Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 24

While Andrew was tormented by 'Boss Mu' and 'Madam Mu', he was saved by Butler Leo who knocked the door and entered into the room and bowed deeply.

"First young master, first young mistress, Mr. Andrew Smith, lunch is served."

"Leo, show the way to Mr. Smith. We'll be there shortly." Mu Liang slowly said.

As Andrew was about to get up, Mu Lan hold him off, "As I said before Mr. Smith, it would be better if you didn't call me 'Madam Mu'. After all, this title belongs to Mu Liang's mother. You can call me Miss Lan. If it's too much for your taste, you can call me Miss Mu." She used a tone of little superiority.

'Hope this way it works.' She thought while praying.

While she and Mu Feng were strolling around the whole mansion, Mu Feng showed her their family photos which were hanging on the walls. In the picture there were their childhood photos with full family and they all looked very happy. Although in the pictures they were all in casual clothes and happy faces, every one of them looked dignified. They had an aura of royal family.

"I-I understand Miss Mu." Andrew stammered and then followed the Head Butler.

Soon they both gone and Mu Liang and Mu Lan were alone in the study room.

"Do you really wish to go and live in the dorm?" Mu Liang asked with an upset tone.

But the cruel woman before him couldn't catch what made him ask such question. She answered excitedly, "Yes! I want to experience a university life. Want to make new friends. Want to hang out!"

'Can't this brutal woman show any mercy?' Mu Liang's heart was bleeding right now. 'Did brain damage caused her low EQ?'

Mu Liang slowly touched the girl's hazel colored locks and ran his fingers through her hair.

There was a hint of sadness in his eyes.

Then Goddess of Mercy looked upon to Mu Liang and Mu Lan caught his unusual behavior.

She put one of her hands on his forehead and other one on hers.

"Hm. You don't look like you have fever or anything." She looked worried. "Are you sick?"

'She was just taking my temperature.' First her action froze Mu Liang, after understanding her purpose, he sighed heavily and then hugged her tightly.

'She definitely knows how to get me.' There was a sweet smile lingering on his mouth.

If his brothers Mu Feng and Mu Chen got to see that they would have heart attack.

As Mu Liang was feeling spring hugging her soft body, Mu Lan on the other hand, became stiff.

The time stopped around her. She couldn't comprehend what to do when she was hugged.

First thing that caught her mind was Mu Liang's manly smell. After smelling first, she couldn't help smell more.

She suddenly realized her heart was beating faster than normal.

When she tried to calm her down, she discovered another thing.

Though they were wearing clothes as Mu Liang hugged her tightly, Mu Lan could feel his very developed body, his muscles.

'Cupid, please have some mercy!'

Her heart started to beat wildly. Mu Lan didn't even know when she clung to Mu Liang's shirt and couldn't help but rethink about her marriage.

'Luckily I got a handsome fianc who got a royal mansion and lots of money. I shouldn't have told him to wait six months. What if when the time comes he falls for other girl? I should have acted fast.'

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