Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 168

Mu Liang opened his eyes and saw the white ceiling. It was unfamiliar.Soon he realized that he was in the hospital. He recalled the events before he fainted. Mu Lan was abducted. Recalling that, Mu Liang got up from the bed and wore a pair of slippers. He looked for his cell phone. It was nowhere to be found. Mu Liang frowned and walked to the door. Just when he stretched his right arm to open the door, the door opened with a slide.Mu Feng was startled to see that his big brother was awake and even standing in front of the door."Big brother, when did you wake up?" Mu Feng asked.Mu Liang's right hand was still close to the door. He moved his hand towards Mu Feng and said, "My mobile."Mu Feng gulped. He put his left hand in his pant pocket and took out Mu Liang's cell phone. Mu Liang snatched what was his. His cell phone was off. Mu Liang turned on the mobile and saw today's date. It was already four days since Mu Lan was gone. Which meant Mu Liang was unconscious for two damn days.How could Mu Liang faint for two days?Mu Liang grabbed Mu Feng's collar and pulled him closer. "Did you drug me?" Mu Liang's voice was so cold that Mu Feng thought he was going to freeze.Mu Feng said, "Brother you were almost in a coma. The doctor ought to give you sleeping pills, or it would be harmful to your body. You didn't sleep for three nights. I was so worried." He looked pale."Did you find her?" Mu Liang asked.Mu Feng assured his elder brother. He answered, "We started to search the neighboring islands. I sent my best forces. Rest assured, big brother. We will find her in no time." Mu Liang noticed that Mu Feng was sweating.Mu Liang frowned and said, "Search for her in China. Why are you wasting your time?"Mu Feng felt dejected. "We already asked for permission to the Chinese government. They refused."Mu Liang's veins popped out from his temple. "Then what are you waiting for? She is in China and I know it. Send your forces to China." He was shaking in rage.Mu Feng tried to calm down his elder brother. "Big brother, its China, not any European country. We can't do that. We need an official warrant to search. If we barged into an Asian country, it will become an international issue.""Make it an international issue then. It will be easier to find her." Mu Liang looked like he didn't care about the world.Mu Feng was tired. He lacked a good night's sleep. Still, he tried to make it understandable for Mu Liang. He said patiently, "And after we find sister Lan, then how will she feel? Think of her mental state."Mu Liang replied immediately, "Find her first, then I will think of a way."Mu Feng frowned and said solemnly, "And when sister Lan's family and 'he' will find out that she is alive, what do you think they will do?"When Mu Feng mentioned 'he', Mu Liang froze.Mu Feng was right. If they find out, they will take her back. She will regain her memory. Mu Liang will be lost from her life."Do whatever you want." Mu Liang left Mu Feng alone in the hospital room.When Mu Feng went out, he saw that his car was gone. He knew too well who took his precious red sports car. He hired a cab and went to the mansion.However, Mu Feng didn't find his elder brother, but a note.'I'm going to search for my wife on my own. You deal with the company and other things. Don't dare to look for me.'Mu Feng sighed as he sat on the sofa in Mu Liang's study room. He closed his eyes and Mu Lan's image came into his mind. She was smiling as she was talking to Mu Liang. Mu Liang was also smiling with her.It was a beautiful dream that Mu Feng wanted to fulfill. 'God, please let us find sister Lan."
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