Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 242

Mu Lan scratched her head and said, "I was busy taking care of my health. Everyone kept an eye on me. I totally forgot that I got engaged. I'm sorry guys." She bowed her head. "Liar." Xue Lin didn't take a glance, even though she could tell Mu Lan was clearly lying. Yan Su and Xue Lin's scornful gaze made Mu Lan spill the beans. She spoke the truth. "Actually my belongings were moved and everyone kept me in check as I fainted few days ago. Specially, Liang Liang, he didn't leave my side at all. I was too occupied to think of anything else." Yan Su smirked and said, "You mean that you were so busy thinking about my eldest cousin that you forgot us." Ten on ten. Mu Lan couldn't even look at her friends. To save herself, she said, "Guys, I'm very hungry." Qi Ying smiled and said, "I'm going to cook." Yan Su glared at Mu Lan and said, "Tomorrow you have to give us a treat, or else, I'll cook the worst meal possible and feed you." Then she followed Qi Ying inside the kitchen. Mu Lan sighed in relief. Still she felt bitter. Even though she wasn't in Mu Mansion, she still had to eat nutritious food and medicine. However, it was better in another way. Mu Liang couldn't take bath with her. Xue Lin asked, "Are you sure that you want to marry him?" Mu Lan looked at her. She answered, "I'll be happy if I marry him. He treats me well." Xue Lin kept looking at her. Then she said, "Let me change the question. Do you love him?" Mu Lan halted there. 'Do I?' She thought. Mu Lan definitely liked Mu Liang. He gave her a second chance. She was really grateful. But did she actually love him? She didn't know. Because, she had no idea what love was. Xue Lin shook her head and said, "Don't worry. You don't have to think about it. You will find out eventually. Just don't marry before you finish studying." Mu Lan smiled at her friend. She wanted to ask Xue Lin, 'what is love?' However, she was interrupted by a sudden call. Mu Lan looked at her cell phone. She didn't know this number. When she answered the call, a girl's voice could be heard. "Hello, am I speaking with Lan?" The girl asked. Mu Lan answered, "I am Lan." She found the voice familiar. The girl replied, "Oh, thank goodness. Don't you recognize me? I'm Louise Fontaine. Feng's childhood friend." Mu Lan frowned. 'She has to say brother Feng's name intimately, doesn't she?' Mu Lan thought. "Yeah, I remembered you. Where did you get this number?" Mu Lan asked. Louise smiled and said, "Haha, I have my ways to get whatever I want." Her voice was friendly but it had a hidden meaning. Mu Lan didn't like her words either. She simply asked, "What do you want?" Louise answered, "Actually, I felt sorry for what I said last time. I should have congratulated you as Feng's childhood friend. But I didn't. So I wanted to compensate for my behaviour. That's why I called you. Food is the best way to ask for forgiveness. I have a private boat. Let's have lunch together, if you don't mind. I will really appreciate it if you join me." Mu Lan thought for a few seconds, and then replied, "Fine. Where will we meet?" Louise was preparing for many other options to make Mu Lan say 'yes'. She was stunned as Mu Lan answered replied 'yes' in one go. Louise hurriedly said, "At twelve, I'll pick you up from the campus." Then she thanked Mu Lan for accepting the invitation and hung up. Then she thought, 'What an idiot!'
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