Great Demon King Chapter 781

Chapter 781: Have Fun With These Highgods

GDK 781: Have fun with these highgods

The divine guards that rushed to the scene were awed by the valiant strength Han Shuo displayed. They were so dumbfounded that they momentarily forget to aid Han Shuo. Only Rose charged forward at the assassins after taking one look at the situation. She fought one of the assassins with the demon generals.

“Stop watching and kill these despicable attackers!” shouted Bollands coldly. The longsword that Han Shuo refined for Bollands shot out in a shifting and unpredictable trajectory.

The flabbergasted divine guards were roused from their dazes by Bollands’ loud shout. In the next instance, all kinds of energies were launched towards the remaining three assassins. The region started bursting with bright, glorious rays. Divine weapons and divine energies filled the sky and bombarded the attackers who were already occupied with attacks from demon generals.

The divine guards were aware that the masked assassins were all of highgod strengths. They dared not fight the assassins hand-to-hand but kept a distance from them and launched ranged attacks. Individually, the divine guards were no match against the assassins. But when several dozens of them jointly attacked an assassin, their combined power was more than enough to keep the assassin at bay.

Things had not developed as the assassins had planned. By now, the assassins had not only failed to slaughter Han Shuo, but they also found themselves surrounded by enemies. Instead of Han Shuo, it was they who were in grave danger. With Han Shuo, Rose, nearly a hundred divine guards, and the dark swarm of demon generals fighting the assassins together, even though they were five highgods, they were starting to collapse.

The divine energy that came from the divine guards was limited in might. It was not enough to severely injure the highgod assassins rapidly. However, the concentrated attacks were enough to make them more and more panic. Whenever they revealed an opening in their defense, the dense mass of demon generals would pour into it and harass them. The bizarre energy of the demon generals was incredibly tormenting to the assassins.

“Hehe, wanna kill me? It ain’t gonna be that easy!” with his divine guards and Rose intervening, the pressure on Han Shuo was greatly reduced. While he maneuvered the seventeen flying swords to attack the short assassin with the greatest strength, he watched the five with cold eyes and mocked them.

The five were wearing masks and Han Shuo had no idea who they were. Han Shuo was trying to make them talk in the hope that they will reveal something about their identities.

The five assassins seemed to be aware of Han Shuo’s intention and none of them answered him. Besides, all five of them were rather flustered and occupied with defending themselves. They had no time to talk nonsense with Han Shuo. Needless to say, the five assassins must be racking their heads on how to escape the encirclement.

In all of a sudden, the seventeen flying swords moved away from the shortest and strongest assassin and arrived at the back of the weakest assassin in an instant. Before the weakest assassin could react, he had been surrounded by the seventeen flying swords. Ceaseless Pain, the first form of Avici Godslaying Formation, was activated.

The assassin was immediately shrouded by dense and sinister killing intent. The seventeen flying swords whistled with ear-piercing loud noise as they flew through the dense killing intent. The intense corrosive energy and frigid aura on the flying swords were rapidly consuming the assassin’s divine energy.

The short assassin was just too difficult to handle. Even though Han Shuo could keep him occupied using Ceaseless Pain, Han Shuo couldn’t kill him within a short time. Therefore, Han Shuo changed his strategy and went after the weakest assassin instead.

The assassin who cultivated in the energy of darkness rammed left and right but no matter how hard he tried, he could not escape the bizarre space formed by Ceaseless Pain. It only made him exhaust his divine energy at an even faster rate. This assassin was just an early-stage highgod. Prior to being trapped in the Avici Godslaying Sword Formation, he had used a great amount of his divine energy on resisting the attacks from the divine guards and the demon generals. He quickly became fatigued by Han Shuo’s sudden assault.

The seventeen flying swords seemed to be weaving a mesh-shaped object using the corrosive energy and frigid aura as they moved crisscrossed in the Sword Formation. Dark electrical sparks flickered from the object and sprinkled on the assassin like bizarre, tiny rain droplets. Frigid aura slowly filled his body and caused his divine body to turn more and more sluggish.

Suddenly, the seventeen flying swords changed their trajectories and shot towards his chest from seventeen different directions. Sounds of bone being broken and flesh being torn were heard. Blood wildly sprayed from the assassin’s chest like water from a fire hydrant. His eyes were filled with fear. His vitality dwindled as his blood drained from his body.

After piercing seventeen holes on the assassin, the seventeen flying swords changed their target again. It turned back to that short assassin.

The shortie hesitated about something for a moment when the seventeen flying swords flew away from him and to his comrade. But before he could decide, he was greeted by a barrage of ranged attacks from the surrounding divine guards. It left him with no choice but to put up defenses against the divine guards.

