Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 249

The one who understood Xue Lin the most was Mu Lan. So she had a good idea, how far Xue Lin could go when she would be angry. Mu Lan recalled, last time when someone tried to insult Xue Lin in the cafeteria, she gave a befitting reply. Xue Lin just opened her mouth and told that girl her innermost feelings as well as her desires. She also told, how many men the girl has played with.Mu Lan was so shocked that she couldn't even talk. Later, she found out the truth.That girl was disturbing Xue Lin ever since the very beginning. So Xue Lin always followed her and gathered all sorts of information she could get. She just waited for a good time to let that girl taste her own medicine.And in the cafeteria, Xue Lin got a great opportunity. So, she didn't slip it away. After the incident the girl was transferred to another school.Mu Lan found out how scary Xue Lin was and she tried her best not to offend her.'If Yan Su really does something like finding a man for Xue Lin, I should make sure to let Xue Lin think that I am on her side.' Mu Lan seriously thought about that.Yan Su, the dimwitted, didn't notice Mu Lan's thoughtful gaze, and she continued making plans to become a matchmaker for Xue Lin.------At noon, Mu Lan got a call from Louise. She told Mu Lan to meet her at the entrance of the school campus.Yan Su called out Xue Lin and Qi Ying, then they went to the entrance with Mu Lan.Louise had parked her Limited Edition Volkswagen R23 on the opposite side of the road. Everyone was looking at the car in admiration. It made her feel better.But then, Louise got a glimpse of four girls who were attracting the students near the entrance."Hi, Louise!" Mu Lan smiled brightly and waved her right hand.Louise looked utterly confused. She asked, "Aren't you supposed to have lunch with me? Are you going out with your friends?"Mu Lan laughed aloud and replied, "I'm surely going to have lunch with you but my friends also came along. You won't mind, will you?"Looking at her shamelessness, Louise felt like someone had slapped her face hard. She tried hard to force a smile on her face and said, "Of course not."Louise's basic plan was to take Mu Lan to the river cruise and to show her that Mu Lan was no match for her. Louise also had planned a backup plan with Ruddy. Unfortunately, Louise fell into the grave she dug for Mu Lan.Now, Louise now had to pay four times more than she had to pay originally. Qi Ying and Yan Su were from high society and their families were her clients. Louise couldn't dare to mess up with them. And Ruddy also had to wait for the next move. Her whole plan was ruined by Mu Lan.The only thing that Louise could do, was to grit her teeth and pose a smiling face. Mu Lan and her friends went inside the car and Louise started the engine. They slowly drove to the dock of the river Seine.Inside the car, Louise was feeling awkward. Qi Ying was a timid girl who didn't like to talk to the people she didn't know well.Mu Lan was looking outside the window and enjoying the scenery.Yan Su, the blabbermouth, was talking non-stop but who knows what she was talking. No one actually paid any attention to her words except Qi Ying. Those two definitely had a good relationship and understanding. One was good at speaking and the other one was good at listening.The one who was the creepiest was the girl with glasses. She got a pair of unexceptionally grey eyes. She was deadly quiet and without blinking even once, she was looking at Louise through the rearview mirror.
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