Great Demon King Chapter 859

Chapter 859: Blood Bathing The Empyrean Peak

GDK 859: Blood bathing the Empyrean Peak

Back on the Empyrean Peak, Han Shuo was committing a massacre against the followers of Salas. Han Shuo had simultaneously deployed the Pearls of Annihilation, Cyano Demonblaze, Toxic Dragon Net, Green Hypergolic Dust, Banner of Hallucination, and other deadly demonic weapons. The thousands of screaming and wailing demon generals whooshed around the mountain peak and targeted the midgod experts. Chilling winds started blowing heavily on the Empyrean Peak as dark clouds formed.

The seventeen flying swords were also put to use against those true experts. Inside the hybrid domain of divinity, the Orbs of Destruction saturated with the elements of death were brought to life by Han Shuo. They traveled to areas where experts were most densely gathered before detonating, blasting those followers of Salas off the Empyrean Peak.

When Han Shuo started attacking with all his strength and putting all his demonic weapons to use, he finally realized just how deadly he truly was. The Pearls of Annihilation and other sinister demonic weapons that Han Shuo made were incredibly effective against large groups of experts.

It was only moments ago that Han Shuo had mastered Souls arising from Elements but he had been putting the newfound skill to use. The terrifying explosions of the Orbs of Destruction sounded all around Han Shuo like a catchy beat. Limbs, organs, and heads from bodies that had been mutilated, shredded and charred were scattered all over the Mountain.

The Empyrean Peak was turned into a scene of carnage with more than two hundred gods butchered in no time. The killing intent, undying resentment, and negative energies of those perished souls were collected by the seventeen flying swords. The killing intent aura emanating from the flying swords grew so intense that their targets minds would freeze in fear before the flying swords had even reached them. They would forget to put up defenses and be directly penetrated by the flying swords, losing their lives instantly.

Inside the Cauldron of Myriad Demon, Cauldron Spirit was cheering excitedly as it collected divine souls. It was incredibly elated to have gained more than two hundred divine souls in just moments. Cauldron Spirit also did his best at controlling the demon generals and attacked the followers of Salas in swarms.

Although the followers eventually found a viable method to defend against demon generals, it was still no use against hundreds of demon generals attacking at the same time. Even the gods who cultivated in the energy of fire and lightning were devoured by the demon generals in an instant.

The Empyrean Peak had simply become an extermination camp. Miserable shrieks and wails played on loudly like a soundtrack. Salas had seventeen direct disciples, all of whom possessed late-stage highgod strength and yet, these highgods were powerless against the multitude of attacks coming from Han Shuo. They could not even join hands against Han Shuo for he was as elusive as the wind.

Han Shuo was laughing maniacally as he slaughtered away. His eyes gradually turned dark red, reflecting his mind that was growing wild and uncontrolled. A thick layer of killing intent and a sinister aura slowly accumulated around Han Shuo and lingered around him like a mist. All the negative energies formed by his victims the moment they were killed had somehow congealed around him!

By now, there were no longer any thoughts left in Han Shuos mind other than to kill. He would kill any and every living thing that appeared before him indiscriminately. He had fallen into a demonic trance!

Although Han Shuo should have full control over his mind after advancing to Omen Realm, he had somehow lost control of his consciousness soon after he began the killing spree. It happened very naturally and subconsciously.

Although the Han Shuo at this moment had lost all his self-restraint and gone berserk, he still knew when and how to deploy every demonic technique. Han Shuo had turned into a killing machine programmed with one goal - to terminate all things living!

Han Shuo only grew wilder as time went by. His eyes shone with the dark red light that yearned for destruction. He no longer tried to avoid attacks but allowed them to land on his body. The Omen of Invincible Body automatically defended against the attacks, preventing his demonic body from receiving any harm.

Han Shuo at this moment was undoubtedly menacing. He showed not the slightest hint of pity or hesitation. From his malevolent appearance, it seemed as though he would not stop until every living thing had been slaughtered.

One after another, he savagely shredded the godly experts with his hands before annihilating their divine souls by shooting a faint glow from his hands. Although the barrages of attacks had not left a scratch on Han Shuos demonic body, his clothes, however, had been almost completely vaporized. Almost every inch of his body was laid bare with his magnificent muscles on full display. Those thick green veins wriggling under his skin were also clearly visible.

Han Shuo was like a demon god-sent to carry out Armageddon. Every strike that he made had been unstoppable and no one had managed to survive a blow from him. Three late-stage highgods cultivating in the energy of earth joined forces to defend themselves against Han Shuo. Cultivators of the energy of earth were known to have the greatest defensive power. And yet, the three late-stage highgods of earth were flipped into pancakes with one punch from Han Shuo.

On the Empyrean Peak, at least for now, Han Shuo was invincible!

Why isnt Lord Salas here yet? We cant hold off this lunatic! shouted one of Salas followers as he retreated in fear.

