Great Hans Female General Wei Qiqi Chapter 123

Just after Liu Zhongtian had spoken finished, someone lifted the curtains from outside. With Xiaoyuzi leading the way, the Emperor walked in with big steps. He coldly walked to Liu Zhongtians front, I am able to not want other women, but Wei Qiqi is a musy!

Zhongtian will never divorce Qiqi, furthermore he’s going to bring her away now! Liu Zhongtian pulled Wei Qiqis hand and walked out of the door in big steps.

The Emperor smiled lightly and clapped his hands. In an instant numerous royal guards came rushing in. Each of them was carrying weapons. The Emperor smiled coldly. To bring away? Dont even dream about it.

I only want this woman and dont wish to hurt brotherly ties. However! If you dare to make a move here, I can indict you with a crime of rebellion. Liu Zhongtian, even if those officials that are on your side want to help you, they cant do anything about it!

Liu Zhongtian stared at the Emperor and clenched his fists. He was just about to erupt when Wei Qiqi quickly hugged him, Duke, please return. Qiqi pleads with you!

Qiqi Liu Zhongtian looked at Wei Qiqi with pity. He was feeling extremely reluctant, yet was helpless.

The Emperor became furious. Why was Wei Qiqi so concerned about Liu Zhongtian. A strong desire to occupy her caused his heart to be firm. Even if he had to resort to kidnapping, he would possess this woman. The Emperor waved his hands towards the royal guards behind him.

Since the Third Duke has come, he shouldn’t leave so soon. Please lead the Third Duke to Yiyue Tower to rest, until he writes finish the divorce papers!

Liu Zhongtian could easily apprehend the Emperor and hold him hostage until the situation was resolved. However he couldnt do that. He couldnt ignore the Great Hans empire, nor could he allow the world to mock him as a rebel. Looks like he had no fate with Wei Qiqi in this life. That mesmerizing woman with a pair of tempting eyes.

Liu Zhongtian viciously held onto the jade hand of Wei Qiqi. He felt extremely reluctant to let go, but still convinced himself to do so in the end. He followed one of the guards and left the Dowagers residence.

The Emperor looked at Wei Qiqis clothes and involuntarily frowned. He didnt like that this woman dressed in such a manner. There was no charm and she looked more wily.

The Emperor happily walked to Qiqis front. He couldnt control it and extended his hands, wanting to touch Qiqis cheeks.

Qiqi looked at the Emperor with hate. Does he think that just because Liu Zhongtian could keep enduring him for the Great Han empire, Wei Qiqi would do so too?  Qiqi retreated a step and lifted her leg to kick the Emperors chin. The Emperor didnt think that Qiqi would suddenly attack him. He became frantic and evaded, nearly falling onto the ground. Xiaoyuzi quickly supported the Emperor, he was scared and kept sweating.

The Dowager didnt expect Wei Qiqi to be so rough. She was scared till her face went pale white. What kind of woman was this? Why would the Emperor like her? Apart from her face that was enough to cause kingdoms to be destroyed, she was rude with no manners. How could she stay in the back palace?

Qiqis leg stopped in mid-air. She playfully rotated her foot and looked at the Great Han Emperor smilingly, Dont think that you can get me so easily. Be careful that you get K by me and you dont even know why! (TL note: K means getting screwed)

Haha, what a cute beauty. I must obtain you! Xiaoyuzi! The Emperors gaze shifted to Xiaoyuzi.

Your Majesty!

Get Wei Qiqi cleaned up and send her to my residence. I must shower my love on her tonight! The Emperor laughed crazily. He must embrace the woman he loved.

Xiaoyuzi fearfully swallowed his saliva. Wei Qiqis martial arts was so powerful, yet the Emperor spoke about showering his love so easily. How could things be so easy? How could he get her into the Emperors residence? That was a difficult problem to solve.

Wei Qiqi saw through Xiaoyuzis thoughts. He should be afraid. Hence she put down her leg and walked to Xiaoyuzis front.

Eunuch Xiaoyu, in the past you kept coming to the manor to send stuff to me, I havent thanked you yet. Now that I have the chance,  I would like to thank you!

When you become my imperial consort, you can give him whatever rewards you want. The Emperor casted Wei Qiqi a lingering look. He didnt seem to understand the meaning behind Qiqis words. He strode, lifted the curtains and left.

Xiaoyuzi bowed towards Qiqi, feeling bitter in his heart. Why are good and bad things happening to him? Dealing with Wei Qiqi the crux was how to get her into the Emperors residence, to let her be like other consorts lying obediently on the bed.

Royal Concubine, these clothes? (TL: I have no idea why he still calls her that when they want LZT to divorce WQQ)

Why? Qiqi shook her leg and furiously stared at him, Are these clothes not good?

They are good, but women who serve the Emperor in the residence cant wear clothes!

Naked! Qiqi shouted out loudly. The palace maids at the side blushed. How could the Third Royal Concubine shout out these two words so brazenly.

Yes, hence I plead with the Royal Concubine to bathe, and then

No, I cant not wear clothes. Serve? Does the Emperor have a mental illness!

