Great Demon King Chapter 831

Chapter 831: Mckinley

GDK 831: McKinley

The destruction of the City Lord's manor came as a big surprise to everyone. Not only that all the divine guards were killed, even Baum the City Lord was obliterated along with his house. All of that took place in just a few moments.

That demon general Han Shuo placed in the manor for surveilling Baum was also destroyed by the violent space-time fluctuation. If an immaterial being like the demon general could not survive the attack, needless to say, a normal living being wont stand a better chance.

The people of Ethereal City sank into great fear after the manor house and all its occupants were reduced to waste. They wondered if they should continue to live in the City.

The few small family clans that lived nearby the manor house also observed the manor house's razing almost as clearly as Han Shuo's demon general did. The last words that Baum screamed before his obliteration were spread widely throughout the Ethereal City. All of the City populace knew that it was the Overgod Himself who had laid waste to the house. They wondered what Baum did so wrong that the Space Overgod would unleash his wrath on him.

The populace of Ethereal City was horror-stricken and worried about their own safety. Many shops and businesses were temporarily closed. Those who recently came from the other dominions dared not stay in Ethereal City and hastily evacuated from the City.

The Overgod had scared the living shit of every god in Ethereal City with a single gesture of his wrath!

The few companies of divine guards who were not killed in the incident remained in the City and continued to perform their duty as order-keepers. Although every one of them was deeply frightened, fearing that the Overgods wrath might land on them at any moment, they did not try to leave. They knew that the might of an Overgod was too great to run from, and especially when its from the Overgod of Space!

All of them knew that if the Space Overgod wanted them dead, there was no way that theyd live, no matter where they run or hide. They thought that their best option was to stay in Ethereal City and wait for the Space Overgods judgment.

No one in the City had any idea what caused that to happen, other than Han Shuo, who had some vague ideas. He knew that McKinley must have been to the Space Shrine and reported his ordeal to the Space Overgod. However, even Han Shuo did not know what McKinley actually said to the Space Overgod or how McKinley persuaded Him that He would kill Baum so decisively.

And, of course, Han Shuo did not leave the Ethereal City out of concern for his safety. His Celestial Pearl Pharmacy was the only few shops that opened for business as usual, as though nothing significant had happened. Han Shuo asked his pharmacist to continue to produce the commonly used medicines, especially those that had been sold out recently.

Han Shuo believed that McKinley, who was meeting the Overgod of Space, will return to Ethereal City soon.

And as Han Shuo had expected, five days later, without any notice, McKinley stepped into the Ethereal City most pompously.

McKinley was a famous character in Ethereal City before he went missing. He had returned to the City at a time where everyone was on tenterhooks. Not only that, he came representing the Space Overgod, carrying a Divine Decree bestowed by the Space Overgod.

The populace of Ethereal City, and even in other parts of the Space Dominion, were frightened, for they did not know whos the next person that the Space Overgod will take his anger on. Although many were surprised by McKinleys return, many more were calmed. The leaders of the few companies of divine guards that survived, after seeing the Divine Decree which proved that the Space Overgod had assigned McKinley as the new City Lord, unanimously accepted him as their City Lord with no objection.

McKinleys arrival was like a tranquilizer being injected into the Ethereal City that was starting to show disorder. Holding the Divine Decree from the Space Overgod, McKinley publicly announced that Baum had colluded with godhunters and of other crimes. He also stated that Baum, and all those divine guards who died in the manor house, had betrayed the principles of Ethereal City and they received the punishment they deserved. He went on great length to justify Baums execution.

And finally, McKinley, on behalf of the Space Overgod, announced that Ethereal City shall function as it previously was, that the Overgod had no intention of meddling with trifle matters about the City and He will not look into the crimes previously committed by any other person.

Without the slightest bit of obstruction, with the Space Overgods Divine Decree, McKinley became the new Ethereal City City Lord. All the divine guards of Ethereal City pledged their allegiance to McKinley. They even publicly condemned Baum for his heinous crimes.

As McKinley was very busy with the affairs of running Ethereal City, he did not immediately look for Han Shuo. After making the public announcement and obtaining the allegiance from the divine guards, McKinley designated a private manor previously owned by Baum as the new City Lords manor. He then met with the patriarchs of all major family clans and the leaders of all major businesses in the City. It was after Ethereal City had finally stabilized that he came to Celestial Pearl Pharmacy.

Han Shuo was somewhat surprised by McKinley - he seemed to have improved in his realm during the short period they were apart. Not only that McKinley seemed to be in much greater spirits, but he was also brimming with an unusual sort of vitality.

