Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 2

That girl grimaced in pain. The pain was deep. She sat on the dock. She was already this weak and the second bullet was too much for her.

She wanted to curse that child but how could she do that? After all, it was 'his' child.

She opened her mouth to breathe. But her lungs were betraying her because of the pain in her shoulder.

She was sweating heavily and because of excessive loss of blood, she started to turn pale.

The sky was full of red clouds. It looked heavy and gloomy. There wasn't a single star or any part of the moon. Even if there was, it couldn't be seen.

She looked at him. He was about to start the engine. But her vision wasn't clear. Everything was blur.

She wanted to live. She wished to live happily in this beautiful world. She had yet to see so much more. She had yet to learn too much.

She hardened her jaw. She had to get to the boat.

Bang! Bang!!

Just when she started to get up, the third bullet was shot aiming her left leg just below her knee.

Fourth bullet was missed.

The pain she was feeling was unbearable. It was already hard for her to get up and began to see everything fuzzy. She coughed and spat out blood. Inside of her mouth, it felt metallic taste.

She understood one thing. They would hunt her down even if she survived from here. Because of her her most beloved person was about to get hurt today. If it continued, how many of her close people would get hurt because of her?

That's when the rain started. At first it was slower and then it became heavy. It felt like the sky was wailing because of her misfortune. In this cold night and such heavy rain made her whole body froze on the spot.

Then and there, she made a decision. She wanted to scream in agony. It wasn't a physical pain but it was a agony of heart.

With her last strength she silently cut the rope of their boat. She could hear the footsteps. They were coming.


As the boat started, the distance between the boat and her was getting larger and larger.

Then the man looked behind and his eyes opened wide. There was disbelief written all over his face.

But he couldn't move. He was rooted on the spot.

She was on the dock, tired, all bloody. She looked forlorn and miserable.

She smiled at him. It wasn't a rueful smile but a blessing smile. As if she wanted to tell him that, 'I sacrificing my life for you. So you better live happily.

She was watching that everything was getting blurry and dark.

Before she could think anything, suddenly she was hit hard on the head.

The time stopped round her and blood was covering her face. Before she lost conscience she smiled at him and in her heart she said,''Farewell, my love."

After that everything became pitch black.

Then her lifeless body fell on the dock and her blood made another river in Milan city.

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