Great Demon King Chapter 835

Chapter 835: Murder And Plunder

GDK 835: Murder and plunder

The underground base was made up of many square-shaped rooms stacked uniformly. Some of them were for storing items and some were for cultivation and dwelling. They were yellowish crystals embedded on the walls glowing with faint and warm evening lights. It was just bright enough to see things.

There were various unique defensive boundaries, powered by energy crystals, deployed around the base. Kage and his gang survived mainly by raiding the merchant caravans that traveled through the Fringe. They stored the goods they plundered in the warehouse section of their underground base to keep the items safe with them while looking for buyers.

The underground base was well defended. There were two highgod each securing each wing of the underground base. Most of the inhabitants of the Fringe dare not raid Kages base or even mess with his gang. Not all of them were afraid of Kage, but they were all certainly afraid of Salas.

Kage and his gang had grown bossy and unbridled because they had this enormous figure called Salas to lean on. They were not afraid of any gods living in the Fringe, save the followers of other Sovereigns. Most gods dared not mess with Kage because of Salas.

One after another, demon generals noiselessly flew out from Han Shuo and spread to the entire underground base. They covered every region and every chamber in the base, giving Han Shuo a complete vision of the entire base. It was better than using wallhacks in a video game.

After a while, Han Shuo put on a smile and instructed Han Tu, Seal every path to the surface.

Han Tu smiled mischievously before he stepped backward, leaned against the wall, and fused with the soil.

After carefully sensing for a moment, Han Shuo said to Han Hao and Rose, Kage isnt in the base, but that doesnt matter. We will kill everyone inside and take everything they have. He then turned to Han Jin and said, The ores they stole from you aren't in here. Its most likely that they are with Kage.

Its no big deal, Han Jin put on a smile and said, Lets get these bastards.

Han Shuo nodded and calmly instructed, Fire at will. Leave none alive.

Han Hao and Rose charged into the base as soon as Han Shuo finished those words. They started murdering in two different paths. Miserable shrieks would play wherever they went.

Han Jin, Han Mu, Han Shui, and Han Huo also started raiding the base together. They could kill any midgod in split seconds just by using the bizarre energies on them and their telepathic teamwork. They did not even need to fuse their energies.

Han Shuo, however, stood where he was like a rock. He commanded the demon generals he positioned in every corner of the base to transform to their material form of sinister dark shadows and started wreaking havoc. At this time, there were close to a thousand demon generals in the Cauldron of Myriad Demon. He even had a few dozen demon generals of the highest grade refined using highgod souls. Han Shuo could easily cleanse the underground base with just his swarm of demon generals.

Even if there were twice the number of gods defending the underground base; even if Kage was home, they would still stand no chance against Han Shuo and his party. One after another, these followers of Kage shrieked miserably and collapsed.

In usual days, they were the aggressors, plundering and murdering the merchant caravans. But now that they were getting a taste of their own medicine; when they saw their accomplices rapidly fall to the enemy, they were terrified. They hastily ran to the tunnel that connected to the surface, trying to flee for their lives.

But unfortunately for those people, their only way out had been tightly sealed by Han Tu. Soon after entering the tunnel, they found that it was a dead-end and that earth-spikes were suddenly growing from the walls around them and the tunnel was collapsing. Most of them were impaled and crushed to death in a moment.

When under the ground, Han Tus strength would be amplified by several folds!

In this situation, even when pitted against a highgod, Han Tu would have the confidence to kill the expert by utilizing his environment, making attacks and defenses using the energy of earth all around him. No one could use the energy of earth better than he could.

Han Tu utilized earth energy excitedly and made the underground chambers shrink and collapse. Many of Kages henchmen could not react in time and were squashed alive. Those few who managed to escape from their rooms would find earth walls blocking their paths and trapping them.

Before they could escape from the earth-walls, an earth-dragon appeared out of nowhere and rammed the few midgods to death. Han Tu laughed heartily as he maneuvered the earth-dragon around. It slithered around the base and massacred Kages followers who were trapped in their own base.

It took Han Shuo and his party just minutes to kill the fifty or so gods in the underground base. Han Shuo had also released his Cauldron of Myriad Demon to collect the divine souls from the dead bodies.

We are followers of Lord Kage. His Lordship is under the hegemony of Sovereign Salas. What you are doing now is the same as challenging the sovereignty of Lord Salas. You are courting death! an expert with highgod strength yelled fiercely when Han Hao pointed his bone spear at him. His heart, however, was quivering in fear.

