Great Demon King Chapter 796

Chapter 796: Winning Hearts And Minds

GDK 796: Winning hearts and minds

Of course not! Han Shuo hastily replied, In my heart, I have always considered you and Erebus as a pair Hehe

After hearing Han Shuos words, Aobashi couldnt help but turned to take a glance at Erebus who was gazing at her with eyes burning with passion. However, Aobashi felt that Erebus was missing some sort of quality that attracted her. She felt that no chemistry could happen between her and Erebus. I have no feeling for him! cried Aobashi right in front of Erebus.

Erebus who has numbed himself to Aobashis rejection did not seem to mind being shunned. Even his affection-filled gaze towards Aobashi did not falter by the slightest. He was behaving like a worthless creature. Han Shuo felt contempt for this behavior of Erebus. He thought, Erebus is a powerful and influential man in the City of Shadows. How could he turn into such a spineless fool before Aobashi?

You be careful of Ralph. Hes a vindictive person and he undoubtedly has the strength to be so. You must not be incautious in the competition between Chiefs. You need to be prepared for Ralphs revenge! Aobashi advised Han Shuo to be cautious while ignoring Erebus gazes.

If Aobashi knew that it was Han Shuo who had injured Hofs, the City Lord of Hushveil City, as Wallace knew, she wouldnt have given Han Shuo such a length cautionary advice. She might instead be worrying about her own safety.

Dont worry about it, I will be ready! said Han Shuo as he nodded smilingly. He genuinely found Aobashi and Erebus to be likable. When they first met Han Shuo, the two were not prejudiced against Han Shuo for their large gap in status and identity. On the contrary, the two had been very helpful to him on various matters. He found this trait to be hard to come by.

Aobashi and Erebus did not stay for long. After a few more moments of chatting with Han Shuo, both of them took their leaves. The battle between Divine Guard Chiefs happening in three days was so significant that even Aobashi and Erebus dared not slack lest they meet with unexpected failure.

As soon as the two Chiefs left, Gilbert, Sanguis, Bollands, and Barnard came to Han Shuo. Barnard presented and handed the prizes they won from the competition to Han Shuo as he said, My Lord, these are our spoils of war.

As a great majority of the participants were cultivators of the energy of death, destruction, and darkness, the divine essences that Wallace planted in the arena were of those energies. These divine essences were very useful to the Fifth Corps divine guards but none of them tempered with any piece before they handed it to Han Shuo. This was a testament to the discipline of the Fifth Corps divine guards.

To Han Shuo, these divine essences which could increase the divine energy he had were not that useful. He had assimilated the divine energy of multiple powerful gods back at Hushveil City and his two avatars were currently saturated with divine energies. What he required now was deeper insight and comprehension, not more divine energies.

I wont have them. You guys will keep them and distribute it among yourselves, Han Shuo shook his head and declined instead of receiving the divine essences from Barnards hands.

Barnards heart skipped a beat. In awe, he asked, But, my Lord, these are divine essences. Why would Your Lordship not want them?

I dont need them, Han Shuo put on a faint smile and candidly replied, I do not need to increase my divine energy for now. You and the Company did an exceptional job in the competition. You guys fought for these divine essences and obtained them with your own hands - you have earned the divine essences. Therefore, it is only reasonable that these divine essences be distributed among yourselves.

When Han Shuo saw that Barnard still hesitated to accept the divine essences, Han Shuo said somewhat impatiently, Alright, I dont want to hear anymore refusal. Go and distribute it now! You are the Captain. You will decide how it should be divided!

Erm Mister Bollands? Barnard still could not believe that Han Shuo would give them the divine essences. He stared blankly for a moment before he turned to look at Bollands somewhat awkwardly. He remembered that Bollands played a key role in the earlier battles and knew that Bollands was close to Han Shuo. Therefore, he asked Bollands for his opinion.

Do exactly as my Senior says, said Bollands proudly after he glanced at Barnard with cold eyes.

Dude, since when have you become such a wordy person? My Master has spoken. Hurry up and distribute them and get it over with! said Gilbert impatiently.

Ay, ay Barnard was overjoyed. He excitedly rushed to the nearest cluster of divine guards with divine essences clasped in his hand while crying, Lord Bryan is giving us the divine essences! Lord Bryan is giving us the divine essences!

Cheers sounded from the divine guards. They surrounded Barnard in no time and gathered their greedy gazes on the divine essences. They would cast grateful glances towards Han Shuo from time to time.

When Avery was on the helm, any valuables obtained by the Fifth Corps must be handed to him. The divine guards would never get a thing, except those which he had absolutely no use for, Bollands was familiar with the temperament of every Divine Guard Chiefs in the City of Shadows. He explained, Senior, your action is simply unimaginable to them. Everyone knows that divine essences are precious. Even if Senior doesnt use them, you could easily sell them for a large number of black crystal coins. But to hand all of it to your subordinates without a thought, I doubt that there is another Divine Guard Chief who would do that!

