Great Demon King Chapter 786

Chapter 786: Throw A Cherry On Top

GDK 786: Throw a cherry on top

Sanguis started playing with his broadsword made from a Blood Crystal. He felt as though the broadsword had become a part of himself. Having an extension of himself in his hand felt amazing to Sanguis.

Han Shuo had removed all impurities from the Blood Crystal and reshaped it to be a broadsword. But as Han Shuo did not know the uses of Blood Crystal detailedly, that was all that he could do. Sanguis must figure out the rest by himself.

“Though I have formed the sword, you must find a way to form a bond with the weapon. The usual technique of dripping your blood in it probably won’t work in this case. You’ll have to figure that out by yourself,” Han Shuo said to Sanguis after thinking for a moment.

“I don’t have to do that; It has already become a part of me!” replied Sanguis excitedly. The broadsword then abruptly disappeared into Sanguis as he chuckled. Then, a moment later, the broadsword reappeared from his chest and flew into his hand.

Being able to store a demonic weapon into his body meant that Sanguis has successfully connected his mind with the broadsword. Although Han Shuo had absolutely no clue how Sanguis managed to accomplish that, he was very happy for Sanguis.

Han Shuo nodded and said, “Very good. You have now truly become the master of the broadsword. You may give it a name. Make sure to learn and explore all its uses!” Han Shuo thought for a moment and continued, “Every precious demonic weapon possesses an infinite potential to evolve. Once a demonic weapon improved to a certain level, a spirit will take shape. You should keep an eye on that. This broadsword is much more bizarre than Bollands’ flying sword. I think it most likely will form a spirit of its own.”

“Yes, Master. I will do as you say!” Sanguis maneuvered his broadsword to squirm around his body as he explored the uses of the weapon. He tried to form an even deeper connection with the broadsword using Bloodgod Mantra.

Sanguis tirelessly communicated with the broadsword made using Blood Crystal. He was so engrossed in the new weapon that he seemed to have forgotten that Han Shuo was beside him.

Standing not far away, Rose continued to stare fixedly at Han Shuo.

Han Shuo had long noticed Rose’s presence. After giving Sanguis some instructions, he walked to Rose in a faint smile and asked, “What’s up?

Rose did not answer but continued to stare at Han Shuo. After a long long while, Rose softly exhaled as though trying to cast away the shock in her heart. She softly asked, “So you also know how to refine weapons?”

Han Shuo half-shrugged and replied, “Well, I’m just an amateur. It’s nothing to write home about.”

“From how I see it, it’s the exact opposite!” Rose softly exclaimed and said, “I have never seen or heard anyone who can refine a weapon in the manner you did just now. Your weapon-smelting skill is marvelous. I’m pretty sure that you are just as skillful in refining weapons as you are in refining medicines!”

Han Shuo was known to be a genius pharmacist in the Darkness Dominion. All those who were acquainted with Han Shuo knew that he was extremely talented in refining medicines but none of them knew that he was also talented at refining weapons. If Rose did not happen to catch Han Shuo in the act of refining a broadsword for Sanguis, perhaps even Rose would remain oblivious to it.

It was only at this point in time that Rose realized that all those miraculous divine weapons she saw on Han Shuo was produced by Han Shuo himself. During their assault on Hushveil City, Rose had seen Han Shuo utilized various weapons of mass destruction against a large number of divine guards who pursued them. She observed that those unique and deadly weapons were quite different from the conventional divine weapons. She had been wondering where Han Shuo found such a strange but supreme artisan to make all those weapons for him.

But finally, after accidentally witnessing what she saw that day, the question became clear to Rose.

Being a gifted pharmacist has made Bryan reputable in the Darkness Dominion. If people learned that Bryan is also brilliantly talented in the arts of weapon refinement, it will surely shock the entire Elysium! thought Rose.

“It’s not as miraculous as you imagined. It’s just some simple and amateur techniques,” with just one look at Rose, Han Shuo knew what was going on in her head. Han Shuo did not want people to know too much of his secrets and therefore said so to Rose.

Rose looked intently at Han Shuo. After a while, she put on a faint smile and demanded, “Well then, I hope you will make me a weapon too. A simple and crude one will do!”

Han Shuo stared puzzlingly at Rose for a moment before he replied, “The energy you cultivate in is very different from mine. Even if I made you a weapon, without understanding the energy that Sanguis and I cultivate, the weapon will be next to useless to you.”

“It doesn’t matter. I still want one. Any type of weapon will do. Your weapon refining techniques are marvelous. I want to watch you do it again!” demanded Rose persistently. She was determined to make Han Shuo refine her a weapon despite his reluctance.

As Han Shuo’s slave, Rose had been very cooperative and had served him well. Han Shuo was poor at rejecting his allies’ requests, especially those who had been helpful to him. Therefore, after thinking for a moment, Han Shuo forced a smile and nodded.

“Fine, I will make you a weapon now. Hmm, alright, here, cut a finger and fill this bottle to the middle with your blood,” instructed Han Shuo as he took out a glass container and handed it to Rose.

