Great Demon King Chapter 862

Chapter 862: Soaring Reputation

GDK 862: Soaring Reputation

Salas felt as though he had once again been spat in the face. While hesitating if he should continue to attack, Han Shuo vanished from right in front of him in an instant just as Han Hao did. Salas was consumed with rage.

Salas had exterminated several material planes that worshipped him. He forcibly extracted the power of faith from his worshippers souls to temporarily boost his strength. With Han Shuo having now escaped, Salas had killed his goose that laid golden eggs for nothing.

Although Salas was angry when Han Hao escaped from him, it was nothing when compared to Han Shuos escape. Salas knew that given Han Haos strength, even though he managed to escape, he could not have done much damage. But Han Shuo was different. Not only had Han Shuo massacred a large number of his experts, but even the glorious Empyrean Peak had also been flattened.

But most importantly, Salas felt gravely threatened by Han Shuos power!

Salas had a feeling that if Han Shuo didnt die soon, he might not be able to defeat Han Shuo the next time they meet. A character that could disrupt the entire Land of Chaos must not be let alive for too long!

Salas observed the scene of desolation around him. The foot of his devastated mountain was scattered with the corpses of his most trusted followers. Many of the survivors suffered severe injuries.

After the unfortunate incident, Salas' power in the Fringe had steeply declined. He was now far behind compared to the other four Sovereigns in terms of the power they wielded.

With his eyes glistening with ferocious lights, Salas planned his next steps. He gathered his followers who were fortunate enough to survive the attack and in a dark face, he commanded, Find out everything about that guy. Locate him at all costs. He must die!

After instructing his followers, Salas hesitated for a while before he decided to discuss the issue with the other Sovereigns. He thought that the other Sovereigns would agree that a person who could threaten the status quo must not be allowed to live in the Fringe. Although they had not been concerned about Han Shuo when he could not threaten their interests, it would be a different game when he could.

After making up his mind, Salas took yet another look at the ravaged Empyrean Peak before transforming into a lightning bolt and disappearing into the distance.


Thousands of miles away from the Empyrean Peak, Han Shuo was lying under thick layers of mud and weeds.

He had exhausted his energy to defend against the Demonic Calamity. His demonic body, which had been injured when his defenses failed against Salas, became even more damaged after suffering the attacks of the Demonic Calamity and the activation of Demonic Blood Disassembly. Han Shuo not only felt weak, but also tired and lethargic.

With the wee bit of energy he had left, he strenuously pulled himself deeper into the swamp bit by bit. Then, he concealed his consciousness and became indistinguishable from the swamp

New knowledge and concepts flowed into his mind like a steady stream of water. Abstruse and marvelous runes engraved themselves in his mind. Han Shuo realized that he had made a breakthrough in his mental realm.

Although Han Shuo had just an incredibly small amount of demonic yuan left in his body, the demonic yuan remained extremely tenacious. It also seemed to have transformed in quality. With each strenuous circulation through his body, it would grow slightly thicker while his wounds closed up little by little

Han Shuo opened up his mind and fell into a deep meditation state. He discarded all thoughts from his consciousness and allowed his body to repair itself in this wonderful state


Wha- What?! In an underground palace was Sovereign Ossora who wore an astonished expression.

My Lord, the Empyrean Peak has been destroyed and is currently being reconstructed. Salas has suffered great damages. Five to six hundred of his experts have been killed. Among the casualties were several dozen highgods, reported Luolong respectfully as he kneeled before Ossora.

The palace was located deep under a mountain range not far from the Omphalos. It belonged to Ossora who cultivated the elemental energy of earth. Many of his most trusted experts lived there with him. Luolong, upon receiving the information, rushed to the underground palace to inform his Sovereign of the shocking incident on Empyrean Peak.

Are you sure it was Bryan? Ossora was in disbelief. The last time I met him, I sensed him very carefully. There's no was he has that kind of strength!

Luolong put on a bitter smile and answered, It must be him. Salas followers are looking for him everywhere. I also heard that Salas has gone to Wasir and Logue, asking those Sovereigns to help him look for Bryan. It appears that he is determined to make Bryan disappear from the Fringe!

Ossora stroked his chin and bunched his brows. After thinking for a while, he instructed, You try to locate Bryan as well. Also, pay attention to his followers for their activities. But do not take sides yet. We will maintain neutrality.

Understood, my Lord, Luolong bowed and respectfully dismissed himself.

After Luolong left, Ossora soliloquized, Bryan, O, Bryan. If you are so capable, what should I do about you? Should I aid you, or should I end you?


