Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 169

Mu Lan woke up in a warm bed. She was covered with a soft quilt. She was in Xin's bed.Apparently, one of the guards was observing her from one of the guard towers as he was instructed by Xin. The guard saw Mu Lan was falling asleep on the floor of the balcony. He reported to Xin. Xin went to the fourth floor and used a rope to climb down to the third-floor balcony. Xin took Mu Lan's cold body in his arms and carried her into the room. He put her down and covered her with his quilt. After that, he moved the heavy sofa back to its own place.Later, Xin called Doctor Jia to check her up. Doctor Jia checked her and told Xin, "Miss Lan is weak because she didn't have enough food in the last two days. If she continues her irregular routine, I'm afraid that she will fall ill. She also went through a huge trauma recently, still, her mental health is okay. It is surprising and also good for her. You can't give her any stress, or it may cause a mental breakdown."Xin turned pale hearing Doctor Jia's words. He asked as his voice nearly quivered, "Huge trauma for what? Is it because I brought her here?"Doctor Jia shook her head. She said, "It's not that Major General. I assure you. It is something that happened a year ago. That's my guess. Just take care of her. Make sure that she eats healthy food from now on."Xin nodded and said, "I will."After Doctor Jia left, Xin looked at little Lan. His eyes were gentle. He leaned down and kissed Mu Lan's forehead."Little Lan, what happened to you a year ago?" Xin murmured.That night, he slept on the sofa and time to time, he checked Mu Lan if she was having any problem.At dawn, Xin woke up again. He had to exercise. He bathed and wore his training outfit. Before he left, he looked at the soundly sleeping Mu Lan. Seeing her peaceful sleeping face, Xin's heart was filled with warmth.He regretted not asking about her details fifteen years ago. He regretted not keeping his contact with her. But he would not make the same mistakes again. Xin stroke Mu Lan's hazel colored hair gently and left the room.It didn't take much time before Mu Lan woke up from her slumber. She looked around. Seeing herself on a bed, she jumped up. Mu Lan quickly left the bed and went to the washroom to freshen herself. Then she took out another shirt of Xin from the wardrobe and wore it.'If he doesn't buy me a single dress, then I'll wear his shirt. Serves him right.' Mu Lan huffed.She slowly moved closer to the door and twisted the knob. Surprisingly, it was open.Feeling delighted, Mu Lan opened the door and peeped outside. There was a long corridor and not a single person was present. If she didn't see guards last night, then she would think that this place was abandoned. Mu Lan walked through the corridor and saw some paintings of Generals and Generals First-class hanging on the stone wall. She started to read the names of those pictures, "Ru Ghouzhi, Ru Jiang, Ru Chao, Ru Huiqui, Ru Yaozu, Ru Xin."Mu Lan looked at the last picture and got startled.'The kidnapper! Oh, I remember, his name is Ru Xin.' Mu Lan looked at the painting of this handsome, stoic man. 'Not bad, but far away from Liang Liang.' She thought as she stroked her chin."You are awake, Miss Lan." A beautiful voice said. Startled, Mu Lan looked where the voice came from. "I'm Doctor Han Jia. Nice to meet you." Doctor Jia said as she gave a beautiful smile.
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