Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 243

Yan Su was an expert in cooking a beef steak. She helped Qi Ying to cook seafood soup too. Qi Ying cooked steamed veggies.After having dinner, Mu Lan burped. Rubbing her stomach, she said, "You guys really know how to cook. Best dinner ever." She praised her friends non-stop.However it didn't change the expressions of Yan Su, Xue Lin and Qi Ying. Qi Ying, who was always easy going and timid, wasn't talking too either.Mu Lan scratched her head. She really wanted to make the atmosphere friendly. Still nothing was working.Xue Lin was looking at the laptop. Yan Su played a romantic drama and Xue Lin and Qi Ying were watching it.Mu Lan looked at her three friends. 'They are really mad at me, aren't they?' She thought.She talked to herself, "Here I thought that I should compensate and take the opportunity to take my friends tomorrow in the Seine river cruise to have lunch together. But it seems I'm so unforgivable that it's not possible anymore-"Mu Lan couldn't even finish the sentence, Yan Su jumped. "Are you serious? You should have said it before." Yan Su exclaimed in joy. Mu Lan was speechless at Yan Su's sudden change of behavior.Qi Ying said with a smile, "It can't be only lunch. It has to be a first-class lunch."Mu Lan shortly said, "......Sure." She started to become doubtful."Make it lunch and dinner." Xue Lin said expressionlessly.Mu Lan, "......"'Are they bunch of hypocrites?' Mu Lan thought, 'Not long back they were not uttering even a single word and now look at them!'Mu Lan had no idea that the first class river cruise of the Seine river was rip off because the food was excellent.It was the very reason that Yan Su, Xue Lin and Qi Ying were very excited. Who didn't like free meals, specially when the food was first class?Yan Su asked gleefully, "When are we leaving?""Tomorrow at twelve." Mu Lan answered.'Forget it. It's not that I'm the one who is going to pay for the meal. The one who invited, she has to pay.' Mu Lan thought in mind.When Louise invited Mu Lan for the lunch, Mu Lan wanted to reject at first. Then, she glanced at Xue Lin's sulking face and changed her decision.Mu Liang already told her not to be close to Mu Feng's 'childhood' friend but if she took her best friends with her, he definitely wouldn't mind.'Or maybe he would.' Mu Lan thought. 'I'll call him later.'After the drama ended, Mu Lan's three friends bid her good night and left.Mu Lan looked at the watch. It was half past eight. She took her cell phone and dialled Mu Liang's number.Before it could ring, Mu Liang answered the call. "I was about to call you." He said.His deep voice made Mu Lan shiver slightly. She asked, "Why did you want to call me?"Mu Liang was silent for a while as if savoring Mu Lan's honey voice. Then he replied, "I miss you."This single sentence of three words made Mu Lan blushed.'This guy, just yesterday he forced me to bath with him and did.. how can he say now that he missed me?' Mu Lan wondered.Mu Lan bit her lower lip and ignored what he said. She changed the topic. "I wanted to ask you something."She was speaking faster than usual. Noticing that, Mu Liang smiled. He knew the only time she spoke fast when she was embarrassed or nervous.Mu Liang asked teasingly, "Darling, are you shy?"Mu Lan's heart almost stopped beating.
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