Great Tyrannical Deity Chapter 104

Chapter 104: Heavenly Fist Deity

"...Who else could it be other than the Heavenly Fist Deity?!"

Awe and reverence was written all over Lu Youfeng's face as he said those last three words.

Shi Li smacked his head because of his stupidity. 'Why didn't I think of that sooner? Is a place was called weird names, then of course the name came from some person!'

After regaining his composure, he asked Lu Youfeng another question. "Could you tell what the Heavenly Fist Deity is like?"

"Gladly!" Lu Youfeng smiled widely. "Where should we start?"

"Well the Heavenly Fist Deity, is on a higher cultivation realm than me, that's a given. But did you know that the gap between our realms is only one?"

Shi Li was shocked. Lu Youfeng and the Heavenly Fist Deity only had a gap of a realm between them? Hurriedly, he asked, "How strong is he? As strong as you?"

Lu Youfeng shook his head. "Of course, he's stronger than me! He's called a Deity while I'm just a Heaven Immortal."

"So you're saying that the realm after the Heaven Immortal realm is something along the lines of the Deity realm?" Shi Li couldn't help but ask.

"Mhm, that's correct. You got the name of the realm correct too," Lu Youfeng nodded. "Don't underestimate this single gap of a realm, because once you reach the Deity realm, you have broken through all the mortal shackles and gained divinity."

He continued, "Sure, at the Immortal realm, you can live forever but you can still die. But once you reach the Deity realm, you can never be killed by any person whose realm is lower than the Deity realm."

Shi Li didn't expect that the gap between a Heaven Immortal and a Deity was that huge. Even though he was still about a dozen realms away, a little bit of information wouldn't hurt him, in fact it would help him out.

Lu Youfeng scratched his head before continuing, "About his birth, he was born about 10,000 years into the beginning of the Third Genesis Era. Just so you know, the calendars we use nowadays consist of 30,000 years. The current calendar, the Azure Void Deity Calendar, is currently counting down the years left before the Fourth Genesis."

Shi Li calculated it in his head and he was shocked. In his memory, there were only 5 calendars made, documenting the last 150,000 years. Does this mean that the Heavenly Fist Deity was born over tens of millions of years ago?

"What else can I say?" Lu Youfeng rubbed his chin. After giving it some thought, he said, "I think that's all the information I can give you about him. If you want to know anything else, you could always ask him."

"What?" Shi Li was surprised. "The Heavenly Fist Deity is here?"

Lu Youfeng pointed further through the path and said, "Just walk some more, and you'll see his statue. It's pretty huge, to be honest."

"I see," Shi Li bowed towards Lu Youfeng. "Thank you for answering all my questions."

Lu Youfeng stood on his pedestal as he chuckled. "Not a problem. If you need my help, just send a message through the interface, I'm also connected to it."

Before he continued walking, Shi Li nodded, "Will do, Senior."

'Jade Catastrophe Beast Calendar, year 23678. The Heavenly Fist Sect now had a new sect leader at the Immortal level, Lu Youfeng. Will he be able to raise the sect to a Grand level sect?'

'Jade Catastrophe Beast Calendar, year 12531. Thanks to the lead of Transcendent Immortal Solefist, the Heavenly Fist Sect achieved first place in the Myriad World Sect Competition, thus gaining the level of a Heaven level sect.'

'Void Enigma Emperor Calendar, year 17386. With the orders of Grand Daoist Solefist, the Heavenly Fist Sect has achieved the level of a World level sect.'

'Void Enigma Emperor Calendar, year 11835. Thanks to a fortuitous encounter by Daoist Solefist, the sect has gained a protector at the level of the Grand Dao realm, boosting the sect's combat prowess.'

'Void Enigma Emperor Calendar, year 3827. The sect leader Solefist has gained comprehension of a dao and has stepped into the Dao Path realm.'

As Shi Li continued to look at the drawings, the sect was becoming weaker and weaker. He assumed that the drawings were recording the start of the sect, just when the Heavenly Fist Deity started to nurture it.

At the end was a small room that was a few dozen square meters in area. In the center was a statue over 10 meters tall encased in glimmering gold. The man the statue portrays didn't stand out, but the aura it exuded was terrifying. It was quite similar to the aura Shi Li released naturally.

Looking down at the feet of the statue, there laid a sign on which the first line was scratched to become unreadable.

"Progenitor of the Heavenly Fist Sect, Solefist. Also known as the Heavenly Fist Deity."

All of a sudden, the statue shrinked down to a size that was just at the size of a human, around the height of Shi Li.

