Great Demon King Chapter 805

Chapter 805: Countermeasure

GDK 805: Countermeasure

*** The City of Shadows. Kinson Residence.

As soon as Bollands left, Caspar tore the letter in his hand to shreds. Unbelievable. He actually declined the proposal!

Beth and Camilla who were beside him were astonished. It was as though they did not think that Han Shuo would even consider that an option. From how they see it, once the House of Han and House of Kinson were united, even the House of Sainte would have to think twice before going all out against them. The alliance of the two family clans would be tremendously beneficial to both sides with seemingly no downside.

Moreover, Jiya was famous in the City for her beauty. Caspar did not expect that Han Shuo would reject having this beauty delivered to his doorstep!

What the hell is going on in his head?! Beth was rather pissed. She remarked hatefully, Dont tell me that our House of Kinson isnt prestigious enough for him? Yes, it is true that the House of Han has been all the buzz lately. But just how long have they lived in the City? Do they that they are capable of going head to head with the House of Sainte all by themselves?

Camilla, inform those two patriarchs of the news. Tell them that the youngster has failed to appreciate our kindness. Theres nothing I can do about it and its their turn to try something, Caspar instructed his sister Camilla in a gloomy face.

Camilla nodded and quietly left.

Soon enough, the patriarchs of the other two major family clans were informed of the news. The three patriarchs had been communicating in secret for some time. All three held the identical view that they could take advantage of the friction between the House of Han and the House of Sainte. They planned on sounding out the House of Sainte through Han Shuo. What Caspar did was just the first step of a grand scheme. But unexpected, it failed.

Kinloch of the House of Kisa and Laurel of the House of Buller replied that they will not do anything rashly. They intend to wait and observe what Wallace will do about the Fifth Corps.

The previous Fifth Corps had basically collapsed with Averys departure. All their responsibilities were reassigned to other Diving Guard Corps. But currently, the Fifth Corps had recruited three hundred new divine guards. To add to the company who obtained victory in the competition, the Fifth Corps now had four Companies in total. They had regained functionality and the capacity to fulfill their previous responsibilities.

Logically speaking, Wallace should have returned the power and duties back to the Fifth Corps by now. However, Wallace had been silent on the matter and showed no intention of returning their powers anytime soon. The two patriarchs wanted to continue to observe and see if there will be any conflict between the House of Sainte and the House of Han.

*** Back at the Kinson Residence.

What?! cried Jiya who had just been informed of the news by her mother, Beth. She furiously shouted, Who told you to do so? Why didnt you consult me first?

Caspar did not ask for Jiya's opinion before sending the letter of proposal to Han Shuo. When Jiya learned of the fact, she felt as though she had been deceived, especially when the cruel outcome wasnt what she desired. Jiya was extremely incensed.

Half the City knows that you liked that youngster. Your father did that for your own good! Beth sighed and continued, But we did not expect that the youngster would be so blind and foolish. To decline marrying my beautiful darling for those women he brought from a low-level material plane, he wont be achieving anything great with that little mind of his!

Enough! You will not make any more decisions for me! shouted Jiya angrily. She slammed the door and left.

*** The Han Residence.

Emily, Phoebe, and the other ladies were no longer nervous or unhappy. When they watched Han Shuo wrote a letter that diplomatically rejects Caspars proposal, they feel as though they were drinking ice-cold water on a hot summer day. Their minds were relaxed and at ease.

Yet another batch of divine guards emerged from the Eight Desolation and Torment Formation. Each and every one of those energized divine guards was tested by Bollands. After conducting tests, Bollands was confident that the divine guards were fully capable of completing any kind of missions the City could throw at them. But what a pity that even till now, the House of Sainte had been silent and had not assigned them with any task.

Bollands went to Han Shuo and reported the situation, All four companies of divine guards have been staying the Fifth Corps, doing nothing but training and training because we have not received a single task all this while. The districts the Fifth Corps were previously in charge of were still split among the jurisdictions of the First, Second, and Third Corps. There is no way for them to gain any real-life experiences. With no assignment and no real scope of authority, we cant even leave the City for training. We cant keep doing so any longer!

After having received rounds of brainwashing from Bollands, those divine guards who joined the Fifth Corps had truly considered themselves as a part of the House of Han. They placed the interest of the House of Han above everything. But unfortunately, the Fifth Corps had nothing to do but practice in the same area in the City. They felt bored long ago.

Ill look for Andre and hopefully he can do something about it. Andre hadnt come over all these while. Wallace must have put a lot of pressure on him, Han Shuo thought for a moment and decided to visit the Sainte Residence. He knew that even if Wallace was wary of him, he cannot drag the issue any longer.

Senior, even if we cant get any privileges, please find a way for us to leave the City. If the companies can go to Fort Lasberg, I have ways to further temper and sharpen them! said Bollands. He was aware that the House of Han and the House of Sainte wasnt exactly on good terms.

