumbles… The Pearls of Annihilation produced deafening explosions. The tremendous blunt force of the explosions compressed and stressed the attackers’ domains of divinity, which caused them to lose their balance. The five attackers along with their domain of divinity were swept by the shock wave of the explosions. They were sent smashing into Han Shuo’s domain of divinity which in turn caused Han Shuo who had just freed himself to stumble along.

But luckily for Han Shuo, he had expected this to happen. As soon as the Pearls exploded, he withdrew his domain of divinity and was therefore able to get back to his feet faster than the attackers could. The seventeen flying swords suddenly whistled loudly and went towards the shortest attacker.

Han Shuo had also been assembling the demon generals made using highgod souls located in the distance and transformed them into material state the very moment he started attacking. The demon generals fiercely pounced at the other four highgods, keeping them busy at all costs. The four assassins were overwhelmed by attacks from the demon generals and had no time to bother with Han Shuo.

The rumbling explosion had alerted everyone nearby. Rose who was bathing in the pool under the waterfall quickly exited the water and put on an oversized robe without drying her drenched voluptuous body. She immediately rushed to Han Shuo.

Bollands and other divine guards who were nearby were also rushing to Han Shuo. These divine guards who had been tempered by the Eight Desolation and Torment Formation had no fear of danger. Wearing grave and stern faces, they boldly and rapidly flew to Han Shuo’s aid.

As soon as Han Shuo freed himself from the invisible shackles, he attacked the assassins with everything he had. While maneuvering the seventeen flying swords against the shortest but most powerful assassin, he summoned every demon general to attack the rest of the assassins. Those demon generals refined from highgod souls he reaped in Hushveil City were incredibly terrifying. The four assassins were completely occupied with defending themselves and couldn’t assist their short leader.

When Rose and the divine guards arrived at the scene, they saw Han Shuo’s prowess in all its glory, handling five masked highgod assassins all by himself.

The highgod auras emanated by the assassins were very obvious, especially so with the shortie. He had the energy of destruction wildly overflowing from his body - a clear sign that he had reached the pinnacle realm in the cultivation of the edict of destruction. Han Shuo, however, was able to keep him and his four associates in check with just his own power. On top of that, he wasn’t showing any sign of being on the back foot. The divine guards who witnessed Han Shuo’s power were all dumbfounded.

The divine guards had been secretly guessing Han Shuo’s strength among themselves. They reckoned that Han Shuo was slightly stronger than Avery, the former Chief of Fifth Corps. But now, having witnessed the scene of Han Shuo fighting against five highgods at once, they realized that Avery wasn’t even on the same level as Han Shuo!
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