Great Demon King Chapter 794

Chapter 794: Resounding Victory

GDK 794: Resounding Victory

Through the sand table, the spectators could see that more and more Second Corps divine guards died to the hailstorm of ranged attacks. The Second Corps divine guards were abnormally indifferent to the lives of their fellow comrades. They cared not of their fellow soldiers.

It was because of such selfishness and absolute disregard of their teammates that those Second Corps divine guards who could have easily get away with light injuries ended up with severe injuries and death!

None of them had any regard for their companion. They had nil team spirit!

Ralphs face grew darker and darker. He had put his divine guards through extremely cruel training that developed no trusts between their comrades. There was no unity between them, much less any teamwork!

Once their Achilles heel was revealed, the Second Corps started crumbling fast. With Bollands having received that special instruction of Han Shuos, he calmly passed down more and more merciless commands, sending heavier and denser attacks, greatly increasing the casualties of the Second Corps!

Fascinating, how fascinating! exclaimed Aobashi. She looked at Ralph with cold eyes and ridiculed, Your training has not turned them into divine guards, but a bunch of mindless beasts! Although it is true that they have outstanding strength and is fearless of death, they know nothing about teamwork or assisting each other. They have lost the battle before it begins!

Wallace turned to look at Ralph with slightly bunched brows in silence. For the first time in history, he had doubts about Ralph and the training method he employed.

The battle went on

The Second Corps divine guards were indeed powerful and valiant. Not a single divine guard showed any sign of wanting to give up against the barrages of fierce attacks of the Fifth Corps. They continued to charge in the direction of Fifth Corpss divine essences valiantly without fear of death. At this moment, Sanguis and Gilbert were fighting against Kiffan and five Second Corps divine guards.

Kiffan and his five divine guards tried to harm Sanguis and Gilbert at the cost of wounding themselves. Their cold eyes were fixed on Sanguis and Gilbert as they tried to kill him. Every attack of theirs was meant to take lives. They had forgotten all the rules of engagement.

Sanguis and Gilbert were no saints either. They had clearly heard Bollands command and knew of Han Shuos intention. Just like Kiffan and his men, Sanguis and Gilbert also utilize deadly power in every strike they make. The two forces were equally matched and neither side had the upper hand, for the moment.

None of the Second Corps divine guards could break through the defensive barrier put up by Bollands and his Fifth Corps divine guards. Those who tried to storm forward would be greeted by ever fiercer and denser attacks. Those brave but foolish souls would end up injured or killed.

The Fifth Corps divine guards remain very well coordinated even as the battle progressed. They continued to launch attacked methodically as Bollands instructed to inflict maximum harm. The Second Corps was unable to overcome the Fifth Corpss defense. The longer the battle went on, the more disadvantageous it became for the Second Corps. Severy injuries and casualties started to pile up.

Given the circumstances, it was clear to any fool that the best thing Second Corps could do is to retreat and abandon their divine essences for resistance would be futile.

However, that thought never came to their mind. Even though it was clear that the company from the Second Corps would lose, none of the divine guards retreated. They continued to push forward recklessly and with no regard for their own lives.

Therefore even more Second Corps divine guards were injured. The casualties had far exceeded every quota there is!

Ralph, you should order your men to retreat, said Andre in a clear and stern voice. As he looked at Ralph with a solemn face, he added, If you let them go on, you are going to lose all your elite divine guards!

No! They have not lost yet! replied Ralph loudly, wearing a stubborn and exasperated face.

By now, everyone could tell that the Second Corps was on the back foot. Their combat strength was diminishing as the casualties were mounting.

On the contrary, the Fifth Corps was still going strong and brimming with energy. It seemed as though the outcome has been preordained!

Perhaps Ralph had never considered losing being an option. He was still unwilling to give up or admit that he had been defeated even though the situation was clear.

You deserved it! remarked Carmelita. She then raised her head and smiled at Han Shuo. She seemed very delighted.

Wallace could not bear to watch the slaughter longer and commanded in a deep and loud voice, Ralph, order your men to withdraw.

Ralph was Wallaces most loyal hound. He listens to absolutely no one but followed every word of Wallaces. Although it was clear from his face that he was unwilling, Ralph nonetheless took out a magical messaging crystal and connected to Kiffan. Under the gazes of the crowd, he commanded Kiffan to cease the futile attacks.

What a bunch of mad beasts! Bollands heaved a sigh of relief in his mind when he saw the wild Second Corps stopped their assault. If the battle were to let continue, they could end up wiping out the entire company of the Second Corps divine guards which Bollands guessed could bring Han Shuo big troubles.

Fuckers, why cower so suddenly? Keep on fighting me if you have balls! Gilbert cursed and shouted when he saw the Second Corps had suddenly given up. He wasnt happy that he had not scored any kills yet.