After hearing Bollands explanation, Han Shuo immediately realized that he had been overly generous. With the Celestial Pearl making him an obscene amount of crystal coins every day, crystal coins had lost most of its value in Han Shuos eyes. Also, Han Shuo did not need divine essences to rapidly raise his divine energy for he could simply devour those of other experts. Those were the reasons Han Shuo behaved so generously.

But unexpectedly, this act of great generosity had won the heartfelt gratefulness and support of his divine guards. With just one glance, Han Shuo could tell that the divine guards had become more revering and worshiping towards him. At this rate, it wouldnt be long before they would become private guards of the House of Han - something Han Shuo wished to see.

After thinking for a moment, Han Shuo came to a sudden realization that these divine guards were pretty easy to tame. He just needed to demonstrate his overwhelming strength to win their hearts and display his charisma to win their minds, along with some tangible rewards. After completing those simple steps, they will be obedient and submissive to Han Shuo and ready to serve him faithfully.

Senior, they are all very talented. If given time, they will grow into powerful experts without a doubt! remarked Bollands. After having interacted with Han Shuo for so long and being skilled in guessing others thoughts, Bollands made out what was in Han Shuos mind with just one look.

Han Shuo put on a faint smile and nodded. He turned to look at Bollands intensely and instructed, Put some effort on them. These divine guards, the first batch to have received training in the Eight Desolation and Torment Formation, will become the firm foundation of strength for our House of Han!

Understood, Senior. Soon enough, they will not think of themselves as Fifth Corp divine guards, but members of the House of Han! replied Bollands in a solemn and grave face.

Han Shuo had full confidence in Bollands capability. He had a short discussion with Bollands in low voices, telling Bollands that if they needed crystal coins or medicines, he may look for him or Phoebe directly. He thought that it was worth investing some amount of crystal coins and medicines to win the batch of talents.

Bollands indicated that he understood the instructions. The divine guards were also very respectful of him. He reckoned that the plan will succeed without a hitch.

After Bollands left, Sanguis started narrating to Han Shuo about the amazing power of his broadsword over and over again. He mentioned just how easy and smooth it was to use the blood-red broadsword and how mighty the Bloodgod Mantra was after its power was amplified. He could not be more satisfied with the broadsword.

The broadsword made using Blood Crystal was tailored for Sanguis. It would be a wonder if Sanguis did not find it useful!

After listening to Sanguis excitement, Han Shuo gave a few bits of advice, asking him to explore the broadsword even deeper. After that, he left his camp and went to Rose.

The misty region filled with natural hot springs was occupied by the female divine guards. They had declared it to be their territory. Several drenched female divine guards were guarding at the entrance lest that some of the male divine guards unknowingly enter the hot spring. They were particularly vigilant of someone like Gilbert.

Hail, Lord Bryan! the few divine guards at the entrance immediately turned solemn and saluted Han Shuo respectfully.

Han Shuo glanced at the divine guards and said, Im looking for Rose.

Although these female divine guards were not that pretty in appearance, they all have fit and toned physique with firm skin thanks to their constant training. They looked alluring, exuberant, and a little wild.

Lord Rose is inside, replied one of the divine guards in a sweet smile. Then, as though she sensed something, her gazes turned amorous. This divine guard was rather tall. When she stands straight, her eyes were at the level of Han Shuos lips. Although she was not outstanding in appearance, her breasts were humongous. It looked as though her immense twin peaks will soon rip out of her soft, thin robe.

This female divine guard suddenly straightened her body, causing her two massive boobs to jiggle seductively. The oscillation was hypnotical to any man. As she looked at Han Shuo with her fiery eyes, she smiled charmingly and said, My Lord, Im called Roxie.

Dammnnn! They are hugeeeeee! cried Han Shuo internally. However, Han Shuo did not lose his poker face. He nodded and said, Roxie. Mmm, I will remember your name.

As divine guards, they were aware of the great possibility of losing their lives in a mission. Their safety was not assured! It was for this reason that these female divine guards would be so bold and flirty. Once they identified someone they find attractive, instead of waiting around like ordinary females, they would take the initiative and strike.

To Roxie, the incredibly mysterious and unfathomably powerful Han Shuo was as outstanding as a lofty mountain. She found men as extraordinary and powerful as Han Shuo to be irresistible. She did not mind having a one-time thing with Han Shuo

Therefore, when she noticed that Han Shuos eyes seemed to be lingering around her towering breasts that she was most proud of, instead of reacting bashfully or angrily, she took the initiative to stick out her racks. She tried to seduce Han Shuo, hoping that Han Shuo would be so kind to have a round of the most pleasurable exercise with her!

The other divine guards beside Roxie noticed that Han Shuos eyes travelled a few more circles around her twin peaks. They resented themselves for not having such protruding breasts but tried to present the most alluring parts on their bodies, also hoping to attract Han Shuos attention and arouse him.

In the hearts of these female divine guards, Han Shuo was their god! He was the kind of man that they dreamed and yearned for. All Han Shuo had to do is beckon with his finger and they would voluntarily undress themselves, lie naked on his bed and wait for Han Shuo to bang them!

To these women who worshipped the strong, Han Shuo was simply irresistible!
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