Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 177

Mu Liang closed his eyes and imagined Mu Lan's torturous expression. He shuddered as his heart broke."Wait for me, Lan. I'm coming." It was more like a promise.Mu Liang called Chinese General first-class Bo. He was top in the rank of Chinese military force.Mu Liang heard a sleepy yet commanding voice, "Hello, who is this?""I'm Mu Liang. It's urgent. I need to visit you as soon as possible."The voice seemed alerted. "Mu Liang? You are the eldest son of Mu Jin. What is it about?"General first-class was Mu Jin's childhood friend. They were very close. When Mu Jin was pursuing his young wife, General first-class helped him a lot."It is about General Ru." Mu Liang said shortly."I understand. Come to my house in Shanghai." General first-class agreed.After Twenty minutes of helicopter journey, Mu Liang reached the city. General First-class Bo gave him a warm welcome."Just yesterday I talked to your father. Tell me, what do you want to talk about General Ru?" General First-class Bo said as he sat down on the sofa."Before I start, I need to know, what do you think of General Ru?" Mu Liang asked as he sipped the glass of water."He is a good general. Everyone admires him." General First-class Bo said.Mu Liang smiled a little before saying, "What do you personally think of him?"General First-class Bo was in dilemma. After a few seconds of arguing in his mind, he replied, "I don't know why but I personally don't like him. He is too clean. Well, as a military officer, he has to be clean. But it is very suspicious to me. However, he is doing his job great. So I don't have anything to complain.""What if I tell you that General Ru is doing something massive?" Mu Liang asked General First-class Bo.General First-class Bo sat straight as he asked, "Something like?""Something like creating a poison, spreading it to the world, with the antidote becoming the king of the world..." Mu Liang said."Nonsense! What are you spouting? Do you have any proof regarding the fact?" General First-class Bo frowned.Mu Liang took out a recording which Bingwen gave him. It had the record of Bingwen and drunk Doctor Han Jia's conversation.Mu Liang told him the whole story and then started playing the recording. Soon General First-class Bo's face turned purple in anger."That bas**d! How dare he think of such a thing?" he cursed General Ru and looked at Mu Liang, "How come you came to investigate "I would never do that if his son Major General wouldn't have abducted my wife." Mu Liang said."Xin did what? I can't take it anymore. I need to call the President." General First-class Bo dialed the President's number.A sleepy voice answered the call, "Hello?""Mr. President, I'm General First-class Bo.""Damn it, Bo! If it isn't something urgent..." Mr. President was still sleepy."It is a very serious matter, Mr. President." General First-class Bo told him everything."Prepare you force. Find out all the suspects and give me a proper explanation tomorrow." Mr. President said. His sleepiness flew away from the window. He didn't want to make it an international issue.However, France was already involved in it. Because, the Qi Family was one of the masterminds. General First-class Bo looked at Mu Liang and said, "What are you going to do? We can take care of your wife."Mu Liang stood up and said, "Don't worry, uncle. I have a better plan."General First-class Bo stood up as well and said hurriedly, "Care to share?"Mu Liang politely bowed and said, "My team will help you. As I said, don't worry." Then he left.General First-class Bo sighed and murmured, "How can I not worry?"
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