Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 13

France, Paris.

Rsidence du Palais D'or.

Mu Feng was in the bar which was attached to his drawing room.

Sitting there, He was drinking beer.

He was thinking of what happened nine months ago.

Remembering the bloody body of his little sister-in-law, he shivered.

He could still remember his elder brother's panicked face which he never saw before.

That time he realized how important this girl to his brother.

His elder brother didn't sleep, didn't eat. Only stayed by her side in the private hospital.

Mu Feng could never forgive himself for that day.

If he just commanded his team properly...

He sighed deeply.

"What's with that deep sigh?" A deep commanding voice came out.

Slowly looking at the door, half sited Mu Feng sat properly.

"Big brother....."

Hearing his voice full of pain Mu Liang's eyes softened a bit.

"What's with that baby voice? I thought you're a twenty-seven-year old grown man." Mu Liang teased his brother.

He sat beside his second brother. Then patted his head.

"Don't blame yourself anymore. Her memory is gone for good."

His gentle remark made Mu Feng smile a little.

'When it comes, Mu Liang can be the greatest elder brother in history.'

"Is there something you want from me?"

"I need your help." Mu Liang went to the point.

"Sure, what is it?" Mu Feng replied immediately.

"Hua Lan mustn't know who she is." Mu Liang said in a dark tone.

"OK, so we need to destroy her existence which I already did as you wished. As for making up a lie to tell her, I can handle it."

"I already know what to tell her." Mu Liang stopped him.

Mu Feng looked at his brother quizzically. "So what is stopping you to lie to her?"

"Not me." Mu Liang shook his head negatively.

"Huh?!" Mu Feng became more quizzical.

"You're the one who's going to lie." Then Mu Liang revealed his plan.


'In other words, you'll play the good guy and I'll be the thief. If someday she wants to accuse someone, she'll blame me. She will never think a guy who care about her more than his life actually made the whole plan to destroying all her existence in the world of information.' Mu Feng shook his head hopelessly.

'I really want to tell her everything right now.' He thought mischievously.

"If she gets to know any extra, unnecessary information, you'll regret it." he gulped as his dearest elder brother warned him in a dark tone.


"Hahahaha....what are you saying big brother?" Mu Feng stumbled in his own words.

"Your face says all. Your eyes are practically screaming like, 'I'll definitely tell sister-in-law everything.

Just wait and see!'" My Liang's eyes had a hint of smile.

Nailed it!!

As expected of his elder brother. Never ceased to amaze him.

"No worries. I'll tell her exactly what you want her to know." Mu Feng put the can of beer down.

'I'll go to office tomorrow. Everything is in your hand."

"Consider it is done." Mu Feng ensured his brother.

After Mu Liang left, Mu Feng went to bed.

'It's been nine months since big brother went to office.' He smiled while thinking. 'Maybe something good is coming in future.'

Then he fell asleep.

Still a soft smile was lingering on his face.


Dearest Readers,

I forgot to mention that today is my and my dad's birthday!!!! Please pray for us.

As for the novel, I need to ask something to you guys because I'm writing for you.

Can I use violence. If I do it won't be a 'General Audience' novel anymore. I can change the settings.

Well, what do you think?

Let me know, OK? OK?? OK???

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