Hail The King Chapter 558

Chapter 558: Stories on The Way Back

-Three days later-

The cold winter had passed by, and the feeling of spring was spreading on the northern land.

This was a region where there were quite a few hills.

The yellow and dry grasses started to get a faint of greenness in them, and it was quite refreshing.
The wind wasnt that dry anymore; instead, it was a little humid.

Suddenly, a flag that had an image of a two-headed dog which bit onto an ax and a blade on it appeared in a valley. The spring wind fluttered this strange-looking yet majestic flag, and it looked like a black dragon that was trying to break away.
Then, the muscular cavalier who was holding the flag appeared.

This man was huge, and he was riding a level 4 roaring flame beast that was howling. Its eyes were bloody-red, and its teeth were sharp. The red hair on its body lightly concealed the shiny scales under it, and flames could be seen around its hooves. When it ran, it looked like it was flying on top of red clouds.
After the cavalier made an appearance, a team of more than 300 cavaliers appeared.

There were 20 other cavaliers who were just as muscular and big as the first cavalier, and they were also riding level 4 roaring flame beast. They were in a V-shape formation, and they protected the cavaliers on horses in the center.

Closer to the front of the team, there was a giant black beast that was more than six meters tall and about 16 meters long from head to tail walking with them.
On the back of this huge dragon-like beast, there was a majestic silver throne with statues of warriors and goddesses around it. A handsome young man was sitting on the throne, and he had a beautiful black-haired girl in his arms. As a small animal danced in front of them, this young man leaned over to the girl and whispered something into her ear, making she giggle continuously.

The chubby raccoon-like animal was wearing a grass skirt, and it was wriggling its butt and hula dancing unwillingly.

Three huge beasts that were more than 10 meters long flew in the sky. They were red, blue, and green, and they were letting out cheerful cries as they enjoyed the wind. Their voices contained a little pressure and holiness, and the animals in the forests all shivered and fled at the sound of them
It was clear that this was Chambords troop.

After the war in the Jax Battle Zone was over, they were finally on their way home after leaving the Chambord Kingdom for about five months.

Angela, tell those three little over-energetic idiots to quiet it down. If they continue, our horses will be terrified and have mental issues, Fei said to Angela.

Sitting on [The Throne of Chaos] that was temporarily set on Blackys back, Fei raised his head and looked at the three small dragons in the sky. Then, he turned around and looked at the war horses that were so terrified that white foams came out of their mouths.

There had been more than a dozen horses that were experiencing mental issues because of the three dragons irregular roars.

That was right! Three dragons!

When Hazel Bank saw the three creatures three days ago, he also screamed. As someone who had been around for more than 400 years, he instantly identified them as dragons that had been extinct on the continent. So far, they only made appearances in the stories told by the traveling poets.
This information shocked the king at first, but he was soon thrilled.

Who knew that the three stone eggs I bought from an old man who was shivering in the cold could give life to these three dragons! I only paid a few hundred gold coins! Dragon! Dragons! Hahaha, after Thug, Chick, and Hooligan grow up, I can train them and create three dragon knights, right?

Wait, isnt Chick a female dragon? If Chick could mate with Thug or Hooligan, they could create a bunch of little dragons. Eh, but are they siblings? I hope not the king thought to himself, and he felt like his idea was too much. Therefore, he had to give up the idea of creating hundreds of dragon knights.

They just learned how to fly, and they want to have more fun, Angela replied as she covered her snickering with her hand. Then, she waved at the sky.

Boom! Boom! Boom!
The three dragons flew down. However, since their landing skills werent that good, they smashed onto the ground. Three deep pits were created, and clouds of dust appeared.

This kind of smashes was nothing to these three, and they werent injured at all. They crawled out of the pits and all squatted down, reaching out their front limbs and sticking out their tongues. With their tails wriggling, they looked like three big dogs that were begging for treats.

Fei covered his eyes; he was at a loss for words.

Having no parents, they learned everything from Blacky, and they were behaving just like dogs. They didnt seem like dominating dragons at all.

Angela took out four low-tier magic gems, and she threw them into the air. One magic gem fell into Thug, Chick, and Hooligans mouths each, and Blacky stuck out its tongue and licked away the last one.

These four creatures didnt know how expensive it was to feed them, and they chewed on the magic gems like delicious bones.

Feis heart was bleeding.
In the last few days, the number of magic gems entered their stomachs was enough to create at least ten three-star mages.

It was such a luxury to feed pets with magic gems, and it could be considered a crime.
In order to fully activate [The Throne of Chaos], Cain used up all of the magic gems Fei accumulated, and Fei turned from a millionaire into a broke man. Therefore, he had to create a few top-tier magic gems using Horadric Cube, and he converted them into about 10,000 low-tier magic gems to keep up with the spending.

However, these four beasts almost ate all the low-tier magic gems these days.
In the end, the energy and investment didnt go to waste.

After eating the magic gems, the three dragons body sizes increased a lot. Their strengths were comparable to New Moon Elites, and they were almost the top fighters in Chambord.

Blacky, on the other hand, could now spit fire after consuming many magic gems. Under the empowerment of [Hulk Potion] and the magic gems, this dog was evolving in an unknown direction.
After eating, the three dragons followed Blacky as they stuck out their tongues and wriggled their tails.

The sun is about to set. There is a lake in the front, and we can camp here tonight Fei waved his hand and called over Torres. Fernando, pass my order to set up the camp.

As you wish!

The night quickly enveloped the world.

Even though it was already spring, the night was still cold.

However, compared with the chilliness in the desert, it was a lot better.

There were still ice pieces flowing on the lake, and the surface of the lake reflected the campfires and the people around it.

Not too far away, Blacky and the three dragons were still playing in the lake and splashing water around; it seems like they didnt have enough fun yet.

Jessica, you must be tired. His Majesty asked me to bring you some delicious food. As the flames flickered, a dark-skinned and muscular man walked to a green square rock by the lake with a food box in his hand. A young girl was sitting on the rock, looking absent-minded.
Emile, it is ok. Im not tired, and please thank His Majesty for me, the girl replied. She was wearing a very expensive coat made from the fur of a white Snow Mink King, and the soft coat emphasized her delicate skin and beautiful face. When she looked at the surface of the lake with her crystal-like eyes, her expression was a little sad.

She was Jessica, the only female manager of Soros Merchant Group in Dual-Flags City.

After becoming one of the most influential people in the branch, this girl who used to live in the poor neighborhood turned from an ugly duckling to a swan. Like a polished diamond, her brilliance was eye-catching. She was beautiful, smart, and capable, making her the most popular girl in Dual-Flags City.

Some imaginative traveling poets wrote poems after seeing Jessica, saying that out of more than 60,000 males in Dual-Flags City, except for the babies who were still drinking milk, at least 40,000 males viewed Jessica as their dream lover.

In the last while, it was heard that many young noblemen and successful warriors drooled over her, and the people who wanted to propose to her once filled and blocked the pub she was working at. There were also more powerful people who ignored Manager Abramovich and tried to get Jessica for themselves by using their influence.
However, the story took a 180-degree turn after some people said that Jessicas brother was working as the King of Chambords guard, and the king cared about Jessica.

Instantly, everyone stopped their actions and held back their desires; none of them dared to provoke this dominating young king who just killed the leaders of the seven top-tier noble families not too long ago.

In fact, most of the influential figures in Dual-Flags City saw Jessica as the King of Chambords woman.
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