Not really, this isnt right. My Royal Concubine, this servants mission is very simple, that is to think of ways to get you onto the Emperors bed. If you are obedient, thats the best. If you resist, then Ill have to call Eunuch Lian to take action. Hes an expert in the palace. Its not difficult for him to deal with women who know martial arts like you!

Xiaoyuzis words didnt seem false. Wei Qiqi thought in her heart, if there really was an expert that was as powerful as Third Duke, then wouldnt Qiqi submit? If her acupoint was blocked, or if she was fed with drugs, or….

Wei Qiqis attitude had a 180 degree turn. She smiled and said, Serving the Emperor? Qiqi understands. Ill listen to Eunuch Xiaoyu, but I want to wear clothes!

Really? Alright, Ill listen to you. Xiaoyuzi smiled. Thats right, where was there a woman who refused to serve the Emperor? That was a kind of honour, a dream of every woman.

Wei Qiqi nervously sat in the Emperors residence. Could she really get ** by the Emperor just like this? She bit her fingers. The servants at one side were gently preparing the bed. Qiqis eyes turned towards them.

How does women enter here, how do they serve the Emperor!

This The servant blushed. She drooped her head and spoke in a soft voice.

They were all carried in by the eunuchs. You are the first one to enter in this manner.

What Im saying is, have you seen how they serve the Emperor?

The servant didnt dare to make a noise. Qiqi pulled her hand, This is my first time entering the palace. Nobody told me. Im scared the Emperor wouldn’t like.

So it’s like this! The servant smiled lightly, It isnt so complicated. Just lie obediently on the bed and wait for the Emperor to shower his love.


Of course, I always stay outside to wait, so Im very clear about this.

So simple? Qiqi smiled eerily. She extended her hand and punched the servants neck. The servant cried out and fell.

Since its so simple, keke, then youll have to suffer. Qiqi changed into the servants clothes and put her own clothes onto the servant. When the Emperor realized that it isnt me, I wouldve ran away already.

After speaking finish she pulled the servant onto the bed and used the mattress to cover her, turning her face towards the inside. Looks like the Emperor would have to take some time to discover that something was wrong.

Qiqi stealthily walked out. The eunuch standing guard outside looked at her, Why are you not waiting with her and coming out now?

Shes hungry and wants something to eat!

This General Qi has many issues!

Thats right! Qiqi learnt the servants dainty steps and walked. She endured her fitful laughs and left the palace very quickly.

Wei Qiqi found her own bicycle and quickly cycled back the road where she came from…

In the surroundings of Yiyue Tower, there were additional security. The royal guards didnt dare to move closer. Their mission was very simple, to ensure that the Duke didnt leave the tower. The royal guards admired the Duke very much. He was well versed in warfare and had accumulated numerous merits for the Great Han. A pity his relationship with the Emperor was tense. The guards didnt dare to make things difficult for him and treated him with respect.

Liu Zhongtian paced around anxiously. His expression was grave. He knew that he could not escape the current circumstances. His heart was unsettled, the mind kept surfacing confusing thoughts.

Xiaoyuzi walked in smiling. His purpose was very simple, which was to tell the Duke that his Royal Concubine was lying on the Emperors bed and was about to receive the Emperors favor.

Duke, Xiaoyuzi has come to chat with you!

Chat? I have nothing good to talk with you about! Liu Zhongtian sat on the chair, pinching his forehead. His face was full of fury.

Duke, why suffer like this? There are women everywhere, why must you fight with the Emperor!

Hmph! Liu Zhongtian looked at him with disdain. He was unfit to talk about women with Liu Zhongtian, because he was not even considered a man!

I shall tell you, the Royal Concubine, oh right I should change the way I address her, its General Qi. She is already lying on the Emperors bed and is about to receive the Emperors favor! What point is there in you fretting here?

B******t! Liu Zhongtian stood up in anger. He lifted Xiaoyuzi up. Liu Zhongtian had a tall build, hence he easily lifted Xiaoyuzi up, You wish to anger this Duke!

No, Duke, yes, yes, the Royal Concubine went in on her own initiative. Xiaoyuzi only wished to tell you that woman is not worth you being like that!

Initiative Liu Zhongtian released his hands. Xiaoyuzi slumped down on the floor. He was scared till his face lost color and it took a long time before he could speak again.

The Royal Concubine is probably making love with the Emperor at this time the Duke should just divorce her!

Scram, scram get lost! Liu Zhongtian felt like his vision had blacked out. His chest felt a constriction and he spat out a mouthful of fresh blood. He nearly collapsed but held on, the internal injury he previously received was aggravated now. It was a new wound on an old one.

Duke Xiaoyuzi was shocked, This, this, Duke, this servant will find an imperial doctor for you, please wait

No need Ill get well after a while. You scram and get lost. Dont appear in front of me again, let this Duke rest for a while!

Yes, this servant will scram immediately! Xiaoyuzi didnt think that Liu Zhongtians reaction would be so serious. He was scared till he left scrambling.

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