Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 219

Mu Lan sighed inwardly. 'This girl!' She thought.Mu Lan said calmly, "If you like his touch, why don't you take advantage of it?"In her heart she was thinking, 'Please God, let it work. Let it work. Let it work.'However, Yan Su was silent. She was considering Mu Lan's options. Or maybe, perhaps she saw through Mu Lan's plan.After whole one minute passed, Yan Su said, "Lan, my dear?"Mu Lan's heart was already lumped in her throat as she was nervous. She asked back, "Yes, Yan Su?"Yan Su replied, "You actually gave me a wonderful idea. If that pervert Lu Feng tries to take advantage of me then I will just enjoy the ride." She gave a goofy smile."Ahahaha." Mu Lan gave a lifeless laugh.'As expected of our dimwit Yan Su.' Mu Lan thought and sighed in relief.After she hung up the call, she sent a text to Xue Lin. Xue Lin saw the text and smirked devilishly. She then sent a text to Lu Feng.In the Lu Research Center, Lu Feng was writing a report on his next project. Just then his mobile chimed. Lu Feng looked at the cell phone screen. He saw that it was from Xue Lin. Xue Lin texted, 'Second Lesson: If an opportunity comes in front of you, don't hesitate and grab it. You will find eternal peace.'Lu Feng blinked a few times. Still he could not comprehend what Xue Lin meant by this text.'Maybe I will ask her later.' He thought.Lu Feng buried himself in work. However, his mind was flying elsewhere. 'Grab the opportunity. Grab the opportunity.'If only he knew that she meant.------Meanwhile, Mu Lan was in Mu Feng's car. They were heading towards the Mu Corporation's building.Mu Lan was wearing Veni Vidi Vici's black solid sporty Bardot fit and flare dress, Belle Fille's red solid sporty jacket, Shuz Touch's black solid heeled boot and a red Zacharias' woolen cap in head and she paired all of those with a black pearl simple earings and flame red matte lipstick. Her dark brown colored, long and loose hair was waving in the wind.She was laughing so hard at Mu Feng's jokes that her stomach hurt. Soon they reached the office.Mu Feng opened his door and came out of his car. He then went to the other side of the car and opened the door of the passenger seat.As Mu Lan came out, some of the workers who were going inside the office were looking at her stunning appearance in awe.Those who were in the lounge started whispering."Who is this beautiful woman?""She came with our Second Master. Who do you think she is?""Our Second Master has never brought women in his entire life. This has to be his girlfriend."All the employees of the seventy storied building got the news of Mu Feng and Mu Lan came at work together when these two were only in the lounge. Female employees wailed in agony as they got the news of their second master was single no more. The male employees sighed in relief.'At last, our time has arrived.' The male employees thought.However one female employee remind everyone, "We still have our Boss. We are not widows yet." The female employees nodded positively.Mu Feng took Mu Lan to the top floor where Mu Liang's room was. It was currently empty because Mu Liang was in Germany.They met Mu Liang's secretary who was curiously waiting for the second master and the beautiful woman.Mu Feng left his sister-in-law in his elder brother's room and he went to the next room where his room was.Mu Lan looked around Mu Liang's room and somewhat missed him.Just then, her cell phone rang. She looked at the screen and thought, 'Speak of the devil.'
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