Rose was happy that Han Shuo agreed to her demand while perplexed by his instruction. She couldn’t understand why Han Shuo needed her blood to produce a weapon. However, she did not raise her doubt to Han Shuo but readily complied with his instruction.

A single strand of her silky silver hair pierced the skin on her tender left index finger. Drop by drop, guided by the strand of her hair, her blood fell into the glass container. Around two minutes later, the container was half-filled with her red blood. She handed the container to Han Shuo.

After taking the bottle of blood from Rose, Han Shuo began refining Pearls of Annihilation in front of her. He took out all sorts of rare and bizarre rocks before baking them into reddish-brown spheres under an intense flame. The Pearls of Annihilation that were forming were around the size of an eyeball. They were glossy and were faintly shimmering.

Rose’s fresh blood was slowly placed into the Pearls drop by drop. A fiery red light came from the center of the Pearls as though a fire was ignited inside those Pearls. They looked like glossy pearls that contained burning fires. They were eye-catching and beautiful.

Just like Sanguis, Rose seemed very excited and happy when getting their weapons. When Han Shuo placed those Pearls of Annihilation in Rose’s hand, she sensed a very faint but real connection with those Pearls. This was surprising to her.

“As you cultivate in an energy different from mine and your blood has not been condensed through unique means, you will only have a weak connection with these Pearls. However, as weak as the connection is, you can still remotely detonate the Pearls just by…” Han Shuo started explaining to Rose on the method of using the Pearls of Annihilation as well as their powers.

Though that weak connection, Rose could effortlessly detonate her Pearls of Annihilation from several hundred meters away. If used correctly, the Pearls could even be a lifesaver during an emergency.

However, it appeared that Rose had no intention to make practical use of the Pearls. It seemed as though she had taken the Pearls of Annihilation as a magnificent handicraft article. Under Rose’s demand, Han Shuo had no choice but to make holes on the Pearls with his demonic yuan and chain the Pearls into a bracelet using the elastic veins of a magical beast.

Rose was very contended. She constantly fiddled with the bracelet made of Pearls of Annihilation and appeared very happy.

Han Shuo was left between laughter and tears when he saw that Rose had taken the Pearls as an ornament. He wasn’t sure if Rose listened to his detailed explanation of how to use the Pearls. He thought, Women’s minds are indeed unfathomable. She is actually treating this destructive weapon as jewelry just because it looked pretty!


Time passed hurried. Half a month went by. One after another, the participating companies from the other six Corps arrived at Soaring Cloud Mountain Range.

Naturally, those from the House of Sainte, as the ruler of the City of Shadows and the organizer of the event, will not be absent. Wallace, Andre, Carmelita, and others arrived at the Mountain Range.

Three of the Seven Divine Guard Corps belonged to the House of Kinson, House of Kisa, and House of Buller. As the competition could affect the interests of their family clans, members of those three large family clans also came to the Mountain Range as observers. They would usually hang around with their Fourth Corp, Sixth Corp, and Seventh Corp. The Soaring Cloud Mountain Range suddenly turned lively.

Those from the Seven Corps would stay in seven separate regions around the Soaring Cloud Mountain Range throughout the competition. Wallace and Andre had divided and assigned those regions ahead of time. Members and representatives from the large family clans, Wallace included, would stay at the center-most region of the Mountain Range. They were in charge of handling any accidents throughout the competition.

Those newly arrived at the Mountain Range were astounded when they saw Han Shuo’s company. An emotion of vigilance appeared on their faces after they carefully sized up the divine guards of the Fifth Corps.

After having been ground and tempered by the Eight Desolation and Torment Formation, the divine guards of the Fifth Corps gained a distinctive stern and solemn aura. No matter from any angle, they do not look like a company made up of amateurish recruits. The crowd who originally felt that the Fifth Corps was destined to take the last place suddenly wasn’t so sure anymore.

Andre and Wallace inwardly praised in their heads. They became even more admiring of Han Shuo. His ability to train the Fifth Corps divine guards up to this level in such a short time was phenomenal. Even Wallace did not have the confidence of accomplishing this amazing feat.

“It seems that the Fifth Corps might not take the bottom place!” said Wallace after he turned to Andre who was standing abreast.

Andre nodded smilingly. Then, in a somewhat delighted manner, he suggested, “Elder brother, Carmelita is at the age of marriage. Why don’t we throw a cherry on top after the competition?”

Wallace stared blankly for a moment before he asked, “What do you mean?”

“The House of Han is rapidly rising in influence and power. Bryan even can injure Hofs of Hushveil City. If things continue to develop in this trend, it is only a matter of time before their interests overlap with our House of Sainte’s. In the end, the House of Han might leave the City of Shadows. However, if Carmelita is married to the youngster, everything will be easily solved! What do you think, brother?”

Wallace had not considered the possibility before. After hearing Andre’s words, Wallace sank deep in thought.
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