Great Demon King Chapter 861

Chapter 861: Omen Calamity

GDK 861: Omen Calamity

Salas saw the changes being done to the Empyrean Peak but was powerless to stop it. His experts at the mountain foot were being injured and killed but he could not stop or block the attacks. He roared from the mountain peak, Get out of the way! Get the fuck out of the way!

Those gods at the mountain foot were struck by pillars of light. The space above Empyrean Peak seemed as though it had been ripped. Enormous asteroids were constantly crashing down. Even the energy of lightning that Salas assembled at this place was going out of control and it indiscriminately bombarded the region.

Salas was going to make the final attack and end Han Shuo once and for all. However, he suddenly discovered that his connection with the element of lightning all around him seemed to have been severed. He could then only use the divine energy in his body and not the energy around him.

The chaotic elemental energies had converged and formed a thick natural barrier around Han Shuo who was lying not far from him. As he approached Han Shuo, he discovered the previously undetectable barrier squeezing and shoving him, forcing him to retreat.

After carefully sensing for a moment, Salas discovered that the abrupt transformation to Empyrean Peak indeed originated from Han Shuo. The energies that gathered above the mountain seemed to carry tremendous firepower. But perplexingly, they were aimed at Han Shuo.

Salas was astonished for he could not understand how Han Shuo could assemble such a wide range of elemental energies together. When he discovered that those energies were trying to attack Han Shuo, he no longer tried in vain to break through the layers of obstructing barriers to attack Han Shuo. He pulled back to observe.

Han Shuos majestic body was glowing with dark radiance under the atmosphere flooded with every elemental energy. Demonic yuan filled every cell in his body. He was calmly preparing himself to face the impending Omen Calamity.

The energies accumulated and brewed for a long time before it finally struck. The first attack was formed using the lightning energy that Salas assembled. Thunder rocked the mountain as a lightning bolt of extreme diameter shot at Han Shuo. It was no less mighty than Salas attacks.

Han Shuo sent out his seventeen flying swords to face the attack. The flying swords formed a shield and a world-shaking explosion was heard when it connected with the tremendous lightning bolt. Han Shuo felt numbness on his scalp and stiffness in his limbs. His body was smoking. Although Han Shuo had tenaciously withstood the attack, it added even more injuries to his body that had just been wounded by Salas.

Several more waves of powerful attacks were still brewing in the sky. An asteroid the size of a small mountain glowing red-hot gradually appeared out of the spacetime rift. Han Shuo could tell straight from its ominous demeanor that the asteroid must contain a mind-bogglingly tremendous amount of power.

Master, Im not sure why but the Demonic Calamity in this universe is much stronger! Cauldron Spirit suddenly transmitted, From the looks of it, Master wont be able to withstand its power. We need to find another way!

The asteroid was still accumulating power. Smaller asteroid fragments were being pulled to the large glowing asteroid like a giant magnet. Han Shuo could sense that the giant, menacing asteroid had locked firmly on him as though he was the bullseye to a cannonball.

What other way is there? Han Shuo was at a loss for words and could not think creatively at this moment.

Master, I can sacrifice my demon generals and take a few waves of attacks for you. That will increase your chances, proposed Cauldron Spirit.

Right, the Demonic Calamity targets my soul, but I have three souls. Will it split into three different forces? asked Han Shuo hastily when he suddenly thought of it.

No. The Calamity only targets your consciousness - the soul of your main body that cultivates demonic arts. Your other two souls don't cultivate demonic arts and so the Calamity will not allocate any energy for them.

Han Shuo was alerted as it was at this moment that the fiery asteroid had completed its channeling. It started shooting at Han Shuo like a burning meteor. All the elements of fire in the vicinity poured into the asteroid and caused it to burn fiercely. It was much like Fire Elite Zombie and Metal Elite Zombie fusing their energies.

Demonslayer Edge, the very first demonic weapon that Han Shuo forged, was once again flooded with his demonic yuan. He temporarily cast away all his worries and with the Demonslayer Edge in his hand, he forged ahead to meet the asteroid. Simultaneously, the seventeen flying swords soared to the sky. They bombarded the asteroid using the Avici Godslaying Sword Formation along with the Demonslayer Edge.

Yet another world-shaking explosion sounded from the Empyrean Peak. The shockwave trembled Han Shuos consciousness. As his mind was connected with the Demonslayer Edge and the seventeen flying swords, he could feel his weapons. He felt as though he was being repeatedly thumped by a rock that was billions of tonnes in weight. He heard ringing in his ears and felt numbness throughout his body.

