Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 250

Louise shivered at Xue Lin's gaze. For some reason, she was sweating even in the winter season.Soon they arrived at the dock. Louise sighed in relief. To her, it seemed more like an eternity. She parked the car and led Mu Lan and her friends to the boat. To show off, she had even hired the whole boat.Mu Lan looked at the boat. It was somewhat luxurious. But compared to Mu Liang's boat, it was nothing. She recalled the time she had spent with Mu Liang in the boat. The thought of those moments made her blush slightly.The manager of the boat welcomed them. He led them inside. Louise's secretary was there waiting for them. Contrary to her expectations there were five women instead of two.. She blinked and hurriedly came closer."Miss, there is an urgent matter." The secretary said.Louise started showing off her usual vibe as soon as she saw her secretary. With a tone of authority, she excused herself from Mu Lan and her friends. She took her secretary in the corner and asked, "What is it?""Famous doctor, Lu Feng from the Lu Family has hired us. He wants us to decorate his room for the newlyweds." The secretary said excitedly.Louise looked perplexed. "Are you sure? It isn't someone else, is it?" She asked doubtfully.The secretary shook her head and said, "No miss, he came to the office specially looking for you."Louise bit her lips and thought to herself, 'There is no way that Lu Feng will marry someone else other than Yan Su. He has been head over heels with her since childhood. Is it possible that they are together now? How annoying! I, on the other hand, can't even get a hold of my Feng. I can't let this drag too much.' The secretary said, "Miss, why are there so many girls? Wasn't it supposed to be only one girl? When you brought them all, you looked like an escort-"The secretary wasn't able to finish the sentence. Her voice was stuck in the throat as she saw the glare from her boss. She found an excuse and said, "I-I have an urgent call. I'll be leaving first." Then she hurriedly went away.Louise from the corner clenched her fists, nearly dropping blood. 'I will make her pay for that.' She viciously swore as she glanced at laughing Mu Lan.Louise came closer and with a smile on her face, she asked, ""Why don't you all order something? Feel free to choose anything you wa-""We have already ordered and waiting for the lunch." Yan Su cut her off. She was annoyed. She was talking about her middle school story and Louise had interrupted her. Louise had a hard time showing off her smile. She gritted her teeth and said, "That's great. Why don't we-""Oh, do you know what happened next? Then that boy blah blah. blah.." Again Yan Su interrupted Louise and continued from where she had left, completely disregarding Louise, the host. Mu Lan wanted to laugh loudly. 'It was good that I brought them with me.' She thought in amusement.Xue Lin was sipping red wine. Noticing Louise's pale face she picked up another glass and said, "Drink some."Louise looked at the girl in glasses with cheap clothes and thanked her. She didn't want to degrade herself by taking the glass from a poor girl. Her lips twisted as she watched the girl with glasses.Xue Lin took the glass away expressionlessly. It wasn't the first time someone gave her this type of look. Xue Lin offered the glass to Yan Su who took the glass and drank half of the glass in one gulp.Twenty minutes later, the food was cooked and it arrived on the table. Three waiters served the food one by one. The table was full. Louise was dumbstruck as she saw how many food items Mu Lan and her friends had ordered.
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