He was also swarmed by the dark cloud demon generals overhead, among which were the most powerful type of demon general produced using highgod divine soul. These demon generals pose a great threat to him. They stopped him from leaving the battlefield.

The power of the seventeen flying swords turned somewhat weaker as the Cauldron of Myriad Demon had quietly flown out from Han Shuo’s body. It hid among the fluttering swarm of demon generals, stealthily collecting the divine soul of the recently perished highgod.

After killing a god, Han Shuo must collect their divine soul as quickly as possible or it would likely dissipate and vanish, becoming a part of the fundamental energy that they cultivated in. Han Shuo must be even hastier in collecting divine souls with highgod strengths as they likely could escape using the fundamental energies found everywhere in the world.

While controlling his seventeen flying swords against the short assassin, Han Shuo quietly observed the overall situation. Rose who had mid-stage highgod strength was fighting an assassin of the same strength. The demon generals were also assisting her, assaulting the assassin from every direction. The assassin revealed great anxiety in his eyes. He saw no escape in sight.

However, the rest of the assassins seemed to be able to withstand the pressure from the divine guards and demon generals. It appeared that they knew they could escape but dared not to. They kept on looking at the shortie trapped by Han Shuo’s seventeen flying swords as though their means of escape lied on him.

After a moment of observation, Han Shuo understood that the shortie was the leader of the assassins. Han Shuo deduced that the two assassins who could escape dared not without their leader’s command. They kept looking at the shortie to wait for his command.

From his observation, Han Shuo concluded that the situation was fully under his control. The assassins had not just completely failed in their objective, they even landed themselves in a dire situation where retreat seemed impossible. However, Han Shuo dared not relax even by one bit. He continued using all his strength against that short but powerful assassin that cultivated in the edict of destruction.

Han Shuo knew that he must not let go of an enemy with such powerful strength as they eventually will bring him trouble if left alive. In addition, after killing that highgod of darkness using Ceaseless Pain and removing his mask, Han Shuo realized that he did not know who the person was. This made him even more determined to find out the identities of these assassins.

After all, an anonymous enemy is the most terrifying enemy. As long as they remain anonymous to Han Shuo, he would have no way of anticipating where or when they will strike. Han Shuo actually wasn’t too concerned about an attack on himself. He was concerned for his family clan members in the City of Shadows who had deep bonds with him. Han Shuo will never allow any of them to be harmed or assassinated.

The most direct way of preventing tragedy befalling his family clan members was to kill every single one of his enemies. Only then can he ensure that those close to him will be safe!

After collecting the highgod divine soul, the Cauldron of Myriad Demon returned to Han Shuo’s body. With that, Han Shuo’s strength was significantly boosted. The shortie who was securely trapped by the seventeen flying swords immediately felt the increase in pressure. It was also at that moment that he stopped wavering and made up his mind.

The speckles on the gloves he wore suddenly glistened with faint lights. The space around him was warped. Waves undulated through the air and spread outward as though water ripples. Countless chaotic energies suddenly emanated from the region as though he had opened up a pathway to another dimension.

The shortie moved through the distorted field like a fish and miraculously arrived beside the assassin fighting Rose. A magnificent screen of light abruptly enveloped the region. Han Shuo suddenly shrieked, “Rose, retreat!”

Rose was shocked and immediately flew away from the screen of light as though running away from a great danger.

The screen made of light quickly diminished and vanished. The two assassins inside the screen of light had also miraculously disappeared. Then, another intense undulation came from the region. A bizarre scroll appeared out of nowhere. Right when Han Shuo caught sight of the scroll, it violently exploded.

“Nooo!” shouted the two remaining assassins in a terrified and despaired voice. It was at that moment that the two assassins who had spoken not a single word all along realized that they had been abandoned by their short leader.

Against Han Shuo, Rose, and nearly a hundred divine guards, these two assassins knew that the odds were heavily stacked against them. They realized that they will soon perish and they couldn’t help themselves but yell. They could not be more despaired and agonized.

Han Shuo gestured with his hand, signaling his divine guards to pause their attacks. As he stepped towards the two assassins, he put on a gentle smile and said, “Identify yourselves and state your motive. Then I might consider letting you live,”

The two assassins turned to look at each other. Their eyes under the masks were filled with despair. After exchanging glances, the two suddenly sprang forward, attempting to break the encirclement. It appeared that they were either not convinced with Han Shuo’s words or had no intention of compromising.

Han Shuo again gestured and smilingly said, “Kill them. They are two highgods. Have fun!”

The divine guards suddenly became excited again. With Han Shuo and Rose around them, the divine guards were not worried about their safety and knew that the assassins had no means of escaping. Killing highgods would significantly increase the divine guards’ confidence and morale. The divine guards were excited to do so. They put on sinister grins as they started bombarding the two highgods with ranged attacks.
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