After observing for a moment, Han Shuo discovered that the McKinley now had become even more powerful than Baum. It appeared that McKinley must have been bestowed with something by the Overgod during his time in the Space Shrine. Otherwise, there was no way that his strength would improve by such a huge margin in such little time.

McKinley, did you receive something wonderful in the Shrine? asked Han Shuo smilingly after he sized up McKinley.

McKinley put on a big smile but did not reply.

Instead, he started walking and looking around the Celestial Pearl Pharmacy as pleased as Punch. After a while, he remarked, Damn, that Baum is really willing to part with his capital. I originally planned on finding you a new shop lot. But now, that doesnt seem necessary. This is an excellent location and its well renovated. I doubt I could do better than this.

Then, after they were further in the shop, McKinley said to Han Shuo apologetically, About things that took place in the Shrine, Im not at liberty to talk about it. You have learned about what happened at the previous City Lords manor, right?

Yea, everyone in the City has been talking about the flattened manor. Of course I would have heard of it. You are pretty resourceful, arent you? You managed to get Baum killed without lifting a finger! said Han Shuo smilingly.

McKinley who had recently enjoyed a string of fortuitous events seemed as though he could not be happier. He replied, That was only because he deserved it, and the position of the City Lord rightfully belonged to me. Im just taking back what is mine, hehe! Bryan, I have promised you to make you some space divine devices. Have you thought about it? Which kind do you need?

I dont need offensive ones. I just need tools that will allow long-distance meetings - devices like magical mirrors. Oh, and if its possible, please make me a transportation matrix. I could really use them, replied Han Shuo after thinking for a moment. Han Shuo also knew how to refine devices, especially those with deadly firepower. However, he had no idea how to make transportation matrices and long-range communication devices.

Sure, absolutely no problem! replied McKinley immediately. He then earnestly asked Han Shuo to live in Ethereal City.

Han Shuo was wary of agreeing to such requests after the friction with Wallace at the City of Shadows. Although he seemed to have a great relationship with McKinley and Han Shuo had saved McKinleys life, there was no telling if McKinley would still be so kind if there comes a day that their interests conflicted.

But most importantly, just like the Darkness Dominion, the Space Dominion was a territory of an Overgod. Even though McKinley was the City Lord of Ethereal City, he must still obey the commands of the Space Overgod. As Han Shuo was not a cultivator of the space edict, it was impossible for him to be the City Lord of Ethereal City. And if the Space Overgod, for whatever reason, wanted to kill him, there wouldnt be much that Han Shuo could do.

After having witnessed Baums annihilation through his demon general, Han Shuo became very wary towards an Overgod. He knew that at this point in time, before amassing sufficient strength, he better not risk offending any of the Overgods.

You really dont want to live in Ethereal City? McKinely seemed very disappointed. He continued to persuade, The Ethereal City could really use talents at this time. And if you would live in the City, given your strength, Ethereal City will become the strongest city in the Space Dominion. In fact, Im willing to govern the City with you. I can assure you that what happened to you in the City of Shadows will not happen here. After all, I wouldnt be living if it wasnt for you!

McKinley seemed sincere as he said those words. It seemed that he really wanted Han Shuo to stay.

However, Han Shuo knew that the real City Lord of Ethereal City is the Space Overgod. Besides, Han Shuo had other plans for his future. Therefore, he politely refused McKinleys invitation. He said, I really dont plan on living in Ethereal City. But dont worry, Ill make sure to come by often. Haha. Right, please keep an eye on my Celestial Pearl Pharmacy while Im away.

Rest assured, nothing will go wrong with your Celestial Pearl branch in Ethereal City, pledged McKinley immediately.

What are the special materials you need for producing the space edict devices? Tell me and Ill help you collect them, With the presence of Goldstone Trading, it was possible to get hold of most unique materials for refining divine devices.

This you dont have to worry. I have plenty of materials stored in my own storage area in the City. I have also discovered a small dimensional storage space Baum set up in his manor containing precious materials. I have more than enough material. Give me a year, and Ill make you all the most miraculous space edict divine devices, McKinley put on a faint smile and continued, However, for the transportation matrix, youll need to select a special region. I dont think that you have found a good place for it yet so well wait.

Well then, many thanks! Ill come to look for you in Ethereal City after one year, replied Han Shuo.

Bryan, why so hurry in leaving? Cant you stay just a while longer? McKinley seemed sad when it seemed from Han Shuos tone that he will leave right away.

My son was injured, I need to settle the debt with the person who did it! said Han Shuo as his face turned cold. When he recalled that Metal Elite Zombie was nearly killed, he felt an urge to skin the attackers alive. Now that the Five Elite Zombies were reunited and McKinleys matter had been resolved, Han Shuo did not want to tarry any longer. He was ready to head into the Fringe!
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