Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 246

Mu Lan's moans became louder and louder as she called out 'Liang Liang' a few times, making Mu Liang's moves bolder.Mu Liang's fingers increased their movement and Mu Lan couldn't control herself anymore. To stop herself from embarrassingly calling out Mu Liang's name, she forcefully kissed his lips.Mu Liang's whole body shook tremendously. He tightly wrapped one of his arm around her waist and the other hand was pleasuring her soft spot.They hungrily kissed each other and their bodies moved. Finally at their highest moment of passion, Mu Lan had her release. Later on, she panted heavily and when she could take no more she also passed out. She melted in Mu Liang's embrace. Mu Liang looked down at the woman in his arms. He leaned in and kissed her forehead which was covered with sweat. He licked his moist hand and was pondering on having another round, that's when they were interrupted by a call.Mu Liang glanced at his mobile screen and saw that it was Hugo."What is it?" Mu Liang cooled down his heated voice."Boss, something might have happened?" Hugo said in a serious tone.Mu Liang frowned. His erection completely subsided when he heard it. He questioned, "What happened?""Boss, Young Mistress is behaving too abnormally at her dorm." Hugo's tone was too serious to find out if something was wrong.Mu Liang, "....."Mu Liang opened his mouth to say something but then he closed his mouth. He looked at the window and realized that from outside anyone could see Mu Lan but they couldn't see Mu Liang. Naturally, Hugo found it suspicious.Mu Liang opened his mouth and said, "Hugo.""Yes, boss." Hugo replied, nearly ready to take action."Close the curtains and don't look anymore." Mu Liang ordered.Hugo, "...."He thought, 'Did I do something wrong?'Then he answered, "Okay, boss." Then he hung up. Hugo was still wondering why his boss said that to him. Nearly an hour later, he realized the truth and turned red.Mu Liang gave out a deep sigh and shook his head. He gazed down at the naked woman who was still a little bit hot and panting softly.Mu Liang carried her to the bed and then put her down. Next, he brought back a soaked towel from the bathroom and wiped her sweaty body. He also cleaned his hand and took a shower as he released himself. Later, he came out of the bathroom with only a towel around his slender waist.Before Mu Liang went to the bed, he took off the towel. He covered himself with a quilt and gazed at the beautiful woman who looked more alluring. Her gaze was too luscious.Mu Liang licked his dry lips and kissed her lips as he brought her closer."Do you feel good?" Mu Liang teased her and Mu Lan immediately turned bright red on hearing him. She hid her face beneath the quilt to avoid him seeing her. But Mu Liang wanted to see her embarrassed expression, so he easily took off the cover."Answer my question or I will do it again assuming that you didn't feel anything at all." Mu Liang warned her with his husky voice.Even if Mu Lan didn't answer, Mu Liang wouldn't do anything to her anyway. He remembered Lu Feng's warnings, "If you want her to live, don't give her any physical or mental pressure. Wait for until she recovers completely." Mu Liang remembered Lu Feng's words and tried his best to follow them. But whenever he looked at Mu Lan, he just couldn't control his desire to have her.When Mu Liang saw that Mu Lan didn't answer, he surprised her by kissing her all over her body.
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