Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 244

Mu Liang's voice was deeper than the ocean as he teasingly asked, "Darling, are you shy?"Mu Lan felt that she was drowning. Her heart was beating loudly. She opened her mouth to say something but her words were stuck in her throat.Mu Liang smiled at her silence. He finally said, "Open the window." Then he hung up.At first, Mu Lan couldn't understand. Then she realized. 'No way!' She thought as her eyes grew bigger. She hurriedly opened the window and in a flash, Mu Liang climbed up on the pipe and entered her room."Y-you climbed again" Mu Lan's stuttering voice trailed off. Just when she was thinking of her freedom....Mu Liang looked at her transparent eyes deeply. Then he gave her a tight hug. "It seems that I can't stay a single day without seeing you." Mu Lan could hear her own heartbeats.Thump! Thump! Thump!She put her hands on his firm chest and gave him a push. "H-have you not seen enough? Why are you hugging me? Let me go." Mu Lan meekly said. Her voice quivered as she spoke.Mu Liang smiled as he looked down at her red face. He leaned closer to her right ear and huskily said, "I forgot to mention that I can't stay a single day without touching you." Then he nibbled her soft ear.Mu Liang's sudden intimacy made Mu Lan jump in surprise. She moaned softly. Realizing how embarrassing her moan sounded she bit her lower lip and wiggled her head. She didn't want him doing things like this in her dorm.Mu Liang hugged her tightly before grabbing her legs and putting them around his slender waist. Then he groped her buttocks and kissed her lips passionately.Mu Lan shuddered at the position. Then her body turned rigid in nervousness. Later, she found something poking her lower part. A warmth spread her whole body. Soon her body felt numb.Mu Liang's passionate kisses turned wild when Mu Lan opened her mouth to gasp for oxygen. His tongue entered inside her mouth and it twirled with her tongue. For some reason, the tongue was extra sweet and extra warm. This soft thing was more like a cotton candy to him. He couldn't help but taste it more and more. Still, he felt that it wasn't enough.Mu Liang already noticed his reaction and he realized that it was poking her soft part. For a moment, he had nearly lost control. He paused for a while and stopped kissing her, then glanced down to see her expression.Mu Lan's hands were encircled around his neck. Because of their wild kisses, her face became excessive red and her red lips were slightly open as she panted. Her teary eyes were half opened as they looked into Mu Liang's ocean blue eyes dizzily. It looked like her mind was not working clearly and she couldn't think straight.Mu Liang kissed her tears away and showered her entire face with soft kisses. It showed that how much he actually cared for her.The sofa was near to where Mu Liang was standing. He walked towards it and sat down. Mu Lan's legs were still encircled around his waist. Now, it felt like she was straddling him.Mu Liang laughed softly. He said, "If anyone sees us right now in this position, they will surely misunderstand you." His eyes were full of desire and hunger.Mu Liang leaned in to capture her lips again. Now he didn't have to support her to hang around his body, so those hands skillfully ran around her attractive body. Very quickly, her woollen sweater was undone and her t-shirt was thrown away in a corner.Mu Liang gazed at her seductive expression and said in a hoarse voice, "Darling, I want to eat you up."
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