Great Demon King Chapter 842

Chapter 842: Massacre

GDK 842: Massacre

The Five Elite Zombies had not had a chance to use the Penta-Elemental Undead Formation in a real battle ever since they were reunited. Han Shuo held high expectations and was looking forward to witnessing the might of the Formation.

The Five Elite Zombies looked excited. It appeared that they were very confident with the Penta-Elemental Undead Formation they had been practicing. Han Shuo, Han Hao, and Rose stood in the pentagonal space at the center of the Five Elite Zombies.

As soon as the three were inside the safe space, the Five Elite Zombies activated the Penta-elemental Undead Formation. Earth Elite Zombie vanished underground. Wood Elite Zombie fused into a great tree beside him. Metal Elite Zombie took out his Golden Cudgel and merged with it. The Golden Cudgel grew larger and larger until it became a hill of gold. Fire Elite Zombie transformed into a raging inferno, engulfing everything in flame. Water Elite Zombie was covered under a thick layer of ice colder than absolute zero and sat as still as a mountain.

Suddenly, the Five Elemental Yuan Energies started flooding the region. A bizarre transformation started happening to the environment.

None of the Five Elite Zombies could be seen but their work could not be more visible. Deep gulches started tearing the earth that had become frigid cold, the air turned into raging fires while hundreds of thousands of vines were meandering like vipers.

Streams of rainbow-colored energies came out of nowhere and they shot all around the Penta-Elemental Undead Formation. The Formation which covered just several hundred square meters started to rapidly expand. It was as though the Kraken had been awoken. It was stretching its tentacles, ready to start destroying the world.

A frightening burst of energy erupted from the center of the Formation and spread outwards. It was like a tsunami of pure energy that will engulf and annihilate anything and everything in its path.

Those Fringedwellers charging at the very front were the firsts to be enveloped by the Penta-Elemental Undead Formation. They instantly felt an unstoppable, violent power assaulting them, as though thousands of great mountains had crushed on their bodies. All those experts below highgod were severely injured in no time and they started spurting blood. Some of those who had not reacted in time were flattened into bloody meat pies by the enormous power.

Chilling winds as piercing as blades whirled around the Formation, taking the Fringedwellers into the air. Raging flames carrying tremendous heat then swallowed them, cooking them thoroughly in an instant.

A constant thunderous rumble came from underneath the ground that had been rent while a powerful pulling force emitted from those chasms. Huge rocks would appear out of nowhere and crash down on those Fringedwellers who had flown into the air, smashing them into the abyss.

Miserable shrieks of people suffering inhuman pain played from deep underground. It was as though there was a giant meat-grinding machine down there, mincing all those who fell into it into atoms.

Of those Fringe-dwelling forces who had been engulfed by the Penta-elemental Undead Formation, other than the leaders of those forces who were struggling to defend themselves, there was no sign of any survivor. Nearly a hundred experts were massacred by all sorts of bizarre energies in an instant. Most of them perished with their bodies completely destroyed.

The Penta-elemental Undead Formations area of effect was still expanding and in the blink of an eye, a few hundred more Fringedwellers crossed into the Formation. Just like the last batch, they ended up dying tragically. The Five Elite Zombies released a constant stream of their energies, fused them, and transformed it into all kinds of bizarre attacks against the ferocious Fringedwellers.

Although none of the Five Elite Zombies had attained highgod realm, all five of them possessed the Supreme Treasure of their respective Elemental Yuan energies, which enhanced their power beyond what they possessed. And when they fused their Elemental Yuan energies using the Penta-elemental Undead Formation, they would unleash a power that was many orders of magnitude greater than their combined strength.

Miserable shrieks kept on playing in the Formation. Those few faction leaders managed to resist the onslaught only for a few moments longer than their followers could. One after another, they succumbed to the chaotic and bizarre energies.

As though the Formation alone wasnt deadly enough, the swarm of demon generals joined in on the slaughter-fest. They would attack in groups of tens, making those Fringedwellers succumb to the overwhelming power of the Formation in an even shorter time.

In less than a short few minutes, nearly four hundred of the Fringedwellers fell to the Penta-elemental Undead Formation and the thousands of demon generals. Currently, some two hundred Fringedwellers were still inside the Formation, doing everything they could to resist its power.

At the very center of the Penta-elemental Undead Formation, the dumbfounded Han Shuo, Han Hao, and Rose were watching the Armageddon with their jaws dropped to the ground. The apocalyptic power that the Five Elite Zombies unleashed upon the Fringedwellers had blown their minds.

Although Han Shuo had long known that the Penta-elemental Undead Formation was very powerful, he did not know just how powerful for precise - until now. He witnessed just how easily the Formation took care of those formidable Fringe-dwelling experts. He finally understood why the Five Elite Zombies had so much confidence even when up against the horde of Fringedwellers.

