Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 158

"Aren't you brave enough?" There was a playful tone in the question.Mu Lan jumped in surprise. She was so spooked that her soul nearly left her heart. She looked behind her and found a man in black clothes.In the dark, he looked tall and sturdy. He was lazily standing beside the sofa.Mu Lan calmed her heart and frowned. "Who are you?"The man in black laughed. In Mu Lan's ears, his laugh sounded lifeless. Her body shivered. Even in the dark, the man could see her trembling.The man replied, "I'm your future husband."Mu Lan was dumbfounded. This guy was certainly not Liang Liang. 'Maybe he is my previous lover or fianc? That's the reason Liang Liang hid my identity. But why?' Mu Lan thought.Even in this serious time, it was a hilarious situation. Both of them misunderstood and thought each other someone else."What is your name?" Mu Lan asked. As she thought of her 'real future husband', she wanted to know everything about him and her.The man in front of her frowned. That wasn't what he thought that the way she would react. He thought that she would cry and shiver in fright. She would ask him why he abducted her. She might also beg him to release her. However, she unexpectedly asked his name."Isn't it too late for the introduction? I know that you already heard about me from your father." The man said in cold tone.'It is clear that she is stupid. When I told her that I'm her future husband, she should have understood.' The guy thought in disdain. It was true that Qi Ying's father Qi Geming already told Ying about her 'so called future husband'. But it wasn't something Mu Lan knew.Mu Lan was surprised to hear him. 'So I have a family. My father introduced us. It must be an arranged marriage. But Liang Liang utterly lied to me. He said that I had no family. Why did he lie?' Mu Lan had mixed feelings. She was happy to know that she had a family and she was upset that Liang Liang and brother Feng lied to her. She really trusted them.Mu Lan wanted to know more. She didn't want him to know that she lost her memory. So she asked in the roundabout way, "Do you only know my family or the others too?" While asking she couldn't control her excitement. The man's frowned deepened as he saw her excitement. He thought, 'What the hell is going on? Did I misjudge her?'Nonetheless, he replied, "I also know your mother and elder brother."'So, I have an elder brother too? They must have been worried sick that I was out for so long.' Mu Lan felt upset.She asked, "Where are we?" She wanted to know if she was going to her family."We are in your family beach house in Le Havre. The ocean behind you is English Channel." He replied. He felt so stupid to tell her about her own villa. 'What is wrong with her? Why is she so calm? And how come she can't recognize her own beach house?' He could not understand the situation anymore. He had seen plenty of girls. But this was the first time someone acted out of character and out of situation. It was frustrating that he could not read her mind at all.'Oh, so we are in my family property. It can only mean that my family is involve in it.' Understanding the situation, Mu Lan felt relief."Why are we here? Shouldn't we go?" Mu Lan wanted to know when they were going to her house. The man was utterly speechless. He could not understand her anymore. How could she did not protest, not even one? Didn't she love her boyfriend? Or maybe, that King of the European Underworld was forcing her to obey him."We will head back to China after the sea becomes calm. You should go back and rest." The man said. His head hurt after talking to her.'So I lived in China. My family is there. So this is the reason Liang Liang didn't want me to go to China.' Mu Lan felt bad. For some reason, her heart had a tiny pain after thinking about Mu Liang's betrayal. 'Liang Liang, I trusted you.' She looked at the ocean. Her eyes filled with sorrow.
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