Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 206



Her boyfriend continued, "She took your spotlight, so she has to be punished."


Anne twisted her mouth. She asked, "But who will punish her? My friends are not available."


He asked, "Why aren't they available?"


"They were hurt by Lan's friends." Anne complained.


Her boyfriend was asked again, "How did that happen?"


Anne told him that Lan's friends tripped, broke a leg, then stole their boyfriends from her friends. She also said, "They also made our professor mad at me and the professor scolded me a lot." Anne started to cry. She continued, "I was really ashamed back then."


The man comforted her as he rubbed her back. He asked, "What if I help you punish that evil girl?"


Anne's crocodile's tears suddenly stopped as she looked at her boyfriend. She was joyous to hear him say that.


'Finally, he came to some use.' She thought.


Anne came closer to her boyfriend and gave him a peck. She asked, "How do you plan on doing it?"


The man looked at her red lips and said, "It is very easy. But first, I want a reward." His tone became dark.


Anne understood very well what he wanted. But she wanted to know the plan. She was feeling excitement. She said, "How can I give you a reward first? The task isn't completed yet. Don't you think that it is very unfair?"


Anne's boyfriend already started to take off her clothes. He said, "It is very fair." 'Because this is the last time we will be together.' He thought.


In a second, the room was filled with a woman's moans and a man's groans. Their frictions were louder than before.


Twenty minutes later, after their release, they changed position and moved to the window.


Anne's boyfriend put her on the window and moved from behind. His eyes went outside the window, where a girl in red dress was smiling happily while eating food. Suddenly implying he became faster after he saw her.


Since the room was bright. Anyone could see them clearly from the outside. But they paid no attention to it.


Even after the third time, the man didn't let go. They went on for two full hours, doing it in many different positions, making Anne worn out.


Anne was sitting on the floor. Her body was full of bite marks, sweat and liquids. She panted heavily. After she slightly calmed her breaths, she looked at the naked handsome man before her and thought, 'He was never this passionate before. But why now?"

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