Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 245

[Warning: Adult content, not feasible for below 18 years old]Mu Lan could vaguely see Mu Liang's handsome face. Her mind was flying away. But then, she heard Mu Liang's hoarse voice. "Darling, I want to eat you up."Instantly, her mind became clearer. She could clearly see Mu Liang's lustful gaze. If it was another person, she would have felt disgusted. However, in front of Mu Liang's heated gaze, Mu Lan melted.She wanted to hide from his hungry gaze. The best solution she could find at this moment was to hug his body and bury her face in his shoulder.Because of her action, Mu Liang could feel her alluring body through his shirt. His eyes darkened. His left hand was encircled around her slim waist and his right hand started to unbutton his shirt. When he finished unbuttoning, he threw his shirt away. Now their bodies were pressed together.Even in the cold winter night, both of them didn't feel cold. On the contrary, their bodies were warmer than the hot summer.Mu Lan's face was hidden in Mu Liang's left shoulder. His left hand was on her waist. His right hand caressed her whole body, making her shiver.Mu Lan was wearing only her undergarments. She had taken off her trousers when her friends had left the room. So, unlike her upper body, her legs were colder in the winter night.Mu Liang repeatedly rubbed her legs to warm them up. Then his left hand moved her silky hair away from her left shoulder. The sweaty left shoulder and the elegant neck came to his view.Mu Liang leaned in and kissed her sweaty crook of the neck, then started to lick, nibble and bite. Mu Lan let out some soft moans and writhed in his arms. She twisted her body to move away from him.Mu Liang bit her left ear and warned her, "Be good, Darling." His right hand moved her back and unlocked the hook of the brassiere. Two round shaped balls popped into his vision.While kissing her cleavage, Mu Liang tried to grope them.That time Mu Lan called out, "L-Liang. mnn" She hugged him tightly, rubbing her body with his.Mu Liang shuddered at her reaction. Accidentally, he pinched her on the red spots of the right breast. Mu Lan arched back with a loud moan, giving him access to bite her. Mu Liang didn't let go of the opportunity. It wasn't the first time Mu Liang did something like this. Mu Lan was getting used to this sort of activities and it was hard for her to not give any reaction. Her moans became louder and she writhed her body. Her fingers got their ways to clutch his hair.Mu Liang's hands went further south and touched her last piece of clothing. It had laces which Mu Liang bought her in Germany. Mu Liang touched her through the cloth and began to rub her. He glanced at her to see her reaction.Mu Lan hitched. She gasped for air. In the end, she couldn't control her moans, so she bit Mu Liang's smooth shoulder. Mu Liang smiled at her reaction and huskily said close to her left ear, "You are wet." Mu Lan bit him harder in response.Mu Liang lovingly kissed her left cheek and pulled the lace of her last cloth. As the lace was undone, Mu Liang slowly took it off. Then, he got a direct access to her skin as he caressed her and then entered a finger.Mu Lan's mind blew up at his abrupt action. A sudden pleasure rushed through her body as her body trembled vigorously. She couldn't keep her moans hidden and let them out. Mu Lan struggled not to let herself go in this pleasure.However, Mu Liang hoarsely said, "Darling, relax. Let yourself go. You can come anytime." Mu Liang's voice was like a mantra, making Mu Lan lose herself.
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