Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 240

Mu Lan smirked at her realization. 'So I actually got myself into his honey trap. Next time I should be careful.' She thought. It wasn't that she hated him or disliked him. If she did, she wouldn't have let Mu Liang touch her. If Mu Lan thought that she was in some kind of danger, she would have tried to flee a long time ago. That way, she would never have been kidnapped to China. Moreover, Mu Liang gave her a sense of security, a home, an identity, a family and a brand new life. She didn't know her past but, she was enjoying her new life. Mu Lan knew in her heart, she wanted to be loved, she wanted to be close to people, she wanted a peaceful and happy life. She wasn't sure why she was being so greedy, but she couldn't help herself. Maybe, because of her selfishness, she wanted to be with Mu Liang. He had many qualities. He was handsome, rich, loyal, devoted, serious and responsible. Which woman on this earth didn't want such a perfect man? Though Mu Lan had found out about his scheming and possessiveness, she noticed that he did everything for his own selfishness, but she also understood one thing. That was, Mu Liang would never mistreat her. Mu Lan was never good at reading people like Xue Lin. But she could recognize and understand people through their actions. And furthermore, Xue Lin's advice in the ball gave her more confidence. Mu Lan thought, 'Xue Lin was right. I am lucky to have him.' She subconsciously smiled and rubbed her face on his naked chest. She didn't even realize that her arms tightened around his handsome body. "Are you trying to seduce me the moment you wake up? Trust me, it is working." A deep, husky voice startled Mu Lan. She was about to jump off, then she remembered that she was only wearing Mu Liang's nightshirt and her panties. She froze on the spot. Her face turned red. Mu Liang smirked as he realized why she froze. He couldn't help but tease her. "Maybe, I should tell them to throw away all your nightdresses. Then you can wear only mine and thereby you can't leave my side in the morning." Mu Lan almost screamed, "You can't do-" She couldn't finish her protest. Before she could, warm lips captured hers. Soon their tongues entangled and danced together. Mu Lan's mind was blown away. Her head was spinning. Mu Lan didn't know how long they kissed. Her tongue started to get numb and she tasted blood. She didn't know whose blood it was. Mu Liang also tasted blood. He realized that it was Mu Lan's. Instantly he stopped kissing. He looked at the girl who was panting heavily on his chest. Her energy was completely drowned. Mu Liang worriedly asked, "Are you feeling any pain?" Mu Lan didn't answer. She couldn't even hear what Mu Liang just asked her. Mu Lan's face was very attractive right now. Her face was red and sweaty. Her hair was dishevelled. Her half-open eyes were teary and tears fell from her eyes, making her red cheeks wet. Her swollen, rosy lips were opened and she was panting heavily. Mu Liang gulped down his saliva. He could feel his body was reacting. He tenderly kissed her tears away and got up from the bed. He went to the bathroom and had a cold shower. After taking bath, Mu Liang came to the bedroom to get dressed. He halted at his track seeing the empty bed. 'Looks like she ran away from me.' Mu Liang sighed and wondered, 'When will a day come when I have to stop taking these cold showers?'
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