Perhaps we should evacuate from the Empyrean Peak temporarily. Otherwise, Im afraid that we really wont live to see Lord Salas again, said another person in an agonized and helpless manner.

Who is this guy? Since when did the Fringe have such a crazy frightening fella?


It was clear from the voices of those experts that they were truly frightened!

Then, most abruptly, a rapid beat of explosions sounded in the sky. A lightning bolt several times brighter than the sun struck Han Shuo who had been invincible, until now.

The magnificent naked body of Han Shuo started violently quaking and his hair went stiff and stood upright. That, with his dark red eyes and sinister expressions, only made him appear even more terrifying.

Han Shuo no longer aimlessly pursued those puny characters fleeing in disarray but raised his head to gaze at the three-meter tall, bulky Salas who had just arrived. Although his eyes were still dark red, Han Shuo had regained his sanity the moment he was struck by the lightning.

Han Shuo immediately realized that he had inexplicably gone total berserk. When in a demonic trance, not only could he land himself in great danger, he would kill even his own friends if they were present!

However, there was another state of demonic trance where Han Shuo could still possess some self-control. Although he would not be as calm as he usually would, he could at least stop himself from killing his own people. This was the last technique of the Nine Changes Realm - Omen Change - which he had mastered. Han Shuo was currently in this state.

Han Shuo managed to readjust his mind very rapidly. While suppressing the explosive urge to massacre, he stared fixedly at Salas with his murderous eyes and viciously asked, Salas?

The muscles on Salas face were twitching in rage. It was clear from the bodies and shattered energy towers what Han Shuo had done. Throughout the many years he ruled as one of the Five Sovereigns of the Fringe, no one had ever committed such an outrageous act on his Empyrean Peak.

Even Sovereign Tyre, the Sovereign with the greatest strength, had never attacked the average gods of Empyrean Peak. Such was the tacit agreement between the Five Sovereigns!

But today, the Empyrean Peak that represented the might and sovereignty of Salas was nearly wrecked with more than three hundred of his followers butchered. This was an insult that Salas had never suffered in the tens of thousands of years he had lived!

Salas blood was so seethed that it almost fried his brain. He breathed heavily for three seconds as he looked around his devastated Empyrean Peak. The scene of carnage made him even more determined to incinerate Han Shuo.

Salas did not waste a word. He did not even ask Han Shuo for his origins. After keeping silent for three seconds, he transformed. Thick electrical dragons wound around him from head to toe before he threw himself at Han Shuo from the sky.

The moment that Salas moved, the whole sky became filled with the sounds of thunder. The deafening thunderclaps carried bizarre energy fluctuations that targeted Han Shuo alone. Immediately after, the space around him violently exploded. It was as though the thunderbolts were always around him but they were only detonated after the soundwaves arrived.

The explosive roar of the thunderbolts targeted his ears and soul while its explosive power targeted his body. Once struck, a thunder attack of such power could instantly kill any highgod on the spot. In fact, the thunderclap alone would directly break apart the divine soul of a highgod.

However, Han Shuos demonic body could not be compared to the divine body of an average highgod. The ear-splitting thunderclap that shot into Han Shuos consciousness through his ears had only caused him to feel dizzy for a moment. The violent explosions that bombarded Han Shuo had automatically and instantly activated the Omen Invincible Body.

After the thunder passed, Han Shuo had a new skin color and his body was smoking. However, he was still standing tall on the ground.

The enormous explosive force of the lightning bombardment had been stopped by his Omen Invincible Body. However, the attacks of an overgod wouldnt be that simple. Minute threads of lightning energy managed to intrude Han Shuos demonic body in that instant. Those lightning energies also possessed self-awareness. After entering Han Shuos body, they discussed and decided to charge towards Han Shuos brain to blow up his soul.

The threads of lightning energy also possessed explosive powers. They planned on exploding after they reached Han Shuos soul.

Han Shuo understood that the divine souls of gods in this universe were not as miraculous as the consciousness of a demonic art cultivator. If the slightest energy managed to penetrate the experts skin and make their way to the experts brain area, just one tiny explosion could shatter their awareness or even annihilate their divine soul.

Had it been any highgod who suffered such an attack from Salas, it would have meant instant death.

However, to a master of demonic arts like Han Shuo, this insignificant trick could do him no harm. With one thought of his consciousness, demonic yuan rapidly circulated in his body. Those lighting energies that intruded into his body were located and intercepted. Han Shuo annihilated them before they could reach his brain area.

Han Shuo raised his head and saw that Salas who was covered with thunderbolts had just arrived before him.

He cracked a fanatical, diabolical grin and shot to the sky, straight at Salas. He spread his arms, clenched his fists, and hurled them forward. The extremely potent killing intent that lingered around him transformed into two long and dark dragons that ferociously charged at Salas.

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