Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 260

[Warning: Though they didn't do the deed, mature content not suitable for underaged Readers.]Mu Liang began to give butterfly kisses to Mu Lan on her naked shoulders and neck. His hands started to roam around her body. Though it was their usual bath, Mu Lan grew hot and she started letting out some soft moans.Mu Liang enjoyed her reaction with his deep eyes. He didn't let her go until she cried out loudly. Mu Lan looked like she was drained out of all her energy and obediently leaned on Mu Liang's firm muscled body. Her head was fuzzy and face was red and wet. She panted heavily.This time, Mu Liang tenderly touched her and cleaned her body. After their bath, he wiped her body and dried her hair. Then, he dried himself. Later, carried her to the bedroom and laid her down.Mu Lan meekly asked, "Can I sleep now?"Mu Liang kissed her lips and said, "I haven't started punishing you yet." Mu Liang didn't wait for her reaction. He started kissing her again. His soft kisses became passionate. His passionate kisses became wild.Gradually their bodies turned hot because of the friction against each other. They writhed together on the bed. Mu Liang left new hickeys over the old ones on her delicate body. He kissed, sucked, and licked her body as he was punishing her. Mu Lan's soft sighs and moans filled the room.Soon, Mu Lan reacted to his touch as she encircled her arms around his neck and kissed him back.Mu Liang's whole body tensed as his lips were captured by the woman he loved dearly. His whole body trembled with excitement. He broke off the kiss and looked down at the woman who was now ecstatic. He lovingly stroked her face and gave her small kisses all over her face except her lips.Feeling unsatisfied, Mu Lan pouted her lips. Mu Liang smiled at her expression and changed their position. Now Mu Lan was over Mu Liang's body. Mu Liang gazed at her beautiful body. His heart couldn't help but beat loudly. He grabbed her head and finally kissed her lips. Mu Lan sucked and nibbled his lips. She subconsciously roamed her arms around his body. Mu Liang shuddered at her boldness. His hands also started caressing every part of her body making her jolt each time.Mu Lan's kisses rained down all over his body and didn't leave him until she was chewing his nipples. Mu Liang groaned. His eyes darkened at her salacity. He wanted to ravish her then and there.Mu Liang flipped their positions and put Mu Lan under his body. His erection pushed its way to her inner thighs which made her rub it unnoticeably. Mu Liang's whole body became rigid. Unexplainable pleasure ran through his body. He let out a louder groan and kissed her all over her chest. He sucked her hard and Mu Lan arched her back with a loud moan. He continued nibbling and kneading until she shuddered and relieved herself.Mu Liang let her catch her breath. He saw her red face, teary eyes, open swollen lips, skin filled with hickeys and bosom going up and down. Mu Liang gulped at that luscious sight. Mu Liang didn't wait any longer and spread her legs and buried his head. Just when Mu Lan thought of calming down, noticing a soft warm touch and slurp sound, her body quivered and writhed. Pleasure ran down to her body as her moans became louder and louder.Her second time came very quickly. However, this time, Mu Liang sat and also made her sit up who limped on his body. Mu Liang kissed her sweaty face and led her hands to the south. He couldn't wait any longer.
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