Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 248

The room was filled with kissing sounds.When Mu Lan noticed that Mu Liang's hands were all over her body, she pushed him away as she was panting. Mu Lan took a while to calm her heartbeats. Then she said, "I'm going to the cruise with my friends, even if you don't allow it."Mu Liang smiled and replied, "Do whatever you want to do. I will watch your back."Mu Lan's heart filled with warmth.After Mu Liang left, Mu Lan slept for quite good hours, until Qi Ying came to cook food.Looking at the vegetable pasta and chicken meatballs, Mu Lan gave a satisfactory smile.Qi Ying asked, "When do you plan on having an engagement party?""After I meet Liang Liang's family." Mu Lan answered.Qi Ying's hand froze in the middle air, then quickly she became normal and ate her portion. She gave Mu Lan a soft smile and said, "Congrats."Her tiny change of expression didn't go unnoticed by Mu Lan. She put her face on her palms and asked, "What's on your mind?"Qi Ying paused for a moment before she continued eating. Later, she said, "Four years ago, when Feng and I had a good relationship, someone tried to break us apart. It was weird that I was the only one who noticed it and Feng didn't. I still don't know who it was. But I think..." Her voice trailed off and she didn't say any more.However, Mu Lan caught her point. "So you think." She guessed correctly."That's why I have never told Feng about it. I wanted to protect his heart, not destroy it." Qi Ying's voice quivered in the end.Mu Lan grabbed her free hand and said, "You have suffered a lot. Don't worry anymore. You have us now." She smiled.Qi Ying smiled as well and replied, "And you have us." They quickly finished eating and Mu Lan went to the photography class.After the class, Mu Lan headed to the dorm and dressed up. She was wearing grey jeans, a peach coloured low cut top and grey coloured winter boots. She only changed her sweater and wore a peach coloured jacket, muffler and woollen cap.Mu Lan finished dressing up and just then, someone knocked on the door. She opened the door and saw that it was Yan Su.Yan Su was wearing a low cut purple cocktail dress, an unbuttoned silver jacket and a pair of silver high heels. She wore a pair of diamond earrings and a bracelet. She put on a little makeup. The whole dressed up look of Yan Su made Mu Lan shiver in cold."Lan dear, you look yummy. Just like a peach cake." Yan Su licked her lips.Mu Lan didn't like it when her friend compared her with food. She asked, "Are you not feeling cold?"Yan Su stepped inside the room and sat on the couch. She asked back, "So what if it's winter? How can I not show my attractive body? There are a lot of handsome men in the dock. I will make them drool for me."Mu Lan tried not to laugh. She asked, "Aren't you satisfied with your boyfriend? Isn't he 'good in bed'?"Yan Su smirked and replied, "Of course, he is. My Feng darling is really juicy." She slurped.Mu Lan felt disgusted. "You should just stop comparing human and food."Yan Su enjoyed teasing Mu Lan. Maybe it was just in the bloodline.Yan Su smiled and said, "I can't resist. You and Feng darling are so adorable." She paused and thought of something. Then she continued, "I think Lin dear and Ying dear are juicy too. The second cousin already got Ying dear. That lucky b*****d! Lin dear is still a lonely bird. Maybe I should work as a matchmaker-""Don't do it!" Mu Lan stopped Yan Su from her evil plan. She continued, "If you do that then we are sure to die from her sharp tongue."
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