Great Demon King Chapter 822

Chapter 822: You Need To Be Stronger

GDK 822: You need to be stronger!

It was at this moment that an ear-piercing whistle sounded from the horizon. A three-meter long bone spear glowing with dazzling white light, carrying an overwhelming amount of the aura of death, streaked across the vast space and drew a spectacular arc in the sky. It was shooting towards that highgod of water!

The highgod raider had just reached Han Huo. The disdain in his eyes had disappeared without a trace and replaced with great gravity. His pupils contracted as he fixed all his attention on the rapidly approaching bone spear. He also assembled all his water divine energy in his hands.

As the bone spear was targeting him, he could sense better than anyone just how formidable the amount of the energy of death contained in the bone spear was. Other than the energy of death, the bone spear also contained an even more dreadful sinister energy reeking with killing intent. It was no weaker than the energy of death!

The highgod of water had no choice but to use all his strength to defend against this dazzling white bone spear that suddenly appeared. He had no time to deal with Han Huo.

His eyes staring fixedly at the bone spear as all the water divine energy in his body was condensing on his two hands while the element of water converged towards his palms. His white and long arms turned as sparking and translucent as crystal while emanating white, frigid mists. It was as though his arms had turned into ice in an instant.

If one was to look from up close, one would see that in the center of his crystalized arms there were liquid slowly flowing. After attaining highgodhood in the cultivation of the water element, one would have perfect mastery in using both the fluidness of water and the toughness of ice. The bizarreness of the raiders hands was proof that his understanding of the water energy was in the realm of highgod.

Streams of frigid air started bursting out from the tips of his crystalized fingers. The frigid cold air streams converged and formed an ice-shield in a fraction of a second.

The fact that this highgod raider had immediately used defensive measures against this bone spear showed that he was afraid of it!

Immediately after the ice-shield formed, the bone spear arrived!

Clang! The bone spear made contact with the ice-shield. A burst of splendid white light erupted from the point of contact. Countless small radiances crawled out towards every direction while making strange sparking noises.

The highgod raider seemed to have been hit hard. His arms that were maintaining the ice-shield were making loud cracking noises. He felt two forces wreaking havoc on his ice-shield, clashing with his water divine energy hundreds of times in an instant. One of those forces was a death divine energy, which had broken down his water divine energy to bits. The other force was an unknown energy with intense killing intent, which penetrated his ice-shield and into his hands as though it was self-aware. It was trying to penetrate further into his divine body.

The highgod of water took a shock and immediately withdrew. He diverted his divine energy from his arms back to his body in an attempt to stop the assault of that vicious energy at all costs.

In the split second of negligence, the sinister energy managed to cause tremendous damage to his divine body. By the time he diverted the water divine energy from his palm, the sinister energy had wrecked at least thirty percent of his organs. Had he hesitated for a few seconds, his body and soul would have been destroyed.

Who is this newcomer?

Wondered the highgod had been just inches from death. His forehead was covered with cold sweat. He dared not do anything to Han Huo who was within his reach but turned his frightened eyes on the bone spear that had just shattered his ice-shield.

He was terrified!

A youngster wearing an indifferent face walked out from a dark street silently. With one of his eyes light purple in colour, he appeared very sinister. There were seven slightly shorter bone spurs connected to his back. They were all glowing with soft white light.

The teenager took just a few seconds to get to the center of the Celestial Pearl store from the dark street. He extended his arm forward and the bone spear instantly flew back into his grasp. Without wasting a single word, he flew towards that highgod raider who tried to kill Han Huo.

His purple eyes suddenly started to glow. The element of death gathered under the rider's feet and formed an enormous bewitching flower made of bone spikes. Its petals closed and trapped the raider firmly from the waist down. His bright red blood squirted out from his body and tainted the spotlessly white bone spikes.

The three-meter long bone spur was hurled. It drew another beautiful curve from the sky to the top of the raider's head. The bone spur punctured his skull, through his spine, and out from the bottom, pinning him straight to the enormous bone flower.

He could not fight back from start to finish!

The cold and emotionless teenager closed his fingers and the bone flower immediately flew to him. He stepped forward, grasped tightly on the three-meter long bone spear, and pulled it out from the raider's cap. His brain matter mixed with blood and mushy organs sprayed out from the hole on his skull.

A grayish gas also emerged from the body at the same time, trying hard to fly away. However, the teenager grabbed it with his left hand and threw it to one of the seven bone spurs on his back. That bone spur seemed to have some kind of suction power and it vacuumed the grayish glob of gas. The bone spur glow with a gentle halation for a moment before the light faded.

