Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 251

Louise was dumbstruck as she saw how many food items Mu Lan and her friends had ordered. Her eyes were about to pop out of the sockets.'Am I feeding a bunch of pigs?' Louise thought in surprise. 'If they have ordered five kinds of starters, what about the main course and desserts? All the food here is first class dishes. Can they actually eat everything at once?'Suddenly Louise checked the price of the starters. After a while, she froze. The starters alone would cost her seventy thousand dollars!All because of the high quality of the food and quantity cost her this much.Then, the main course and desserts will cost..Louise's body shook in horror. She is going to be bankrupt in a day.The moment she imagined how her money was flying away, all her hunger died in a second.Louise was sitting in a corner and eating silently.Mu Lan and her friends were having a heavenly time. As soon as the food arrived, they started to eat. Mu Lan who was sitting between Yan Su and Xue Lin, first served Xue Lin and then Yan Su. At last, she took food for herself."Ah, Lan dear, you have to eat more. You gave us a large portion and how can you take the small one. Remember, what your husband said." Yan Su said with a good intent.Chomp! The word 'husband' made Louise bit her own tongue unconsciously.'Hmf, so shameless! Making my Feng her husband, how disappointing!' Louise gritted her teeth.Hearing the word 'husband', Mu Lan almost choked. She stole a glimpse of Louise who was silently eating in the corner.Mu Lan smirked and asked in a playful tone, "My husband really treats me the best, doesn't he?"Straight minded Yan Su, didn't get the hint of her friend's words and replied, "Of course, he does! He told us to cook nutritious food for you to kick out a baby."'Kick out a baby? What kind of phrase is that?' Louise thought in disdain.Mu Lan wanted to laugh loudly. She said, "Oh please, he is very skilled. I don't need nutritious food to a have a baby." In her heart, she was dying hard to laugh aloud.Xue Lin frowned as she looked at Mu Lan's funny face. She wanted to say something but she was stopped by Mu Lan who gave her more food."Xue Lin, look how skinny you are! You have to eat more." Mu Lan said.Mu Lan had seen Louise's reaction when Xue Lin offered her a glass of wine. Louise's disdainful expression made Mu Lan almost drown her in the river Seine. But she held back her emotions. She wanted to take revenge on food. Xue Lin who was the skinniest and tiniest, had a great appetite. She could even eat more than Yan Su. Surprisingly, Yan Su always lost to her in the food war.When Mu Lan gave Xue Lin more food, Xue Lin caught a glimpse of Mu Lan's winked eyes and understood her plan.Xue Lin said, "Xiao Lan, it is not enough for my dragon stomach. Can I have more of this portion?"Louise's heart fell. 'She wants more! Does she have a rubber stomach of shark?' She bit her lower lips and saw that more starters were coming. All four of them were talking to themselves and completely disregarded the host, Louise. Louise felt like a leftover person.She wanted to open her mouth and say something when she saw a majestic ruby ring on Mu Lan's left ring finger.'Is it.' Louise couldn't think of anything as her face became pale. Mu Lan looked at Louise's expression and looked at her line of sight. She smiled sweetly and said, "Beautiful ring, isn't it? It's my engagement ring."
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