Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 956

957 Atmosphere That He Likes

"Miss Hong, let me put your phone away for you," the circulating nurse who was performing preoperative preparation spoke politely to Hong Fei. She spoke in the same way she did after receiving specific training to speak to the patients in the VIP patient building.

Hong Fei pouted and said, "Aren' I jus' suturing my legs? I'm lyin' on my stomach while playin' on my phone, so you can jus' suture my legs."

"That won't work."

"Why not?" Hong Fei pursed her lips, lifted her phone, and blinked. "Right, can I do a livestream? Livestreaming my surgery should be allowed, right?"

"That's not allowed." Su Mengxue came in at this moment, took out her phone, called someone, and said,"Doctor Su, can you please hurry up? If the patient jumps out of bed and runs, we'll have to find a rope for her."

Hong Fei's eyes widened. "Are you guys planning to issue general anesthesia? Isn' regional anesthesia sufficient?"

"The Zhu-Ling Achilles Repair Technique used by Doctor Ling is rather long, and the average patient can't wait that long. Plus, you will be given a very weak anesthetic, which is almost the same as a hypnotic drug." Su Mengxue changed her expression at this moment. She started explaining with a smile on her face.

Hong Fei was subconsciously won over by Su Mengxue's smile. Then, she looked down. Hong Fei felt that she gained even greater knowledge when she did, and she looked at her chest subconsciously.

"How about this? If you help me film a short video, I'll give my phone to you." Hong Fei looked at Su Mengxue as if she was looking at the number of her fans rising in the future.

What was the difference between herself and those who had a lot of subscribers while they livestreamed? Was not the difference between them just big breasts? Although Hong Fei was young, she already had her own ideas and way of doing things.

Su Mengxue was stunned, but laughed as she was entertained by Hong Fei. She just shook her head. "I don't know how to record any videos."

"You're not the one recording it, I am. You just need to follow my cues."

"I wouldn't know how to do that too." Su Mengxue did not want to be involved in a video with a teen.

"Then let's record the video togeder." Hong Fei worked hard to fight for benefits.


Su Jiafu opened the door to the operating theater.

"You guys sure act fast." Su Jiafu's very first act was to start complaining right when he came in so that he would not end up with the young nurses complaining about him.

"Miss Hong, this is the anesthetist. Doctor Su often cooperates with Doctor Ling for surgery. His technique is very good. You don't have to worry too much." Su Mengxue was rather patient with young girls.

Hong Fei was, however, not a patient child. When she saw the situation, she shook her head vigorously. "No, if you don' record a video for me, then I won' have the surgery."

"Doesn't your foot hurt?" Su Jiafu sat on a chair and quietly operated the computer.

Hong Fei was stunned. She acted as if she did not hear him and gritted her teeth before she said, "Miss Nurse, help me take two videos, okay? Take one with me, and the other one will be the one where I record you working."

Su Mengxue smiled and refused.

Her appearance was her gift, and rejecting others was part and parcel of her gift.

No matter what, Hong Fei was a young girl. Once she said this, it was a little hard for her to go on demanding that Su Mengxue record a video with her. She laid on the operating table, and tears started pooling in her eyes without her knowledge.

She was a pretty young girl and a patient to boot. When she suddenly burst into tears, Anesthetist Su Jiafu instantly became nervous, even though he had nothing to do with the situation. He said quickly, "Come on, isn't it just a video? I'll record it with you, alright?"

The young girl glanced at Su Jiafu and cried even more.

Just then, a nice male voice traveled into her ears,

"What happened?"

Hong Fei quietly made a gap between her fingers and saw a doctor in a white coat walking into the operating theater under the bright shadowless lamp in the operating theater. His appearance, figure, voice, and the way he walked were all exactly like the Prince Charming in her heart.

Hong Fei hurriedly wiped her face and tried to make herself look more beautiful before she let Prince Charming look at her.

At this time, she heard Prince Charming speak again, "Anesthetize her."

Hong Fei's tiny brain was still pondering over the deep meaning in Prince Charming's words when she felt her head gradually getting drowsy. It was as if she had too much oxygen and was about to fall unconscious.

Then, she fell asleep.

The operating theater returned to silence. It was the atmosphere that Ling Ran liked best.

"Didn't you take an MRI?" Ling Ran put his hands together and began to look at various scans around the wall.

"The patient's family considered sending the patient to Shanghai, so they didn't do a lot of examinations." It was Ma Yanlin who spoke. His main focus was Achilles tendon repair, so whenever there was a chance for him to perform a related operation, he proactively came over to take part in the surgery.

After all, the standards for performing hepatectomy were too high, and ordinary doctors who had not accumulated at least a decade of experience would not dare to touch the field. Ma Yanlin was only able to become Ling Ran's assistant because Ling Ran was simply too good; his assistants only needed to occasionally take action during the surgery. For more complicated surgeries, Ling Ran would also mainly use Zhang Anmin and Lu Wenbin.

Compared to Ma Yanlin, who had only been promoted to a resident doctor, Lu Wenbin was a senior resident doctor with three to four years of experience, along with his time as a houseman, and he also had six to seven years of surgical experience. This experience may not usually show itself prominently, but it would be reflected in the end when he handled the details in a surgery.

If Ma Yanlin wanted to improve, he would have to perform more surgeries to catch up to Zhang Anmin and Lu Wenbin. It was the same for all the young doctors in the hospital. No one wanted to work from nine in the morning to nine at night for six days a week, but they did not want to be left behind by the others even more.

"If any patient comes here with the thought of going through Achilles tendon repair in the future, try to get them to go through an MRI scan," Ling Ran said to Miao Tansheng, who stood across him.

"Okay. I wasn't quite familiar with the situation before," Miao Tansheng quickly explained.

Ling Ran nodded. Ma Yanlin explained beside him, "Doctor Ling can make a lot of judgments through MRI scans. Now, when it comes to reading MRI scans, Ling Ran is one of the best in Yun Hua Hospital. However, we are in no condition of getting MRI scans during emergency surgeries. During those times, using X-ray scans and CT scans are also okay."

Miao Tansheng nodded repeatedly and said obediently, "I'm not familiar with Doctor Ling's habits. In the future, I'll need to ask you to be more lenient with me in the future, Doctor Ma"

"Just ask me whatever you want," Ma Yanlin answered with a grin.

Miao Tansheng thanked him again.

After going through so much work, in the end, he only managed to secure himself the position of the second assistant, but he was not dissatisfied. He had never cooperated with Ling Ran before, and it was very important for him to be the second assistant to familiarize himself with the situation. Furthermore, Miao Tansheng himself had not had such a "major operation" in a long time. He also needed to be familiar with the environment.

Miao Tansheng turned his head intentionally to observe the instruments. There were a stainless steel needle retractor, a one-prong retractor, a lamina retractor, a bone spreader, a bone chisel, a osteotome, a bone elevator, a bone curette, a small bone rongeur, a small bone scissor...

The familiar yet unfamiliar equipment made Miao Tansheng involuntarily take a deep breath.

There was always an inexplicable air of excitement in a clean operating theater.

"Let's start the operation." Ling Ran looked up and glanced at Miao Tansheng. It was naturally a good sign if the doctors working with him had the urge to perform surgery, because it meant that they could withstand a lot of surgical pressure.


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