Of the one hundred men strong company from the Second Corps, less than thirty were completely unharmed. Twenty of them were killed. The rest had sustained at least some injuries. In contrast, only ten of the Fifth Corps divine guards sustained light injuries. None were severely injured or killed. Their combat strength remained basically the same as before the battle started.

It was obvious which team was stronger!

After examining the losses on both sides, the crowd again stared at Han Shuo in astonishment. They had never imagined the Fifth Corps to possess such terrifying team combat strength!

I think there is no need to continue the competition any longer, Aobashi forced a smile and said to Wallace, The First Corps is obviously no match against Bryans divine guards.

After having spectated the competition for some time, Aobashi had a rough idea of the Fifth Corps true strength. Against the Fifth Corpss perfect team coordination, the Second Corps was like an egg smashed at a rock. Aobashi did not think that her divine guards were better than the Second Corps in team combat strength. She thought that as the outcome was obvious, she might as well save time and surrender.

The only team in the arena that had not battled with any team was the First Corps. All the other six companies had shown their strength in combat and it was clear to the spectators how they ranked. With Aobashi now giving up, it meant that the Fifth Corps has won the competition!

The crowd could not deny the overwhelming strength that the Fifth Corps displayed. With no objections, Wallace nodded and agreed to Aobashis surrender. In a loud and deep voice, he announced, I hereby declare that the team competition has now concluded. The Fifth Corps wins!

Thank you, thank you! Han Shuo nodded at each and every person of the crowd in a big smile as a gesture of politeness. When it was Ralphs turn, Han Shuos smile turned even bigger and more cheerful. He laughed heartily and said, My apologies, Lord Ralph. It seems that my subordinates are slightly stronger than yours!

Ralphs face seemed twisted as though someone had stomped on his face. With many mocking eyes of his rivals ridiculing him, Ralph could not wish more to dash forward and fight Han Shuo right there. But with great difficulty, he managed to suppress his impulse. He nodded slowly at Han Shuo and said, I will make you regret this in the competition between Chiefs!

Han Shuos eyes turned even more cheerful. He calmly replied, Excellent, I too look forward to having a real fight with you!

Bryan! Wallace suddenly cried out. In a rather displeased face, he glared at Han Shuo and asked, So many of the Second Corps divine guards have died. How are you going to justify that?

They are accidents! replied Han Shuo immediately. In an innocent face, he explained, Lord Andre has said it just then. It is the Second Corps divine guards who let their own comrades die. It has nothing to do with us!

The first few may be accidents, but after the first few, not only did your divine guards not exercise restraint, they started attacking even more ferociously at their weakness. Are those accidents as well? rebutted Wallace loudly in a dark face.

Erm This That Han Shuo was at a loss for words and did not know what to answer.

Elder Brother, you cannot fully fault Bryan on this. The Second Corps has always been very savage and brutal to their opponents. They are unafraid of death and willing to sacrifice their lives for victory. If Bryans subordinates were to lower their guard, the Second Corps could likely break through their defense. And once that happens, they will be merciless towards those men of Bryans. Therefore, the Fifth Corps divine guards had no choice but to keep fighting as fierce as they could! Andre pleaded for Han Shuo. He had always been very thoughtful of Han Shuo and he too disliked Ralph.

After hearing Andres words, Rugersey, Camilla, Erebus, Aobashi, Batk, and even the three major patriarchs stated their opinions. Their general message was that the Fifth Corps may have been a little rash but they did nothing wrong. Not a single one of them sided with Ralphs divine guards. Ralph constantly swept his sinister and cold gaze across the crowd as he stood alone in the corner.

Han Shuo may be wearing a forced smile but in his mind, he was laughing madly. He thought, Served you right, Ralph! Thats what you get for being such a dick to everyone!

With so many people pleading for Han Shuo, considering that the Goddess of Destiny had a good impression on Han Shuo, Wallace decided not to hand any punishment. In the end, Wallace only chided Han Shuo a few words. He asked Han Shuo to be more cautious next time and not be so savage to the fellow divine guards of the City.

Han Shuo was a tactful person. He repeatedly nodded and said yes, claiming that he will scold his subordinates heavily for it.

And so the matter was concluded.

Under Wallaces instruction, Andre sent messengers to the arena and announced that the competition was over. As to reward the divine guards, Wallace did not retake the divine essences but declared that the finders can keep them.

Soon enough, all the companies in the battle arena received the news. With the spectators watching, they gathered into lines and left the arena, heading back to their respective campsites.

Although the team competition had concluded in advance, Wallace did not move the competition between Chiefs ahead. He commanded that the crowd disperse and that the competition between Divine Guard Chiefs will take place in three days as scheduled.

The crowd dispersed and went in their own ways. Some were happy while some were disappointed. While the Divine Guard Chiefs were leaving, Wallace suddenly shot a glance at Ralph and nodded lightly.

Ralph did not leave and stayed there silently. He knew that Wallace had words for him.
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