Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 239

At half past six, Mu Liang woke up with a fresh and happy mood. When he opened his eyes, a beautiful face came into his sight. He smiled in satisfaction. He gently stroked her head. Mu Lan seemed to have felt his warm touch. Her eyelashes fluttered before they opened. With a sleepy mood, she rubbed her face on his warm chest. She tried to sleep again. Mu Liang laughed silently at the sight. He bent down to kiss her forehead. Then he hugged her closer and looked outside the window. The day was wonderful as usual. The sky was foggy, the cold breeze was blowing and the birds were chirping. For some reason, for Mu Liang the day seemed to be dazzling and wonderful than ever. The calculation was going on in his mind. It was November and Mu Lan's exams would be in December. After the winter vacation, the results would get published and in February they will be going to visit his family members in Italy. Mu Liang looked at the sleeping beauty beside him and his heart filled with glee. 'She is going to be mine forever.' He thought. A fire burnt inside his heart. Mu Liang couldn't help but repeatedly kiss her rosy lips. Feeling disturbed, Mu Lan frowned. However, it didn't stop Mu Liang from kissing her. In the end, Mu Lan circled her arms around his solid body and nuzzled her face on the crook of his neck. As she hid her face there, Mu Liang couldn't kiss her lips anymore, but, her intimate action was just enough oil to the fire. Mu Liang stiffened at the moment. He had a strong urge to hold her underneath his body and kiss her hard. Mu Liang took a deep breath and tried to control his desire. It was good enough that she didn't rub herself on his lower zone. When he realized that Mu Lan didn't have any interest in waking up for the next two hours, Mu Liang sighed and closed his eyes. He also wanted to sleep some more. It was already a rare opportunity to have her being so spoilt. He didn't want to miss it. ------ When Mu Lan woke up, it was already noon. She rubbed her eyes and looked down where she was sleeping. The moment she saw the man underneath her, her face turned slightly red. It turned out that she was sleeping on Mu Liang's nape. Mu Lan recalled last night. She had finally said yes and Mu Liang couldn't control his desire to kiss her senselessly. He didn't stop himself until she almost fainted. In the end, she was forced to sleep in his bedroom. Mu Lan could remember what Mu Liang said at that time.  He coaxed her to sleep and said, "From now on, you, Mu Lan are going to sleep in this room." Mu Lan stiffened and then protested. "What about my room?" Mu Liang replied while kissing her right cheek, "It was originally my parents' room. They used to stay there whenever they wanted to visit us. I ordered Uncle Leo to prepare the room for you. Now you don't need it. All your belongings will be arranged in my room." Mu Lan pouted. She said, "I loved that room." Mu Liang faintly asked and said, "You will love our bedroom more. Just wait and watch." Mu Lan sulked before she drifted to her dreamland. Now that Mu Lan thought of that, she realized that it was Mu Liang's plan all along. He could let her stay in the hospital, but he didn't. He brought her here, gave her a new identity and made her stay with him. Everything that has happened until now, everything has gone according to his plan.
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