Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 217

Yan Su was fuming with rage. She could not believe that Lu Feng was taking advantage of her. She gritted her teeth and stormed back to her room. She lost interest in strolling around the research center after some time.Yan Su went to her bed and closed her eyes. Immediately, she remembered the soft yet warm touch of Lu Feng's lips.Her eyes flew wide open, her heart raced and her face made no hesitation to turn red. She sat up quickly.'What am I thinking?' She screamed in her mind.Yan Su always focused on her health and used her wit only when she was at a match or when she was working on journalism. Therefore, she thought less about the things around her. In other words, she was more dim-witted in romance and other things compared to her friends.Yan Su had yet to fully realize that she admired Lu Feng and liked him quite a bit.She paced around her own room for thirty minutes.When Yan Su heard of footsteps pacing towards her room, she went to her bed swiftly and tugged the quilt over her.Someone knocked at her door politely. However, Yan Su didn't answer.Then, she heard the sound of the door opening and footsteps entering. Yan Su braced herself."Yan Su, are you sleeping?" Lu Feng called out.Yan Su's heart raced faster.'Why is he here now?' She thought.Lu Feng uncovered her quilt and saw her so-called sleeping face. He stretched his hand and lovingly caressed her cheek.Yan Su's eye-lashes quivered slightly. Still she pretended to be asleep.Afterwards, Lu Feng checked her pulse and gave her another injection. Before leaving, Lu Feng stroked Yan Su's hair and moved the locks away from her face. Then, he leaned down and kissed her forehead.When Lu Feng left, Yan Su touched her forehead and felt that her skin was burning where his warm lips touched.'Ahh! I'm going to die!' She screamed in her mind.Yan Su called Mu Lan when she could not calm her heart. "Yan Su, how are you feeling?" Mu Lan answered her call and asked.Yan Su answered, "Not good. So not good. Help me Lan dear. I cannot take it anymore." Yan Su cried out. "What on earth happened?" Mu Lan couldn't understand anything."Lan dear, I don't know why, but Lu Feng is acting weird." Yan Su replied.Mu Lan was dumbfounded. "Weird?...How?" Yan Su answered, "He is becoming more.. more" Before she could complete her sentence her face turned beet red. "You understand what I mean, right?" Mu Lan felt helpless. She replied, "Yan Su, I seriously don't understand what you are trying to tell me."Yan Su literally pulled her own hair. She was even more agitated since she couldn't make Mu Lan understand her inner thoughts."Lan dear, listen to me. Lu Feng is kissing me and touching me anywhere he wants." Yan Su's voice quivered as she said.Mu Lan didn't know if she could believe Yan Su or not. She was silent for a few seconds and then asked, "Are you sure?""Do you think I'm lying?!" Yan Su was furious. "Just a few seconds ago, he touched my face and k-kissed my forehead."Mu Lan sighed heavily. She said, "Yan Su, it is just your forehead. What are you worried about?" If it was some other time, Yan Su would tease Mu Lan till she would find out about what Mu Lan and Mu Liang did when they were alone. However, right now, her mind was occupied with Lu Feng and his passionate activities."No, not only that. He kissed me passionately in a public place! We were caught by a nurse." Yan Su said what she wanted to tell Mu Lan from the very beginning.
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