Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 207

Anne thought of their passionate moments. It lasted only for two hours.Her boyfriend had already put on his clothes. He gave her a little bottle.Anne looked at him in a questioning gaze. "What is it? She askedHe replied, "It is an aphrodisiac. It is a very powerful potion. Give her a drink mixed with this, apologize to her and say that it was a friendly gesture and you wanted to be her friend. Make sure that both of you drink together but only her glass would have the potion. Do you understand?"Of course, Anne understood him clearly. She put on her dress and rearranged her hair. Afterwards, she took the potion and went out in a jocund mood.-Mu Lan was having a sumptuous dinner. Her stomach was filled. She rubbed her belly with satisfaction as she burped lightly."Sister Lan Lan, you ate too much. What will happen if you gain weight?" Mu Feng whispered from her left side."This way, Liang Liang cannot carry me anymore. Isn't that great?" Mu Lan said.Mu Feng looked at her with disbelief. He asked, "So it was your plan from the very beginning! I underestimated you."Mu Lan said, "Now you are on the right track."As Mu Lan and Mu Feng were having fun, Anne Donne walked towards them. "Lan?" She softly asked. Mu Lan looked at her and saw that Anne was standing with two glasses of wine. Her face was innocent. She came closer."I hope you had a wonderful evening." Mu Lan said. She felt something was not right. Mu Lan already wished her and gave her a gift the moment they came here. She knew that Anne didn't like her. However, she could not understand why Anne wished to talk to her again.Anne said, "I know that I've never talked to you properly and as an adult I feel bad. Today is my birthday and despite my behavior, you came to wish me and enjoyed the party. I'm truly glad. I am here to compensate for what I have done. Please, be my friend. I promise to be true to you."'Yes, I will be very true to you, you bi***!' Anne Donne thought in her mind.Mu Lan found it hard to believe that Anne would have a sudden change of heart just because she came to her birthday party.'What is she planning?' Mu Lan wondered as she looked at the glasses of wine.Anne stretched her hand with a wine glass and said, "Let's become good friends."Mu Lan looked at Anne's eyes which looked innocent. However, looking at the red wine, she thought that she was looking at poison. She hesitated before taking the glass, but still stretched her hand to take the glass.Just then, Mu Feng took both the glasses from Anne and looked at Mu Lan, showing Anne his back. He handed over a glass of wine to Mu Lan and took the other glass for himself."Ms. Donne, Thank you for your kindness. We pray that everyday a girl like you is born." Mu Feng said happily.Dumbfounded Anne was looking at Mu Feng. When Mu Feng finished, she said, "Actually this glass is mine for wishing a prosperous relationship with her."Mu Feng looked at his glass and felt ashamed. His face was red. He apologized as he gave Anne her glass back.Mu Lan and Anne both smiled as they clinked their glasses together."For our long-lasting friendship." Anne Donne said."For our long-lasting friendship." Mu Lan said."Cheers!" They said together and drank the whole glass of wine.
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