The Demonslayer Edge and the seventeen flying swords were both unparalleled divine weapons. Even the powerful asteroid formed by the Demonic Calamity started to crack under the exceptional weapons. Han Shuo endured the agonizing pain and directed his weapons to strike at the fissure.


The giant asteroid finally gave way under the constant bombardment. It suddenly shattered into multiple fiery pillars that continued to crash at Han Shuo. But with that, Han Shuo could eliminate the fiery pillars one after another and win by defeat in detail.

Once those burning columns went past Han Shuo, they would become deactivated. It was as though Han Shuo was their goal post. Even if they could not land on Han Shuo, they would have completed their mission once they reached Han Shuos location.

After using up a whole lot of energy and withstanding excruciating pain, Han Shuo had strenuously survived this wave of attack.

Han Shuo immediately took out a big handful of Rejuvenation Pills from his space ring and gorged them down his stomach. His two avatars, the Demonslayer Edge and the Skeletal Staff, transformed into their bodily forms, deployed their domains of divinity and fused them.

Perhaps affected by the unique environment, the hybrid domain of divinity produced yet another novel and wonderful feature. The elemental energies in the vicinity had immediately stopped flowing towards the sky!

The Demonic Calamity was still brewing stronger and stronger. But as soon as the hybrid domain of divinity was deployed, the elemental energies in the environment seemed to have been disrupted and they stopped adding to the Calamitys power.

But that was not all. The element of death, energy of fear, energy of hatred, and other negative energies became drawn by the hybrid domain of divinity. They naturally formed a thick layer of cloud-like shield above Han Shuo.

That is truly a miracle! Master, now we really stand a chance! cried Cauldron Spirit excitedly as it sensed the changes to the environment.

Soon, a sky full of Wind Edges and Iced Swords started shelling Han Shuo. Radiance of Doom blasted down from the sky

A new wave of uninterrupted bombardment descended upon Han Shuo. The hybrid domain of divinity succumbed after holding against the attack for a dozen or more seconds. But that had taken a great deal of burden off Han Shuo. After the domain gave way, Han Shuo formed a thin but powerful shield around himself and unleashed all the demonic yuan in his body to resist the Calamity.

When his demonic yuan reserves were nearing exhaustion, Han Shuo began using the demon general energy in the Cauldron of Myriad Demon. Demon generals were being combusted one after another. They were sacrificed so that Han Shuo would stand a chance at survival.

Time passed inconspicuously

Han Shuo was fully absorbed in using the remaining demonic yuan in his body to form the sturdiest body shield, up until the final moment when his shield cracked and shattered. The full might of the Calamity blasted on his body and caused it to slowly burst and spray blood

And at this moment, his greatest nightmare gripped over his mind. He suddenly reverted back to that frail and feeble otaku he was back on Earth. He had no strength, no power, and no life

The thousands upon thousands of lives that he had taken suddenly materialized as fierce spirits. With no ability to defend himself, his body was torn and his flesh gnawed. An unbearable pain surged into his mind. He even felt as though his soul was being consumed by the fire of Hell.

He could not feel more despaired to lose his power. He felt helpless against the swarm of malicious spirits. It was what he had feared most.

NO! Im no longer that useless dork. Im the reborn Han Shuo. Even if I have no power left, I will not let go. Never again. NEVER! shouted Han Shuo in his mind.

He started fiercely punching and tearing those spirits with his bare, muscle-less hands. He rammed them with his head, bit them with his teeth, and fought the spirits with the most primitive, barbarous methods. He became fiercer and more savage than any of the spirits.

Gradually, those spirits that had been assailing him started to fear him. The energy he lost was slowly coming back to him

After an undetermined length of time, Han Shuo who had sunk into a bizarre state suddenly woke up. He immediately felt gaudy rays bathing his body. However, these rays were unlike those destructive ones he had faced earlier but were warm and reinvigorating.

Han Shuo looked around. There were no frightening energies brewing, no stifling dark clouds, nor any lighting bolts. There was only a fine, clear sky. Calm and quiet.

Han Shuo then realized that he was on the Empyrean Peak, which was now barely a mound. Not too far from him was Salas, gazing at him with a mix of emotions. He seemed to be weighing if he should try to attack Han Shuo.

Salas, we will be meeting again! said the naked Han Shuo in a gay smile. Then, a cloud of blood mist wrapped him and gave off a bright flash. He vanished.
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