Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 23

My Lovely Patient Readers, today I have a story to share with you.

Today after exam I was going home with my friend who also read webnovels. She was talking about two new stories she started to read. As I asked her the names, she couldn't remember but she could remember a fragment to the title of one novel and it was " something like CEO type."

Curiously I asked her about the cove and she said, "Violet." And started to open her mobile.

But before seeing it I already knew the answer. Showing me the cover she tried to explain the story to me.

At that moment I couldn't control my laugh and said, "I'm writing this novel."


Gosh! I still ca't forget her priceless reaction. I was keeping it secret for the ongoing exam but couldn't keep it anymore.

Hah! What a day!

Enjoy the chapter while I sleep. <3 <3


Andrew smith humbly asked, "Madam Mu, do you want to stay at home or at the dorm? If you want we can arrange the finest room for you in the dorm."

Mu Liang immediately wanted to refuse but in the last second controlled himself.

Like Andrew in same humbly tone Mu Lan said, "Please don't call me Madam Mu. I'm your student. Lan is okay if you don't mind."

"Yes Madam Mu." Andrew nodded in agreement.


Mu Lan was speechless. 'Looks like it will take some times. Liang Liang's power is quite something!"

Then she looked at Mu Liang who was sitting beside her. She looked excited as she asked him, "Can I stay at the dormitory? Can I? Can I?"

Mu Liang looked at eyes sparkling eyes and then and there he regretted it. He couldn't resist those twinkling eyes! They were so transparent and so pure that he could see himself in her eyes like her eyes were twin mirrors.

He looked at her rosy lips. He stared at her lips for awhile. At that moment, he wanted to devour her wholly.

He did everything for her sake. Destroying her existence, enrolling her into a famous university, giving her a choice to choose her favorite subject.... And all she wants to get away from him.

He didn't want to let her go!

But no matter what he did to tie her up, in the end, he had to admit defeat while looking at her lucid eyes full of innocence.

He stroked her hazel tree colored hair affectionately and said in a warm voice, "As you wish." With three words he simply said what he didn't wish to tell and that made Mu Lan's heart jumped to the heaven above.

Seeing her smiling brightly like sunshine all his regrets flew away by the window and vanished in the air.

Watching the scene in front of him, Andrew became a statue of Mu Mansion. He felt like he was dragged here to be torture psychologically. It was too much for a single-forty-year old man like him.

"Oh! Thank you. Thank you. Thaaaaank yooooou." She really wanted to give him a hug there.

Then Mu Lan looked at Andrew and said, "Sir if possible then I would like to live at the dorm and no need for any special arrangement. I would like to stay with other girls."

Andrew Smith timidly looked at Mu Liang in front of him. It was like he was seeking Big Boss's permission.

As Mu Liang nodded lightly, Andrew smiled brilliantly at her, "Of course Madam Mu. I'll arrange everything within tomorrow."

'Again Madam Mu........' Mu Lan signed inside.

"It's OK. You don't have to hurry I would like to go there next week. And also I would be better if no one knew my connection with Mu Family." She didn't want the lime light anyway.

Mu Liang frowned while listening to her request. It wasn't that he didn't understand what she meant but to him it felt like she was treating him like an insect and trying to drag him out of her life.

Though Mu Liang didn't want to but he felt upset and hanged his head a little.

Seeing the picture unfolding in front of him, Andrew felt sympathy for the Mighty King Mu.

'So even a king like Mu Liang is weakened in front of his beloved one.' He thought surprisingly. But to live a long life he had to take this very secret to his grave.

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