When divided, the Elite Zombies might not be able to defeat even the weakest faction. But when they combined their energies using the Penta-elemental Undead Formation, their power surpassed even that of a highgod; they would become a weapon of mass destruction that would annihilate any and every living thing around them.

As Han Shuo gaped at the scene of utter devastation created by the Five Elite Zombies, he thought, This Penta-elemental Undead Formation is so fucking overpowered! The Formation had perfectly combined the Elemental Yuan Energies of the Five Elite Zombies, amplifying their power exponentially and giving Han Shuo a surprise he could not imagine.

The Formation also had an entangling power. This means that all those ferocious Fringedwellers who crossed into the Formation would have a very hard time escaping from it. They could only passively defend themselves against the bizarre, colourful energies that were attacking them in all sorts of strange and complex methods, draining their divine energy and willpower until they eventually perish.

Retreat! Suddenly, a resounding roar was heard from one of the leaders of those forces just as his followers were about to cross into the Formation.

This lucky, observant chief could not tell what was happening inside the Formation. All he saw was a wildly revolving mass of grayish air wrapping the region. However, he was alarmed when he saw that none of his fellow Fringedwellers had walked out from the grayish thing.

When he shouted, even the other dozen-something remaining factions stopped charging into the Formation. They too unanimously turned on their heels and retreated to a distance. There was no longer anyone who dared charge inside recklessly.

As the Five Elite Zombies did not have unlimited energy, the Penta-elemental Undead Formation could only spread to cover a limited area and they could only sustain the Formation for a limited period. Gradually, the ferociously spinning air slowed down, the flaming sky stopped burning, the stones fell back to the ground, and the dust settled.

The Fringedwellers outside the Formation anxiously waited for a while. Finally, the Penta-elemental Undead Formation completely dissipated.

When the area was no longer shrouded, they saw an unrecognizable land that had been utterly devastated, covered with incomplete bodies and severed limbs. There were also severed heads rolling on the ground

Of those five or six hundred experts who charged into the Formation, less than thirty were still alive. All those survivors were completely exhausted and had a frightened look as though they had just experienced the most miserable moments in their lives.

There were bodies, limbs covering every inch of the scorched ground that was filled with bottomless chasms. Enormous rocks of unknown origins were everywhere. Some of them were standing above mushed flesh and organs. There were a few Fringedwellers crushed underneath those rocks who were still barely alive. Blood flowed out from their gaping mouth. Their eyes were filled with helplessness and despair as they slowly faded away

Those lucky Fringedwellers who did not step into the Formation were utterly silent as they observed the clusterfuck before them. They felt weak-kneed as shivers traveled up their spines. None of the Fringedwellers cried out in pain or shock. Not a sound came out from their mouths.

Thud, Thud Heavy footsteps as reverberating as drums sounded, trembling their hearts. Han Shuo, Han Hao, and Rose were seen marching forward step by step.

Han Shuos resonating footsteps broke the pin-drop silence and brought the remaining Fringedwellers to their senses. It was then that they recalled an important fact - they were not out of danger yet!

Buzz and Bertha who had been badly injured looked at Han Shuo and Rose with frightened eyes. Their minds were in jumbles. There was no longer a trace of arrogance or ferociousness on their faces but only regrets and despair.

I did not want to fight you people, but you bunch were just too unreasonable. If you are so keen to seek death, I will grant it to you! Han Shuo said to the shivering Fringedwellers. Then, he put on an amiable smile and said, Buzz, Bertha, do you need me to end you myself?

The thirty-something people who managed to survive the Penta-elemental Undead Formation had crawled behind Buzz and Bertha. The crowd gathered their gaze on Buzz and Bertha upon hearing Han Shuos words.

Then, suddenly, without any warning, all those Fringedwellers behind Buzz and Bertha simultaneously launched a surprise attack at the couple. They couldnt react in time and were struck by those violent energies. They died on the spot!

One of the Fringedwellers stepped forward, severed Buzz and Berthas heads, and tossed it to Han Shuo who was walking towards them. He said, They are dead. Please do not hold a grudge at us. I promise that Ill never make an enemy with you. Please forgive our offense and spare us!

That Fringedweller was an astute person. Although he had survived the Penta-elemental Undead Formation, his body was nonetheless severely injured. He knew that given the circumstances, it was impossible to leave the region alive without Han Shuos approval. Therefore, he had decisively killed Buzz and Bertha in an attempt to get Han Shuos forgiveness.

Han Shuo looked at Buzz and Berthas heads rolling to his feet before turning to the person in an amiable smile and said, It took me a great deal of planning to gather you bunch here. Do you think letting you leave just like that would be part of my plan?
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