Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 25

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'Luckily I got a handsome fianc who got a royal mansion and lots of money. I shouldn't have told him to wait six months. What if when the time comes he falls for other girl? I should have acted fast.'

Should she change her mind then?

'Nope, I can't. I have to think this through properly. They said I don't have parents. Then they must know where I am from. If my documents were really destroyed, they wouldn't know about my parents. Or maybe they are the one who tried to kill me?'

She shivered slightly remembering the pictures Mu Feng showed. In the pictures, it looked like the gangsters really wanted to kill her.

'But if I really anger a mafia and they hired people to kill me and also if Mu Liang is the one who's mafia then they were suppose to kill me not saving my life? Also I lost my memory, no need to care about what she did, right?'

'But they must have some ulterior motives. I mean, why they would help a stranger, moreover trust her with household and office keys, let her stay at her in mansion, moreover, let her do anything she wants? Not only that, he wants to marry her of all things! Could it be....'

'Could it be Mu Liang is the rival of her enemy? They say that 'enemy's enemy is a friend.' Maybe that's the reason of saving her. In order to get all the information out of her, they want to keep her and be here for the time hen she get her memory back. Maybe they destroy all her information to keep her safe.'

'There are too much 'maybe' and 'if'.

Then she shook her head inwardly, 'It doesn't seem right to be so suspicious of them. After all, they saved my life. I'm in debt to them. Not only that they seem to care for me a lot, specially this Liang guy. Just the way he is hugging me...'

All of a sudden, her pupils got bigger than soccer ball.

How long it had been since they hugged each other????????

'No! That's wrong!' Mu Lan screamed inside. 'I didn't hug! I was hugged! I was hugged!!'

She felt her face was getting hotter in a second.

While she was being tortured, Mu Liang on the other hand was in heaven.

As he hugged her tightly, his left hand was on her shoulder and right was on her tiny waist. He could measure up her tiny but seductive waist and furthermore, her breasts were clung to his muscled chest. He could feel her breasts moving up and down when she was breathing, giving him goosebumps all over. She had a beautiful smell on her body. Closer to her breasts it smelt vanilla.

'But her soap smells belle.' He himself bought every necessary goods for her.

Her smell drove him crazy.

Who would have thought vanilla smelt this sexy?

He wanted to hug her for eternity. He didn't want to let her go even for a second.

'Why she wants to leave? Why can't she stay here and study? Did she think I'm not good enough for her? I can be the best husband in the world. Does she not understand it?'

As he was sulking, he felt her shivering slightly.

He frowned. 'Is she cold?' When he was asking himself, suddenly he made a discovery.

Mu Lan's heart was beating fast matching his own heartbeat!


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