The shocking news that Empyrean Peak had been intruded and razed to the ground spread all over the Fringe in no time. The stringers of the Omphalos became extremely busy as the leaders of various powers sought their service in swarms. They would spare no crystal coins to learn the truth.

However, for some reason, a lot of these stringers, who would usually even sell the most humiliating information about themselves for crystal coins, were acting rather abnormal. They would immediately shut their mouths to anyone asking anything related to the incident, as though they were afraid to speak about the Empyrean Peak.

The more silent they were, the more curious the Fringedwellers became. The desolate scene of the Empyrean Peak was visible even from great distances. It was impossible to hide such a matter. The Fringedwellers secretly exchanged information about the attack that took place on the Mountain. The name Bryan became the most uttered word in the Fringe.


Inside a rocky valley, Polo had also learned about the massacre on Empyrean Peak from his follower, Kodiak. He also reacted to the news with great shock. Kodiak knew from various sources that Han Shuo and Han Hao were very close. With that, he started to take Han Shuo and Han Haos presence in the Fringe very seriously.

Who is it?! cried Kodiak suddenly as he gazed at the valleys entrance warily.

An indifferent face gradually revealed itself from the shadows. Han Haos cold eyes glanced around the valley before they turned to Polo and became affixed to him. He continued marching forward without uttering a word.

Kodiaks eyes widened when he saw that the comer was Han Hao. He recalled all those amazing and notable deeds Han Hao achieved in the Fringe before he respectfully saluted Han Hao, bowing and welcoming him into the valley. Polos followers who were scattered around the valley also gazed at Han Hao with admiration.

During the past two years, Han Hao and his group of godhunters had been wreaking havoc all around the Fringe. They were the fastest-growing power in the Chaotic Land. The open act of murdering that late-stage highgod follower of Salas a few months ago had instantly made Han Hao's the most powerful godhunter faction in the entire Fringe.

Compared to Polo, Han Hao now possessed greater prestige and power. As they were all godhunters, it was only reasonable that these followers of Polo would treat him with respect.

Ever since escaping from Salas, Han Hao had started a rampage against all cultivators of the death element in the Fringe, devouring the energy in their body to recover the energy he exhausted when deploying the Demonic Blood Disassembly. By now, Han Hao had not just completely recuperated, but his strength had again improved.

Through his followers scattered all around the Fringe, Han Hao had also learned about Han Shuos storming of the Empyrean Peak. However, Han Hao was not in the least worried about Han Shuos safety. It didnt bother him at all.

This was because Han Hao had the experience of escaping from Salas pursuit using Demonic Blood Disassembly. Given that Han Shuo had a much more profound understanding of demonic arts, it should be even easier for him to escape from Salas.

Through the detailed information delivered by his followers, Han Hao had some idea of what was currently happening to his father. He knew that Han Shuo was at a critical stage where he must stabilize his mental realm. When Han Shuo finally re-emerged, he was certain to upset the status quo of the Fringe!

Han Hao, therefore, planned to pave the way for Han Shuo in advance. Among the godhunter factions in the Fringe, the one led by Polo was sizable. And so Han Hao came to visit Polo.

Polo was also astonished to see that Han Hao had come to visit him. He put on a big friendly smile and asked, Hello! What brings you here?

Looking calmly at Polo, Han Hao gently raised the six foot bone spear in his hand and asked, Polo, that proposal of mine, have you given it a thought?

Polo stared for a moment and immediately recalled that years ago Han Hao had asked him to bow to his rule. Polo had not given an answer to the invitation in all that time and he did not expect Han Hao to mention it so abruptly.

Im still considering. I dont have an answer yet, Polo smiled.

Han Haos bewitching purple demon eyes glinted as he threatened sternly, Polo, Im going to unite every godhunter in the Fringe under my rule - and you will be the first. If you do not submit, I will have to kill you!

Upon finishing those words, Han Hao roared at the sky. A great number of shadows swooped and surrounded the valley in an instant. They were followers of Han Hao who were much greater in number and better at large-scale combat compared to those of Polo. They wore ghoulish faces and eyes thirsting for blood as they stood in position, ready to massacre at Han Haos command.

It appeared that Han Hao would not be giving Polo any more time for consideration!

Han Hao, you want my allegiance, but do you have the strength to keep me under your control? Polo, unexpectedly, did not get angry, but was rather amused. He sneered, In the Fringe or in the Alliance, I, Polo, am more senior than you are. Tell me, on what basis should I obey you?

You were right. I did not have the strength to tame you. But that was two years ago, said Han Hao calmly before he thrust his bone spear and attacked without engaging in further prattle.
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