Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 18

Hua Lan was amazed by the architect of the house she was living in.

Mu Feng was very excited showing her around and telling her every single details of the house.

From Mu Feng Hua Lan got to know that the house was established seven years ago. It took almost two years to finish with all the constructions and decorations. The house was four storied building and it had two wings- the north wing and the south wing. From outside people would thing that this huge mansion was three storied building.

Actually it was Mu Liang's idea to fool outsiders.

Inside the house it looked like a palace. There were numerous rooms and people who didn't know this house would get lost easily.

Mu Feng chose to live in north wing because of his love for cold weather and Mu Liang chose south wing because of his love for soft breeze in summer. They both lived in third floor. The fourth floor, north wing belonged to Mu Chen. That's why they let Hua Lan stay in fourth floor south wing. The second floor belonged to all the servants of the household.

Mu Family always treated their servants with respects and kindness. It made them popular from the very beginning. But the way they treated their enemy or those who betrayed them, they could never forget the wrath of Mu Family and regretted till they died horrifically.

The roof was 'V' shaped with brown tiles. In summer, roof tiles of south wing could be opened, because under the roof was a huge swimming pool and in the north wing was gymnasium.

There was a large tower in the north wings and it was for their private helicopters to land. They had three helicopters for three brothers but the space was for five helicopters, other two helicopters were Grandpa Mu and their parents.

The thing Hua Lan liked most the vegetable garden in the south wing outside the house. There was also a large pond where were many types of fish. Sometime three brothers took rods and sat there idly and caught fishes.

On the north wing there was a huge flower garden with almost fifty kinds of flower. The wind was mixed with the smell of flowers made Hua Lan go crazy. Mu Feng was very proud of his garden.

The mansion was faced in the east and behind the mansion there was a beautiful lake with a fountain. There was a sweet sound of water flowing from the stream. Anyone would think it was natural lake and fountain. There were some chairs and sofa made of steel and they were all silver colored. There were three boats on the dock in the south corner.

Hua Lan was most attracted with the swing attached to the huge cherry tree. Under the swing was the lake and whoever would swing in there their legs would touch the calm water.

Mu Feng didn't mention the part that the swing was recently place there only for Hua Lan to use. No matter what other said about his elder brother only Mu Feng knew how romantic his brother was.

'Mu Chen will be so jealous when he gets to know that his long time wish for a swing is fulfilled but only for his future sister-in-law. Tee-hee.'

In the north part of the lake was a runway for private plane. They had two emergency private planes.

Hua Lan was speechless the beauty of this mansion and the environment. She felt like she would never leave this place.

'This is a paradise!'

She wondered how wealthy this Mu Family actually was.

It was ready evening and she was too tired to go out.

She went to her room, took a bath then went to the bed for some rest.

Maybe she should marry Liang Liang.

After walking around the whole mansion and this was her first thought in the bed.


Is there anyone who is thinking the same thing?

I certainly am.

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