Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 202

The party was held in the garden. The food table was on the corner side of the mansion. Xue Lin was eating pastry with great affection.Looking at her, Lu Feng was thinking of Xue Lin's idea. That moment, a girl came to talk to him."You must be Lu Feng!" She exclaimed.Lu Feng glanced at her. The girl was a French blonde beauty. She was wearing a red low cut short fitting dress revealing her cleavage and other body parts. She looked very seductive.He answered, "I am."The girl exclaimed in joy. "O M G! I can't believe it! I am a fan of yours." She came a little closer and introduced herself, "I am Lora Margot. I'm studying medical at the PSL Research University. It is a pleasure to meet you, Feng."PSL Research University was one of the top medical schools in France. Lu Feng understood that she was a talented student. Lu Corporation always hired people from top schools.He smiled and said, "Pleasure is mine." His eyebrow rose by thinking about the way she mentioned his name. 'Feng? So intimate!' He thought.Lu Feng wanted to move away and but soon he remembered Xue Lin's advice. He had to flirt. Therefore, he stopped walking and was just going to say something to her, but he suddenly froze on the spot because Lora circled her right hand around his left arm and rubbed her bosom on his arms.She said with a luscious smile, "Escort me tonight, Ok?"Lu Feng, who had dated five girls in his youth, glanced at her cleavage and thought, 'So big!'Immediately he smiled handsomely and said, "Sure." There was only one thing that was in his mind, 'Flirting! Flirting! Flirting!'Lora was very pleased. She gave Lu Feng a sultry smile and pulled him to introduce him to her friends.Yan Su's smile lost its charm immediately after she saw Lu Feng's partner. She cursed him in her mind and then again resumed talking to Richard's friend with a sweet smile. But her concentration kept breaking every few seconds as she glanced at Lu Feng and his partner again and again.'Damn this Lu Feng! How could he partner up with such a cheap girl?' She gritted her teeth.Soon Lora Margot took Lu Feng to the corner, close to where the food was served. Experienced Lu Feng could tell what was going to happen.Lora pushed Lu Feng to the wall, circled her arms around his neck, rubbed herself on his chest and then, kissed his lips deeply. Just when Lu Feng was going to reject her, his mind told him, 'Flirting! Flirting! Flirting!'Soon, Lu Feng groped her buttocks and pulled her towards him as he kissed her alluring lips with same passion. He praised her in his mind for her being such a good kisser.Lora moaned in pleasure. She could tell that Lu Feng was experienced just by his mature kissing. She was delightful.Yan Su, who was having a drink with her escort and his friends, suddenly lost track of Lu Feng and his 'cheap' partner. She looked around and couldn't find them.She saw Xue Lin who was giving all her attention to the food. Yan Su smiled and went over to her foodie friend."Enjoying the food?" Yan Su asked.Xue Lin nodded as she chewed down another pastry. After that, she replied, "It is good."Yan Su smiled fondly. Then she asked, "Have you seen Lu Feng? He was talking to someone a few minutes ago."Xue Lin hid her smile and pointed out a direction. Yan Su looked behind her and froze at the sight where Lu Feng and Lora Margot were kissing.Yan Su and Xue Lin could not tell what happened next. Suddenly, there was a crash sound.The kissing couple got startled and moved away from each other. Then the four of them saw that a plate with a chocolate pastry was thrown at the wall, very next to Lu Feng's head. If it was a little closer.Lu Feng and Lora were looking at Yan Su in shock while Yan Su was glaring at both of them. Xue Lin first looked at the wall and then looked at her empty hand which was holding the plate a few seconds ago. Without a word, she took another plate of pastry.The party area was large and there were a few people close to the table. Those who heard the crashing sound looked at them.Feeling the gazes, Yan Su smiled brightly and said, "Sorry, my hand slipped."Xue Lin commented from the side, "It slipped pretty far."
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