Great Demon King Chapter 841

Chapter 841: You Fight Me

GDK 841: You fight me!

Those words of Han Shuos meant that there was nothing left to be discussed. It's a battle to the death!

It was at this moment that Han Shuo felt his hand being tightly held by Roses. Han Shuo turned to her and saw her eyes that were filled with gratitude as well as a few other rarely seen emotions. Perhaps the enormous pressure and stress had caused those emotions to surface.

Han Shuo smiled and in a soothing voice, he said, Its what I ought to do. You are mine, after all.

Thank you! said Rose in a low voice and a rarely seen smile was seen on her flawless face.

Bertha, seeing that there was no room left for negotiation, started laughing maniacally. She said, Outsider, do you really think that we are afraid of you? Even the Fringe has its rules. Do you really think that you can just step in here and mess with all of us? We wont let you leave this place alive!

Han Shuo did not feel like talking to Bertha. In an impatient face, he instructed Han Hao, Little Hao, kill her for me!

Without saying a word, Han Hao immediately charged at Bertha with his bone spear ahead of him and made an onslaught on her. Bertha had just mid-stage highgod strength and she didnt stand much of a chance against Little Skeleton. She was overpowered by Little Skeleton and was on the back foot right after they started engaging.

Buzz was enraged. He was not the sort of character who would easily admit defeat. Seeing that Han Shuo had failed to appreciate their kindness of five million black crystal coins, he finally couldnt hold back and roared, You think you can defeat us all by yourself? Ha, lets see who will be the last one standing!

After finishing those words, Buzz charged forward, not at Han Shuo, but at Han Hao.

After having witnessed Han Hao murder his mid-stage highgod follower without much effort, Buzz knew that his wife Bertha, who was also a mid-stage highgod, was no match against Han Hao. Buzz had no choice but to fight Han Hao with Bertha. Otherwise, if Han Shuo started attacking him, he knew he would be too occupied to be able to assist Bertha and she would likely be killed.

Han Shuo swiftly reacted and flew to the space between Bertha and Buzz in no time. Having intercepted Buzz, Han Shuo raised an index finger and moved it side to side. He said in a smirk, No no no, you fight me!

This time, Han Shuo did not use his swarm of demon generals. Instead, with one thought, the seventeen flying swords flew out from his body. They flew criss-cross while making eerie, terrifying, and ear-piercing whistles. They released strands of dreadful and vicious demonic energy and corroded everything around Buzz. Now he truly had no time to assist Bertha.

When Rose saw Han Shuo and Han Hao fighting her enemy, she wanted to go forward and assist them. However, she was worried about leaving the Five Elite Zombies to themselves. Therefore, in the end, she only stood at the same ground and watched the father and son with burning gazes.

Han Shuo and Han Hao wouldnt have too much trouble defeating Buzz and Bertha one to one. Both the father and son possessed strength greater than the husband and wife. It was to be expected that they would win in a duel no matter which of the couple they were matched against.

The Five Elite Zombies became completely at ease. The five fellas smilingly watched Han Shuo and Han Hao fight while making comments about it. They were unruffled and were behaving like a non-participant.

Using his miraculous bone spear, Han Hao had enveloped Bertha in layers of grayish clouds of death. The seven bone spur on his back was wiggling as though they would shoot out at any moment for the killing strike.

Bertha was appalled. It was only then that she truly realized just how terrifying the teenager was. She sensed the bizarreness of Little Skeletons energy of death that was mixed with an even more terrifying and sinister energy. As green lights continued to shoot out from his bone spear, Bertha felt her divine body growing weaker and weaker.

Bertha knew that if she doesnt do something to change the situation, she will be murdered by the emotionless teenager very soon. Although Han Shuo did not know Han Shuos true strength, from the strained look on Buzzs face, she could tell that Buzz was in a similar situation as herself.

No! At this trend, both of us will get killed! Rose you fucking whore, how did you manage to seduce such a terrifying fella! cursed Bertha as she used all her strength defending and racking her brain for a solution.

Suddenly, Bertha exerted all her strength and managed to temporarily free herself from Han Haos constant bombardment. She took the little time she had to shout, My friends out there, we are in this together! We need to work together and kill these outsiders - these disruptors, or they will erode our footing in the Fringe!

Those forces who had been observing seemed tempted but they turned indecisive when they recalled Han Shuo's miraculous and terrible powers. They were weighing if they should risk their own lives for a chance to repossess their valuables.

