Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 166

Editor's Note:[Dear Author and readers!!!I was kidnapped by Ru Xin, as part of his plan to prolong the reunion of Liang Liang and Lan. But don't worry, when Xin was distracted with Mu Lan, I sneaked through his imprisonment. Then, I braved my way through countless bottomless seas and boundless mountains, to finally reach a place safe from Xin's forces. Now, to save my beloved Mu Lan and have my revenge, I will edit back to back chapters Fighting!!!] _______________________________________________________________________________________________________Mu Lan panicked when she saw that Xin was drawing nearer. She knew she couldn't run away, but still, her legs ran to the right, towards the balcony.But with Xin's reflexes, he caught her in time and took her in his arms.Mu Lan screamed, "Let go of me. Let go." She was shaking in fear, but her voice was firm. She tried to kick the guy who was hugging her, but failed miserably. Never underestimate a guy who was in the army.Xin put her on his right shoulder and strode back inside the room. He put her down on the bed. His moves were very gentle. Mu Lan's heart was almost out of its cage. She struggled hard.chapter. I don't know if you edited them or left as it is for the last chapter, so I can't tell. I am not completely editing the above two lines as they are same as the last chapters.]Mu Lan screamed, "Let go of me. Let go." She was shaking in fear, but her voice was firm. She tried to kick the guy who was hugging her, but failed miserably. Never underestimate a guy who is in the army.Xin put her on his right shoulder and strode back inside the room. He put her down on the bed. His moves were very gentle. Mu Lan's heart was almost out of its cage. She struggled hard."Let me go. I don't want to die. Get off of me." She screamed her lungs out. Xin was taken aback. He had no desire to kill her. He just wanted to marry her. He frowned and argued back, "Who said I want to kill you?"Before Mu Lan could react, Xin's cold lips covered her. That moment, her whole body froze. She became a piece of wood. Her body and mind screamed piercingly.No man ever touched her like that, except for Mu Lang. Her mind and body were well accustomed to his touch. He gave her a sense of security. He showed her kindness and tender love. Though she protested at first, soon she was adapted to his burning touches. However, this time, when Xin kissed her lips, she felt disgusted. Her whole body turned rigid. She felt like vomiting. Xin didn't know what she was feeling. He lost his rationality as his lips touched hers. He kissed her strongly, affectionately. As he had no experience with women, he didn't hold back his strength while kissing Mu Lan.His wild kisses hurt Mu Lan. She couldn't make a single sound as her lips were sealed. Soon her face turned blue in pain. When Xin recovered his senses back, he realized that the girl beneath him was as stiff as a piece of wood. He looked down at her. He saw that her face has turned blue, her eyes were tightly closed and her lips were swollen.Xin caressed the girl's face and said, "Are you all right? Do you need to check up your health? I'll call the doctor."Xin thought that she was in stress because of the long journey in the luggage. If he knew that it was her, he would never do that in the first place.Xin moved her body and placed her head on the pillow and covered her body with a soft sky-blue quilt."I'm calling the doctor." Xin said before he left the room.Mu Lan was laying on the large bed. It was more comfortable than the bed next room. As he left, her body shuddered tremendously. Tears threatened to fall, but she held them back.With her shaking body, she got up from the bed. She went towards the door and found that it was locked. She sighed. Then she locked the door from inside.If she couldn't get out of the room, she had no wish to let him in. Then she drew the heavy wooden sofa in front of the door.Mu Lan walked to the balcony. She gasped at what she saw. The last time when she ran here, she didn't notice that all one could see is dark water.From the large balcony, she could see the shores of the island and beyond that, there was only the sea. She then realized that she was on an island.Mu Lan's legs gave out and she sat on the floor. 'How am I going to leave this place?"It was already night. This castle-like mansion seemed to glow in the dark night. The moon was bathing the ocean with its silver light. It was a beautiful scene. Anyone would want to enjoy such a romantic view.However, Mu Lan had no heart to enjoy such a lovely atmosphere. She wanted to escape from this wonderful paradise.She saw a few guards patrolling here and there. She also saw two towers on both sides. There were also spotlights. She could see that there were two men in each tower. They were all armed. 'They have an army stationed here as well?' Mu Lan clenched her fists.If there were guards in the tower, it was obvious that there were guards on the ground too. They might be in the dark, so no one could see them. It was impossible for her to escape from here at night. How would it be possible in the daytime?------Meixu screamed, "What are you even saying? Are you out of your mind?"Xin replied, "I was looking for her all this time. Who knew she lived in Paris and she was in Mu Family? Now that I found her, I have no desire to leave her again."Meixu sat on the sofa and said, "Don't tell me she is the reason why you disappeared in every vacation?"Xin looked at his friend and said, "I had been looking for her for fifteen years."Meixu sighed. He was truly shocked by his friend's determination for a girl. He somehow guessed that his friend had some other woman in his heart, but he couldn't ask Xin. Xin's disappearance also made him curious. Now he had witnessed it. Meixu asked in a weary tone as if he was tired, "What are you going to tell your father and grandfather?""Whatever they say, it doesn't matter anymore. I found what I have been looking for." Xin replied."You can't hide her forever. She is from the Mu Family. Do you want to make it international? Think about your career too?" Meixu didn't like where it was going."Career? I'll bet my life on her. I cannot lose her again." Xin said strongly."What about her personal life? What if she has a lover, a boyfriend or a fianc? What will you do then?" Meixu tried one last time.Xin stiffened at his question. Then he said, "That can be arranged." He said calmly. His expression was dark.A sudden chill went down Meixu's spine. He warily asked, "What are you going to do?"
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