Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 205

While Lu Feng took away Yan Su, Anne Donne was looking at Mu Lan who was enjoying her first birthday party with Mu Feng. Both Mu Feng and Mu Lan were in a good relationship. One would look at him as her brother, and, the other would look at her as his soul sister. They were gossiping about funny things and eating sweet creamy pastries. Mu Lan once thought, 'Have I ever had a birthday party for myself?'If she knew that her birthdays were the worst days of her life, she would be pretty upset.While Mu Lan was absorbed in her own thoughts, she was unaware of someone's jealous gaze.'How dare she? How come she was escorted by two handsome men?' Anne chewed her lips.First, she saw Mu Lan with the man she was interested in. She kissed him on the balcony. Now Mu Lan was dating another handsome guy and he was none other than Mu Feng. The legendary Mu Feng. What quality did she have that could allow her to become Mu Feng's girlfriend.When Mu Feng introduced her to the male guests, everyone had praised her beauty.Anne Donne's blood was boiling just like a volcano, as if she could burn every last bit of this Chinese girl.Anne's boyfriend looked at her and asked, "Baby, why are you so upset? Today is your birthday. Shouldn't you celebrate with others?"Anne looked at her boyfriend. He was someone who was well-known for his photography career. But she was not satisfied with him. Her boyfriend might be handsome and rich, but he was not in the same league as Mu Feng.Her boyfriend might have caught something unusual about her behavior. He took her to the bed saying, "I have something urgent to tell you."As they went inside the bedroom, he hugged Anne.Anne was stunned. She asked, "What are you doing? What is the thing you wanted to talk to me about?"Her boyfriend said, "I just don't like it when my pet looks at other good looking men." His golden hair glowed in the light and his green eyes were dangerously narrow.Seeing this new side of her boyfriend for two months, Anne was actually frightened. She gulped down her saliva.Glancing at her who looked like a frightened cat, his dangerous eyes became normal. He asked, "What were you thinking back them when you were looking at the couple close to the food table."'Sh*t! He found out.' Anne thought.She smiled and circled her arms around her boyfriend's delicate neck. "It isn't like that. The girl is not what others think of her. I saw her kissing a handsome man in the ball and now she has another boyfriend. Maybe she was cheating on her boyfriend that night."The handsome boyfriend gently rubbed her hair just the way she liked it. He asked, "Who are you talking about? The woman in red dress?"Anne said, "Yes, her name is Lan. The moment she came to the class, she took my spotlight. Everyone says that she is a true beauty, she is a talent. Actually, I also started to believe it until I found the real her."Her boyfriend kissed her lips and said, "What did you find out?"Anne replied, "She was suddenly absent after the ball and just tried to create a vibe. She even has a fake personality. She shows her friendly face in front of everyone, but in reality she only stays with three girls because her friends are rich."Her boyfriend said, "She has a terrible personality."Anne nodded and said, "She does. He continued, "She took your spot light, so she needs to be punished."
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