I only want them dead! As long as you kill them, I will pay you five million black crystal coins! Five million black crystal coins on top of the valuables and crystal coins they have are more than enough to be shared among all of you! My fellow Fringedwellers, dont hesitate anymore! If they dont die, our future in the Fringe wont be secure! Bertha hastily offered the bounty when he saw that the observers were still hesitant.

Five million black crystal coins was a sky-high amount of money for most of those people. It was an amount that had taken Buzz and Bertha decades to save up. Those cold and detached observers were tempted by Berthas very generous offer.

Suddenly, their eyes lit up and they cast their hungry gazes on Han Shuo and his party. The temptation of five million black crystal coins had made many of them forgotten about the horrifying power Han Shuo demonstrated a moment ago. They were ready to gamble with their lives.

Some of the forces, meanwhile, realized that what Bertha said was true. If they did not take the opportunity to murder Han Shuo and his gang, it will be much harder to do so in the future. Besides, it was not in their interest to let a disruptor like Han Shuo who messed with their businesses get away with it.

Those forces who had retreated far into the distance once again tightly surrounded Han Shuo and his party. It seemed that they were determined to slaughter Han Shuo and his gang by means of their greater number.

There were also a few forces who remained where they stood. They werent one of those scammers but only there purely out of curiosity. Haruli was one of them. He was tempted for a second when he heard the five million black crystal coins offered by Bertha but in the end, he decided to stay as he was more interested to see if Han Shuo could do anything against such overwhelming odds.

Now hes in big trouble. Even though hes very formidable in strength, its unlikely he would stand a chance against so many experts, remarked the Omphalos guard who had been giving Han Shuo warnings repeatedly.

Brother, lets kill these disruptors! shouted the leader of one of the bigger forces. As though a rock on a hill that had been given a nudge, the twenty-something gangs made up of a thousand or more notoriously vicious criminals of the Fringe simultaneously started fiercely charging at Han Shuo, Little Skeleton, Rose, and the Five Elite Zombies.

In the usual days, these bandits and criminals were confrontational towards each other and it would be impossible to see them unite against a single party. The whole region sank into a deadly atmosphere as they murderously stormed toward a common enemy.

Buzz was under great pressure when fighting against Han Shuo and he felt as though he could lose his life to the seventeen flying swords at any moment. But when the situation suddenly changed, when those by-standing forces made of thousand or more ferocious gods decided to aid him, his confidence swelled. He couldnt help himself but laughed maniacally and cheered, Hahaha! You are so dead!

Han Shuo decisively retreated from Buzz when those forces started advancing. As he flew back towards Rose and the Five Elite Zombies, he released the thousands of demon generals from his body. The demon generals flew out in their immaterial form and spread in every direction.

Han Hao and Han Shuo had interconnected minds and they simultaneously retreated back to the Five Elite Zombies. Although Han Hao needed just a dozen more seconds to kill Bertha, he gave up on attacking Bertha without any hesitation.

The Five Elite Zombies had surrounded Rose in their middle upon seeing that the tides had turned against them. They stood in a pentagonal formation and quietly waited for Han Shuo and Han Hao to return.

Sudden, the invisible demon generals that had spread all around transformed to their material form and launched a surprise and wild attack at those Fringedwellers. Those demon generals made using highgod souls, meanwhile, were able to attack while remaining invisible. They did not produce even a trace of shadow when attacking the divine bodies of those Fringedwellers.

Miserable shrieks and wails started playing as soon as the swarm attacked. With multiple demon generals attacking each Fringedweller at once, those below highgod strength would quickly die of having their divine bodies devoured. Demon generals that had tasted flesh will turn wilder and thirst for even more blood. Their energy would also be temporarily boosted, making them deadlier against their next victim.

In an instant, fifty to sixty gods perished to the sky of demon generals before they were even close to the Five Elite Zombies. Their bodies were also shriveled and frozen in appalling states.

The twenty-something forces were made up of experts cultivating in all sorts of energies. Those gods who cultivated in the elements of water and fire soon discovered that extreme cold and heat were effective at chasing the demon generals away from their divine body. Those gods who were good with utilizing the energy of the soul also realized that soul-attacks were effective against the bizarre lifeform.

It took them a while but the Fringedwellers eventually discovered the weaknesses of demon generals and learned to defend against them effectively. With that, the demon generals could no longer remain divided to maximize their kills. They had to form large groups and attack individually. With that, their deadliness dropped.

It was at this time that Han Shuo and Han Hao had finally flown back to Rose and the Five Elite Zombies. As soon as they entered the circle, the Five Elite Zombies, who had long got into position, immediately activated the Penta-elemental Undead Formation.
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