Where is Kage? asked Han Hao as he looked at the highgod calmly. He did not kill him immediately.

Who are you bunch? Why are you attacking us? the highgod continued to shout.

Han Hao bunched his brows and he abruptly stabbed at the highgod. It easily overcame all his defenses, pierced through his stomach, and pinned him on the wall. Then, Han Hao repeated the question, Where is Kage?

When the bone spear pierced into his stomach, a sinister energy started gnawing on his divine body like thousands of ants. He was overwhelmed with dread and could no longer hide it. He became even more frightened when he saw that Han Haos eyes were devoid of emotions. He hastily asked, Are you going to spare me if I answer your question?

Han Hao did not reply. Instead, he gave the bone spear in his hand a little twist. The sinister energy that had been wreaking havoc in the highgods body suddenly swarmed into his brain and filled his mind with inhuman pain. He immediately started shrieking in pain and had forgotten to bargain with Han Hao. He answered tearfully, He went to Lord Salas with a batch of ores!

The bone spear was pulled out from his body and then thrust at his stomach at a steep angle. It went through his lungs, throat, and exited from the back of his skull. Blood gushed out from all the holes on his body.

The bright-dark Cauldron of Myriad Demon floated towards them like a spirit and quickly covered the persons head, devoured his divine soul that had yet to dissipate, and continued flying all around the base. The Cauldron would arrive very promptly right after someone is killed to collect their souls.

Ten minutes later, the entire underground base was cleansed with blood. All of Kages followers were murdered.

The demon generals located in every corner of the base gradually flew back into the Cauldron of Myriad Demon. Han Hao, Rose, and the Five Elite Zombies started sifting through the goods in every storeroom.

The underground base of Kage was piled with all kinds of goods which included some divine weapons of ordinary value. Most of those things were not useful for Han Shuo or too cheap for him. He only selected some rare medicinal ingredients, precious stones, and certain special hides and skeletons of magical beasts useful for making divine armor.

After some time, the party reassembled before Han Shuo. They all had contented smiles on their faces.

Han Hao, the Five Elite Zombies and Rose were all closely related to Han Shuo and therefore he would let them take anything they needed instead of keeping it all to himself. In fact, Han Shuo wanted nothing but a shortlist of items that Han Shuo asked them to collect for him.

Oh? Why have you collected so many items? Han Shuo noticed that the Five Elite Zombies and Rose only took several items for themselves but Little Skeleton had filled himself two space rings. Most of the items were not that valuable to Han Shuo. Han Shuo was rather surprised that Little Skeleton would want those items.

Father, although I dont need these, my followers could really use them, explained Little Skeleton.

Han Shuo stared blankly for a moment. It was only then he recalled that Little Skeleton had his group of godhunters. It turned out that Little Skeleton had gone through all the effort of collecting all those divine armors and divine weapons to enhance the strength of his godhunters. No wonder he would bother collecting those cheap stuff.

Oh, I see, Han Shuo nodded before instructing Han Tu, Use your earth energy to move the rest of the items deeper under the ground so that if we want to, we can get them out in the future. Hehe, you might be the only person in the world who could unearth them without much effort.

Han Shuo noticed that Han Tus strength under the ground was much greater than when above ground. After Han Shuo, the person who scored the most kill in the underground base wasnt Han Hao nor Rose, but Han Tu.

Han Shuo suddenly realized that the Five Elite Zombies could assist him more than with just their strengths. Their special ability to use the Five Yuan Energies would benefit him more than he could ever imagine.

Right away! said Han Tu in an innocent smile. Then, without him making any special movement, the entire underground base, save for the region Han Shuo and the party was located, started sinking. To the party, it looked as though they were floating upwards. It didnt take long before all the goods were buried much deeper underground and out of their sight.

If Kage returned, he would have to dig a new hole to get back to his underground base. Hed probably think that he got the wrong place! remarked Han Shui laughingly.

If Kage returned to Buckthorn Valley, he would surely be very confused when he could not locate the entrance to his underground base. And if he were to take the effort of re-digging the tunnel to his base, he would discover that it was empty. It seemed likely he would think that he was mistaken with the location.

Haha, I wish I could see the expression on Kages face when he returns. Now, lets go visit the Omphalos! said Han Shuo smilingly. They left the underground after Han Tu opened a tunnel to the surface.

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