Got it! nodded Han Shuo and he headed to the Sainte Residence right away.

Even though Han Shuo had not stepped into the Sainte Residence for a year, the guards at the main entrance still recognized Han Shuo and they greeted him politely. But when they heard that he was looking for Andre, they seemed a little troubled. One of them replied, My apologies. Lord Andre has been in cultivation ever since returning from Soaring Cloud Mountain Range and he wouldnt meet anyone. He remained in seclusion even when the City Lord looked for him. It seems that Lord Andre is on the verge of a significant breakthrough!

Han Shuo stared blankly for a moment after hearing those words. He realized that Andre must have disagreed with Wallaces actions or he wouldnt have refused to meet Wallace using this method. Han Shuo understood that it must be a difficult situation for Andre who was stuck between his family clan and his friend.

Oh, I see. If Lord Andre has been using the time to cultivate, then I assume Carmelita has also been doing the same? asked Han Shuo in a faint smile.

Thats right. The City Lord has pushed Lady Carmelita to cultivate ever since she returned from the Mountain Range. Like Lord Andre, she had not taken a step out of her gymnasium since then, replied the divine guard hastily.

Oh. Okay. Nevermind then, Han Shuo had no intention of speaking with Wallace. He did not step into the Sainte Residence but turned around and left.

Han Shuo carefully thought about the situation during his way home. He thought that perhaps him leaving the City of Shadows for some time could be a good idea as Wallace's target was him alone.

Han Shuo thought that what truly concerned Wallace was not his House of Han but he himself. To really suppress the House of Han, Wallace must first keep Han Shuo under control. Other members of the House of Han should be too weak right now to be on his radar. In other words, the members of his House of Han would be safer once he left and Wallace wouldnt do anything to them.

Upon returning to the Han Residence, Han Shuo assembled Bollands, Sanguis, Gilbert, Stratholme, Ayermike, and others, and instructed, Move all of our family clans development to Fort Lasberg. Bollands, just ignore those rules. Make some kind of excuses and move all the Fifth Corps divine guards to Fort Lasberg. Leave just the Celestial Pearl in the City. Every member of our family clan will move to the Fort.

Bryan, are we leaving the City of Shadows? asked Stratholme.

Han Shuo nodded and smilingly replied, Thats what Im thinking, but I havent decided yet. You all will stay in Fort Lasberg for now. Focus our growth on other Cities or Dominions. Make sure not to have any conflict with any members of the major family clans.

Following that, Han Shuo wrote three letters - one for Wallace, one for Erebus, and one for Aobashi. He had his divine guards deliver the letters. The letters explained that he will be away from the City for some time.

The letter he wrote to Wallace was tactful in wording. It hinted that he had no intention of taking over the City of Shadows, although Han Shuo was certain that Wallace wouldnt believe it. However, Han Shuo believed that if he was not in the City, even if Wallace were to actively suppress the House of Han, he wouldnt do anything too excessive.

In the letters he wrote to Erebus and Aobashi, he asked the two to look after the House of Han when possible. Given how close they were, Han Shuo was certain that the two will do him the favor. Besides, with Andre and Carmelita around, Han Shuo doubted that any family clans would harm the House of Han while he was away.

Always be careful wherever you venture. I will ensure the safety of the House of Han while you are away from the City. Han Shuo received the letter from Wallace after three days. He thought that the letter had verified his suspicions, that Wallace was interested only in him.

Han Shuo was finally at ease. After arranging certain things properly in the City of Shadows, he traveled to Fort Lasberg with Rose without resting.

Upon arriving in Fort Lasberg, Han Shuo reconstructed the Eight Desolation and Torment Formation in the Fort. He then used countless materials to construct four demonic formations in his mansion house, namely, Shura Illusion Formation, Heavenly Thunder Formation, Omen Soul Gathering Formation, and Five Toxin Mystical Yin Formation. They were arranged around the Eight Desolation and Torment Formation at the center of the mansion house.

The materials required to build the four new demonic formations were purchased using the five hundred thousand black crystal coins granted by Wallace. With the help of the Cauldron of Myriad Demon, Han Shuo took half-a-year to build the formations. Han Shuo was truly at ease after he tested the power of the formations and explained the method of using them to Bollands, Sanguis, Gilbert, and others.

With the four formations, even if the House of Han were attacked, they will be able to withstand the attack for a long time. Any enemy who dared intruded will pay a hefty price for their recklessness. Even a highgod who werent careful could lose their lives to the formations.

With everything properly arranged, with Phoebe and the other moved to Fort Lasberg from the City, with Wallace showing no intention of stopping them, Han Shuo finally left with Rose.

Their destination - the Fringe!
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