The gold that covered the statue was sucked into the statue's chest as color filled the statue little by little. Once that was done, a stronger aura was released by the statue, which came from the person's body.

'How terrifying.' Shi Li's body couldn't help but tremble in fear. Once he used all of his golden qi to cover his body, the pressure was lessened.

Unknowingly, the statue opened its eyes as it looked at Shi Li.

"Heh...golden qi. Welcome to the Path of the Heavenly Fist, Fourth Sect Leader."

Shi Li turned around and saw that the statue looked at him seriously. He felt like all of his secrets could be seen by the statue.

Without hesitation, Shi Li bowed down. "Shi Li pays respect to the Heavenly Fist Deity."

"Heavenly Fist Deity?" The statue chuckled. "I almost forgot that I was called that once. Anyways, just call me Senior Solefist for now."

Shi Li nodded. "I shall do what Senior Solefist says."

Solefist looked at Shi Li and smiled. "So? What brings you here to the Path?"

Shi Li pondered for a bit before replying, "Shi Li here wants to ask Senior Solefist a few things."

"Questions? Go ahead." Solefist let Shi Li ask away.

"Why is the pocket world called the Heavenly Fist Paradise?" Shi Li started off with this question.

"As Lu Youfeng has said earlier, it's called the Heavenly Fist Paradise because it was made by me, the Heavenly Fist Deity," Solefist instantly answered.

"You can see what's happening even if you don't transform the statue into a lifelike body?" Shi Li was shocked.

"Yep." Solefist nodded. "As a Deity, you can do so much things that you can't normally. For example, seeing things in a different place without being there."

"I see." Shi Li nodded back. "On to the next question."

"Why was the interface within this pocket world made?"

"To make it easier for the following sect leaders to take control of the relic and know their full strength."

"Why is the Heavenly Fist Sect just a normal level sect at this moment?"

"A huge war happened a thousand years ago, losing most of the powerful people within the sect."

"You say most. Does that mean that there are still powerful people within the sect?"

"Of course. The elders of the sect may be at the Tianzui realm, but in fact, 50% of their powers have been sealed. If one were to unlock it, then they'd all the have the combat strength of a Grand Dao realm."

"What?!" Shi Li was shocked yet again. Each time he was in this path asking questions, he just couldn't help but be shocked.

'With that, I just need to restore their combat strength and the step to become a World level sect would be done,' Shi Li made a mental note of it.

After thinking for a while, Shi Li decided to ask a question that was related to his inheritance trial.

"After I finished the Heavenly Fist Trials, I got a technique at the Low Chaos grade titled [Embodiment of Strength]. Who is the creator of this technique?"

Solefist's eyes widened as he solemnly replied, "I did."

"Wait...you created the technique?" Shi Li couldn't help but think that this was all a coincidence.

"Yep. I've created a lot of techniques throughout my life. Some of them at the Primordial grade, some at the Chaos grade, and a few at the Deity grade. [Embodiment of Strength] was one of the Chaos grade techniques I was fine to share with, since it needed other techniques to be used to its maximum potential," Solefist answered calmly.

"Before I continue with my other questions, do you know Senior Brother Jie Xiuzhen?" Shi Li had a feeling that something was being connected.

"Jie Xiuzhen?" Solefist raised one of his eyebrows as he answered, "He was once my disciple. What about it?"

"Well" Shi Li scratched his head. "Do you know about the [Art of True Omnipotence]?"

"That technique?" Solefist's voice slightly became louder as he said. "That was the greatest technique I've ever created! But alas, it was too strong that even the Deities coveted it, so I split it into four parts."

'Four parts...does that mean? I have to make sure first.' Shi Li was panicking in his head. It was definitely impossible for it to happen.

"Do you remember giving a kid some advice like not cultivating the [Omnipotent Self Art]?" Shi Li knew that an old man did that for him.

"[Omnipotent Self Art] huh. That was a fake technique I made. It did have something to do with self-castration so I stopped the kid from doing so. Also, to remove my traces, I changed my figure into a somewhat old man," Solefist replied honestly.

Shi Li's hands were trembling. It was all connected now.

"D-Do you remember giving the kid the [Art of True Omnipotence]?"

"I took pity on the kid, so I gave it to him. I wanted to see how far the kid can go."

Shi Li took a deep breath before continuing, "What if I told you...that the kid you gave the technique to was right in front of you?"

"What?" Solefist was confused. "You must be kidding right?" As he said that, a strong aura came from Shi Li, bringing Solefist a big shock.

Shi Li activated all of the force multiplier within his body, just to prove that he was the kid Solefist gave the technique to.

"I'm not kidding at all."

"Thanks to you"

"I've become strong."

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