The bewitching and enormous bone flower started falling apart and miraculously vanished into thin air. That lifeless body whose soul had been captured fell spinelessly to the ground.

All of that happened in just a short few seconds. That domineering highgod raider died before the shop workers and pharmacists of puny strengths came to their senses.

The highgod of thunder who was battling Rose showed shock and horror in his eyes. His movement speed had substantially reduced and was no longer attacking Rose as fiercely. It seemed as though he was deciding if he should escape.

The enormous pressure on Rose was reduced. She found the time to take a quick glance at the emotionless teenager and she too was greatly astonished. Who is this person? Is he a friend or a foe? What should I do if hes a foe?

To be able to kill that early-stage highgod raider in such a short time, the teenager should possess at least mid-stage highgod strength. Rose had great difficulty dealing with the highgod of thunder and knew that she would stand no chance if this sinister-looking teenager was to also fight her.

The onlooking shop workers and pharmacists were also wearing astonished faces, wondering if this highgod that just joined the fight was a friend or another raider of a different faction. If it was the latter, they knew that they would all die in that shop that night!

When everybody had their gazes on the teenager, Han Huo suddenly cried out in a pleasantly surprised manner, Eldest brother! You have come!

Elder brother, when have you come? Han Tu, who had finally reached Han Huo, asked the teenager excitedly in a foolish smile.

Just now! The teenager who had been ice-cold and emotionless all along put on a very faint but sincere smile. He looked at Han Huo and Han Tu and berated in a neutral tone, You fellas have not been working hard. You are too weak!

We have been working very hard, erm, its just that elder brother ended up being much stronger, said Han Huo while he scratched his head embarrassingly. Then, in a fawning tone, he said, Brother, its so fortunate that you have come just in time. Otherwise, Ill definitely have been done for!

That is why you need to be stronger! replied Han Hao before he glanced at the midgod raiders around him who were thinking about escaping. The bone spurs on his back abruptly whooshed out. The bone spurs made noises that sounded as though thousands of tormented spirits were wailing as they shot all around. Bone-chilling winds suddenly blew in the shop and miserable shrieks were heard. All those masked midgods were shredded into pieces.

When the seven bone spurs killed all midgod raiders, the highgod of thunder that fought Rose no longer hesitated and decisively left. While flying away, for some reason, he would repeatedly turn his head to look at Han Hao.

As soon as Rose saw the raider escape, she went after him. Han Hao, with the bone spear in his hand, also went after the highgod raider. When he was overtaking Rose, he said to her, You stay, I chase!

Rose stared blankly for a moment and her first thought was to ignore Han Haos words. But when she took a careful look and noticed that Han Hao looked rather similar to that someone, she immediately complied. Although her mouth was half-open and ready to defy him, she had subconsciously slowed down. She gazed in the direction they left for a moment before returning to Han Tu and Han Huo.

Go back to your rooms and rest. There wont be any more fights to watch tonight. Also, you all better keep your mouth shut about what you saw, instructed Rose after her cold eyes scanned the crowd. The shop workers and pharmacists, whose minds had been blown, tactfully dispersed.

All along, the workers thought that only the master of Celestial Pearl, Han Shuo, had very formidable strength. But after that night, they realized that the Celestial Pearl had been concealing their true strength, as though they had the backing of an extremely powerful powerhouse. They were pleasantly surprised by that and discussed the incident in low voices in their rooms.

Erm, woman, you did pretty well! As soon as the threat was neutralized, Han Huo returned to being a loud and conceited jerk. You did not abandon us and escape by yourself. You demonstrated a spirit of loyalty. Alright, in the future, I will no longer say any bad things about you behind your back!

The first half of Han Huos words were pleasant to Roses ears, but the latter half angered her and made her glared at Han Huo. Then, she recalled something and looked in the direction Han Hao left. She asked, Who is that teenager?

Hes our eldest brother, Han Hao. Didnt you hear us? replied Han Huo straightforwardly as Rose had gained his trust.

He is, hes also his son? Rose was astounded. She was very astonished about Han Tu and Han Huos existence. She found it unbelievable that there were more.

Of course! replied Han Tu. While smiling innocently at Rose, he asked, Do you fancy my father? If you do, just say it. We brothers are all open-minded people. Hehe, besides, we are very happy with your performance today. You will have our approval!

Shut up! Rose turned embarrassed and hastily left.

You stupid, you cant just spell it out like that! Hell, you may look innocent on the outside, but you sure are dirty inside! chided Han Huo smilingly.
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